Monday, October 03, 2016

#RopePlay with the #Wolfpack

Just a few photos from one of my favourite experiences during the whole ManchesterLeathermen's Leather Weekend...

The London Wolfpack were up to lead a bondage workshop at Rob on the Sunday, but also gave several bondage demonstrations at some of the official events over the weekend - and I was extremely lucky to be asked to be 'victim' for the one they held on the canal cruise - and even happier when Sir said 'yes, pup, I will let another man tie you up. In public. Whilst 70 sexy, gearclad Men watch and take photos...'

Better photos will come, I'm sure, but meantime here's a few kindly shared by the superbly sexy Dash: rigger and all round stud... (and even one of my Man enjoying a little time with His helplessly restrained pup, as reward... ;) )



#brotherhood at the #ManchesterLeathermen #LeatherWeekend

Just back from a brilliant weekend up in Manchester for the Manchester Leathermen's Leather Weekend, with my Handler and our good friend the Dr Nigel.

What a grand bunch of Men the Manchester Leathermen are - and what an excellent example of how to run a community-focused, friendly and fully integrated club. Everyone was so welcoming of their visitors, and regularly seemed to go out of their way to make sure all the new faces were embraced and included. The range of events was nicely broad, from formal dinners and relaxed brunches, to leatherclad discos and a heaving night at Alert - and also made space for several fun offerings on the 'fringe' too - including a grand puppy romp at the Kennel Klub, and a brilliantly hands-on rope workshop run by The Wolfpack. 

Thank you Leather Daddy, Saxon, and all the crew: you showed us all how a Community really can work in a true spirit of brotherhood for the good of all, and STILL have tons of sexy fun!

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