Wednesday, September 14, 2016

'I am the driver, he is the fuel'

'With my Master, I can release the beast inside of me - and being released, it is tamed'

This vintage film by Hardy Habberman (digitised by the Leather Archives and Museum) is a stunning visual and personal exploration of the power and meaning of Leathersex and BDSM. Behind the gear and the posturing, the egos and the fantasy, THIS is the true power and reality of BDSM can be...

Tuesday, September 06, 2016


I long for the perfect escape of rubber. 

The dark, enfolding embrace of that chemical latex skin - closer, tighter and more complete than any lover’s - as it coats and encases every muscle in overwhelming anonymity, and squeezes between each finger, toe, and crevice.

The rippling completeness of a sleepsac, expectant, waiting to welcome my willing flesh into its damp womb like folds - and the breath-squeezing compression as each zipper, buckle, and lace is sealed around my now grub-like body.

The self-erasing silence and blissful blindness of a close-fitting hood - the bitter-sweet swell of the gag, protest-muffling as it fills my mouth.

The hypnotic hiss-and-pop of breath through valves and hoses - and the groaning thought-dissolving pang of poppers in my nose and throat.

The floating stillness of waiting, suspended, for whatever my captor wishes of my transformed flesh and newly-surrender mind; no thought, no time, no will, no purpose - simply a rubber object, mindless, open, waiting, willing.

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