Pride Badges

i have blogged previously about the how my Handler and i designed a set of pup-pride batch badges suitable for all those leather-pups and other submissive furry folk who, like me, want to be able to wear their BLUF or leather gear without having to wear Military patches or Forces insignia.

These high-quality and beautifully embroidered badges are now available for sale. 

Each badge is 3" x 3" and is suitable for either being ironed onto fabric or sewn onto leather. They are also available to purchase separately, or in multiples - so you can buy just one to wear on your cap, or a matching pair for each shoulder of your uniform shirt...

Go on - buy one and wear your Puppy Pride on your sleeve! :)

BLUF/Leather-dog Pride badge: £5.99 ea

Pup-Pride badge: "Collar": £5.50 ea

Pup-Pride badge: "Paw": £5.50 ea

To complete your order and pay:

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