Thursday, May 04, 2017

Nottingham and #Invincible


This weekend Sir took His dog up to Nottingham, to make a very special trip to Invincible.

We've been up to Nottingham before, but this time Sir booked us in to the Crowne Plaza; lordy - that was posh! We had a little suite of comfy chairs, a lovely huge bed (enough for an entire kennel-full of randy puppies...) and a Spa and pool to visit in the morning. We had hoped to ride up on the bike, but the weather promised rain so Sir drove us up - we still traveled in full dress leather though, which made for a big knowing smile from the Receptionist as she checked us in. We were a little early too, so she arranged for us to have a complimentary drink at the bar whilst she tried to find a room - which was nice!

Not that we spent too long drinking - not when my Man wanted to get His dog back up into our room, out of his leathers and into a harness and jock, and braced over one of those comfortable chairs so that He could plough its hungry doggy-hole...

It's been a while, but gods it felt so good to be able to open myself up to Him again. My whole self became focused around holding my ring open for Him - knees up on the arms of the chair or up on the toes of my boots, trying to make His entry as easy and comfortable for Him as I could; lucky that Sir thought to put a towel under me, because my poor chastised dog-cock was soon dripping all over - even though neither He nor I had touched it... Sir also took a nice long time toying with my nipples: reminding me that they are one of the switches that can quickly make me forget whatever discomfort my hole may be in, and get me writhing and hungry for Him incredibly quickly. 

Sir fucked me like that for as long as I could stand: straddled over the chair, gasping and moaning, alternately fucking me deep and hard and then standing still whilst He let His dog clench and release it's hole around Him - working both itself and Him to a dizzying state of arousal - and when it finally got too much, He pulled me down onto all fours in front of Him, and then let me slowly and gratefully lick the cum out of Him.

Man, but that it always such a treat...!

Man and hound both sated, we then headed out for a beautiful Chinese meal, before retiring to our lovely big bed and a much needed snuggle. 


The bed was so comfortable that we very nearly slept in past breakfast - and only managed to wake up because the pup's Apple Watch was nagging him to get out for its morning run...!  We just managed to throw on some clothes and get to the restaurant in time - although the pup then got his Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine mixed up, which led to a little embarrassment when the waiter brought our food, and Sir had to point out 'that's got bacon on it, dog...!'. They were very good and took it back without a complaint, though, and made me a delicious non-meat version instead.

The dog doesn't really swim, but the hotel had a pool so we decided it would be a waste not to use it. Sir has been giving me some lessons whenever we can - and I'm proud to say that I even managed a few lengths on my back! I do know that my Man loves a good swim though, so it was an even greater pleasure just to see Him 'in His element'

All services explored, it was then time to check out and head for Invincible - the real reason for our visit.


I've had my rubber made by Invincible ever since they started trading. Of all the companies that make rubber gear, they really are the very best: everything I have had from them has been incredibly good quality, and has lasted well beyond any of the other 'cheaper' pieces I have bought from elsewhere...

As you can guess, I'm more of a whippet than your standard poodle, so I don't easily fit 'off the peg' - especially with suits - and so our trip was predominantly so that Paul could kindly measure me, and update my records. He made us very welcome, with mugs of tea and lots of anecdotes from the Manchester Rubber Men the previous weekend; we also got to look at some of the preview shots from their recent photoshoot of new designs and upcoming new products. Keep your eyes peeled: there's some seriously sexy new gear on its way!

Sir had offered to buy me a new one piece suit for my birthday (I really am the luckiest pup alive to have such a generous and thoughtful Handler!) - and so Paul not only took measurements, but also discussed designs and options with Sir: with them both agreeing that the pup would look very nicely packaged in a high-necked shoulder-zip entry catsuit, with cod-piece, rear-zip and nipple zips - all in a nicely tight-fitting 25-30 grade rubber. 

Sir had also seen their new 'dirty pig' logo gear - and so had a long chat with Paul about the possibility of creating something similar for His dog, but based around a custom 'pup' design instead. Paul seemed to be incredibly interested in the idea and said he'd get their graphic designers onto it - I can't wait to see what he and the team come up with...!!!

Measurements and orders taken, it was then time to say farewell and start our journey home - so that Sir could continue on to His choir practice that evening. Needless to say, the whole journey back was filled with thoughts and conversation around rubber, and just what my Man might do to me once I am once more fully encased for His pleasure...

I really do love my Man - and am proud to be His; rubber balls to latex bone.

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