Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Fucked pup

Waking, slowly, spooned in my Man’s arms - His breath warm against my neck - drawn awake by the tingling burn in my nipples, teased between His fingers. I could come to regret confessing to my Master that I wished my little nubs where as meaty and strongly wired as His own...

He growls low into my ear as His fingers stroke and pinch: “Good morning, pup - how are these doing after their abuse yesterday? Starting to ‘connect’...?”.  He trails one hand down my belly and circles my semi-hard cock in His fist - I whimper and push my butt back into the well of His groin in answer.  “Ah, getting there, I see” He laughs.

He pulls me firmly back against His furred chest, pulls my head back and wraps His arm across my neck; I feel the bunch of His biceps and the swell and rough scratch of His thickly curled pecks, and force myself to relax into the hot restraint of His masculine strength. Who needs rope or straps when your Man is so strong He can render you helpless with the weight and reach of just His own body...? What restraint could ever feel quite as good as the heat and power of His flesh consuming mine?

Held, helpless, I surrender to the stroke of His hand - feel submission spiral down into my core and burn in my cock, making it strain in His strong fist. I feel my hole clench and pulse - forcing thick pre-cum to ooze and slick my head inside His slow pumping grip. His leg wraps around mine and His arm around my throat tightens - arching my back and pulling my body tawt; I feel my back crack and my still sore nipples burn as my chest pulls open: stretched on the rack of His body. My cock only strains harder as I grunt and gasp, breathless and struggling in blissful surrender - and yet I know that I cannot cum, not like this, not when something still is missing...

He listens to my struggled breathing, forced past past His arm clamped over my throat -  takes pity on my plight and releases my neck - only to take hold of my nipples once more. I use the momentary freedom to gasp a plea: “Please Sir - I can’t cum: it feels wrong without You inside me...!”

He growls and thrusts His hips against me in answer. “My dog needs fucking, eh?” 

My cock spits and my body shudders as I breathe: “Please Sir, yes Sir - please: fuck Your dog and make him Yours!”


I am suddenly cold, as He pulls His body away from me, steps from the bed to leave me, small and shivering amongst the rumpled sheets.

“Up on all fours, boy - show your Man your surrender...”

Obedient, I roll onto my belly, slowly push up my hips and sink my head to the mattress: concentrate on relaxing and opening my exposed hole -  offering my whole body to Him: my true and complete submission to His ownership and alpha masculinity. 

He leaves me like that: exposed, waiting, hungry and desperate. Steps from the room to prepare himself - and emphasise that we move at HIS pace now, not mine. 

I wait, hungry but patient: let this waiting build and focus my need for Him - and my need to OBEY Him.

Head pressed into the sheets, blind, I hear Him come back to the room - feel the bed dip as He climbs back on. Hot hands in slick rubber press cold, wet lube into my open hole - the cold gives way to a momentary stinging burn, and I know that He is using lidocaine-laced ‘Fist’ to ensure my hole stays fully open and relaxed for Him. Fingers stroke and probe, give way to knuckles, then I gasp and strain as He pushes all four fingers into me, down to His thumb. “Gonna have to change your name to ‘kitkat’ ” He chuckles...

He kneels up behind me; I feel His hands take hold of my hips - and then the hot press of His tight sheathed head against my outer ring. I push my hips upward, breathe deep and open myself: heart and hole. Slowly, achingly, He pushes down into me - taking infinite, slow pleasure in the intimacy of feeling my muscles relax and my body ease open around Him. 

He is long, thick, unbelievably hard - and my small body struggles to take the totality of Him as He presses painfully deep in my belly. But I breathe slow, relax and open - and shudder with pleasure when I feel the hot, hard press of His belly fully against my cheeks. 

Both of us know: THIS is surrender - THIS is what it means for me to say “I am Yours, Sir!”

He releases my hips, reaches forward to grab a handful of hair and pull my head up from its submissive press into the sheets. “All fours, dog!” He growls - and I obey with an unconscious bark: pressing myself up onto a fully canine hands and knees, squaring my shoulders with my chest pressed high, my belly curved down and my back up - my legs pushed wide to accommodate Him between them, and forcing my stretched hole even wider.

His growled “GOOD BOY!” only makes me bark louder, and unconsciously try to wag my ‘tail’ - but HE is my tail now, and my attempt only clenches and ripples my inner muscles around Him - making Him growl and thrust even harder. For an eternity, we are lost in shared animal lust: hunger driving hunger, thrusting and panting, growling and howling like rutting dogs.

He lets go of my hair - leans over my back and wraps a strong arm under and around my chest: strong fingers find and grab hold of my already burning nipples, twist and pinch and pull - sending electric shocks through my body and down into my groin. His other hand reaches down between my legs to wrap around my swinging balls: twists and pulls in unison, and adds a rich dull ache to the symphony of pain that He is playing upon my body, as it writhes and bucks beneath Him. I am oblivious to everything but Him and this sweet agony of hunger He controls with such Mastery and ease. All identity and intelligence surrendered to the simple truth of my canine obedience and devotion - the total reality that I am HIS and HIS alone: in this moment, physically, and for all time.

And then, HIS hand releases my balls, and wraps, firm, around my dripping dog-cock. Deep inside, I feel the hard kick and swell of Him - hold my breath and wait for the bone-deep thrust that lets me know He is coming close to sating His pleasure within my open body - so that the natural order of things can be complete and I will be allowed to cum, only after He has had His fill of my surrender. His fist tightens around me, painfully tight around the slick swollen head of my canine-cock - His teeth find the back of my neck, my ear, clamp and bite as His body bucks and forces His powerful seed deep into my straining core. Finally given permission, my body arches and my hole clenches tight as His firm grip squeezes my own animal-cum from my sub-human cock - and I howl my love and surrender to the stars...

Panting, sweat-bathed, He pulls us both back down into the bed. Bodies slick and bonded together by our shared hunger, bound still by His cock deep within me, He wraps me in His powerful arms and circles me in His protecting heat. 

Cock-snuggled and spooned in His masculinity, we drift into sated sleep - Man and hound, re-bonded as one.

I am YOURS Sir, Master, Friend. Balls and bone, heart and soul.  And I couldn’t be more proud.

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