Sunday, October 01, 2017

“Good boy!”

Laid on my back, the sling base firm beneath me, my legs securely strapped up to the spring-loaded straps and my hands snugged deep into my wader tops, effectively bound. All of my senses throb and swirl, vortexed around the thrust and pulse of my Masters cock, deep inside me - my body and hole given fully to Him and His pleasure. My heart pounds and my body buzzes with overloaded nerves; above me, through the skylight, clouds drift in a bright blue sky - I am momentarily adrift like those clouds, lost to myself and surrendered in perfect sub-space...

My Man wraps His hand around my balls - squeezes - and brings me back into my body with beautiful pain. I raise my head to watch Him, tall and powerful between my restrained legs - the rubber one piece ripples with light as He drives deeper into me, pushing my hole to open up deeper for Him. He leans down towards me: His dark eyes burning into mine in hungry possession - and I growl my hungry submission in answer. My own body glistens in tight, thick rubber; an echo of His, only so much smaller, so less powerful than His: the rubber emphasises His masculine power - but its tight, slick, cling only further defines my true submissive state. His hands stroke across my belly, and burn upon my tightly constrained skin. My naked throbbing cock drools pre-cum as I thrust my hips down onto Him in helpless abandon. He smiles evilly, gathers the glistening droplets, and stuffs them into my gaping mouth with all four of His black gloved fingers.

He reaches up to the collar of His suit, pulls down the full length zipper to reveal His strong chest and tight swollen nipples - His golden skin and dark curls of thick hair are only further defined by the contrast against the glossy black latex. Hungrily, at His command, I reach up and draw my fingers through His thick fur, feeling the swell of His chest and then the tight balls of His nipples: rolling and pinching them in the way I have been trained. He growls and pushes His chest forward - and deep inside my hole I feel His cock swell even harder: pushing hard against my prostrate and sending me back into shuddering abandon, as my head falls back onto the pillow and the clouds spin before my eyes...

I am HIS: HIS boy, HIS rubber-encased fuck-pup, HIS hole to be used, HIS willing and surrendered toy, HIS and HIS alone.

And NOTHING could feel better or more perfectly natural.

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