Who is bootbrush...?


So who is bootbrush anyway?

Very simply, i am a gay rubber-pup and pervert - open minded, big hearted, easy-going - in a long term committed relationship of 20+ years with my beloved partner, Geoff, and the blissfully collared K9 companion and friend to my dog-Handler, RubberGTR.

As well as the Bootbrush blog here I also maintain a personal website of pictures and original erotica at http://www.panskin.co.uk/. A collection of my erotic stories is available via Amazon - and I am currently working on a new a book on pup-play for www.thenazcaplainscorp.com.

If you're also a social media type, I can be found just about everywhere as 'bootbrush' or 'bootbrushpup' (including Facebook, GaydarfetlifeRecon and tumblr)

At heart, I am simply a pup: an obedient k9 companion that loves to devote itself in total and playful surrender to the Man who holds it's leash. I am a service-orientated dog, and my Man's pleasure is my pleasure. But, though I may be a dog, I am not a cur, a masochist, a slave or an object: slaves serve because they have given up control – pups serve because devotion and a need to please is simply in their nature.


As well as being a pup, I am also a pervert, and love both gear and the Men who wear it with passion and pride. I especially love the power and masculinity of full leathers - and the sight of a MAN in Uniform and tall Big Black Boots will always raise a respectful "wuff!". I am also a genuine boot-hound - hence the nic: for the polish-blackened mess of my grinning face and beard after a blissful 2 hours worshipping my Master's boots... I also love the look and feel of rubber uniforms, rubber "skins", racing-leathers, riding boots, waders, diving gear, flight suits - any gear that embodies a masculine archetype and transforms the body and mind within...

But it's not just the "kit" - it's the *MAN* inside it and the way he wears it (Masculine, confident, self-possessed, intelligent - powerful, dominant, loyal to His friends and protective of His own...) - and so I am also drawn to cultured, powerful, masculine men - and really enjoy intelligent conversation, friendship and honesty. I believe in old fashioned values like respect, honour and chivalry - and believe that a true Man leads by the subtle power of His personality and Will: when You can draw complete surrender and devotion from a boy with a look or a gentle word, what need is there for violence, brutality, selfishness or sadism...

Besides pup-play - bondage and restraint are a key turn on - likewise full coverage, encapsulation (itself a form of bondage), intense overwhelming rubberisation, hypnosis - and any form of mental or physical transformation. i am also developing a deep love for the zen of rope and rigging...

But more important than the 'what' is the 'who' and 'how' - gear or play: it's all just tools - ways to establish Trust and facilitate the exchange of power between us - Your dominance, my willing surrender...


i am often out and about with my Handler: at FUKC/MSC and bike events, or playing at Gear in Bristol, The Backstreet and Hoist in London, or Boltz in Birmingham - if you see us about, please mention this blog to my Handler (He always likes hearing praise for His dog!) - and take a moment to give the pup a friendly stroke :)
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