Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Sprawled on the floor at my Man's chair, freshly fucked and still cock-caged - hypnotically stroking the glossy perfection of my Man's new high shined Chippewa Patrol boots where He rests them on the rubber smoothness of my encased body...

My head is empty of everything - awash with the pleasure and Pride of having served Him and pleased Him: suffered and given my whole self to Him and the satisfaction of His needs - so focused on Him that I no longer have needs of my own. 

My body is slick with sweat under the rubber; my fuck-hole throbs and burns from His sustained attack, and my un-cum cock drips and aches within its plastic prison - and yet my body, mind and soul feels only the purest contentment. I am where I belong; I have served to the best of my abilities; I have pleased my Man. Everything else is unimportant; nothing else matters: my Man is content, and therefore, so am I.
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