Sunday, April 10, 2016

Puppy play at #Osterfest 2016

Sir took His pup to Berlin again this Easter, to join in with BLF's perverted Osterfest celebrations in Schoenberg.

As we've done before, Sir booked us into the magnificent ArtHotel Connection, at the heart of everything on the Fuggestrasse. Not only that, but He had reserved us the very special 'Room 69' - which is in fact a self contained suite, with it's own, very well appointed, play room...

Osterfest tends to be a lot quieter than Folsom Europe. We had a nicely select contingent of guys from the US (and even a few antipodeans) but most of those attending were European and home-German - which made for a comfortably 'local' feel to the parties and socialising. There was still enough queuing to keep everyone happy though.

Truth is, we didn't attend too many of the big parties - it would have been a bit churlish not to make use of such an amazingly outfitted playroom of our own, after all... It was also shockingly convenient for a lovely little Italian taverna across the road called La Lucia - it only had just eight tables, but their menu was true homemade Italian, with beautifully simple pasta and sauces freshly made each day; unsurprisingly, we ended up eating supper there almost every day. Followed by Ben and Jerry's from our own freezer back in our room....

We did attend several of the pup events, however.

It is amazing how popular and public puppy play has become. Ten years ago, there were just a few of us, sidelined in clubs and play spaces and generally viewed as just a little bit 'weird'. Now every event has at least one specialised puppy party, packed with pups happily howling, bounding, tumbling and playing for all they are worth - and all kitted out in beautifully designed harnesses, hoods, mitts and tails from every Fetish retailer.

We missed the special shopping event at Osterfest, but the Puppy play party at Sheune on the Saturday night was incredible fun. The space had been nicely kitted out with play mats and a puppy Kennel-corner - and a *ton* of squeakers and chew toys. There was a range of pups there, with lots of rubber and Mr.S muzzles on display; quite a few were uncollared or with pup friends, but there was also a few Handlers around to keep an eye on puppy safety and obedience (including having to calm a few pups that got a little too boisterous in their play, and one whose horny humping became a bit of an unasked for imposition...)

Sir was very popular, of course - and very attentive to both His own pup, and the health and happiness of everyone there. He was also helped a lot by a really sweet and very focused young Handler who was there with several of his own pups (including pup-sitting a really sweet pup from the U.S.) - and who really knew how to give a good head rub.

This pup had a fantastic time just making new puppy-friends and sharing chew-toys - but I did also get a lovely nice time sprawled on the floor and snuggled in Sir's lap just watching all the younger pups cavort. It was also a great opportunity to wear my lovely new leather pup-hood from Boxer (although, being new and a little bit tight, it did cause me a few problems and rubbed a sore spot on my nose by end of the evening...)

By far, the most fun was caused by Sir and His 'stealth' laser pointer: which he kept scanning across the floor and onto random boots, tails and crotches - usually with several pups bounding and pouncing double-pawed onto anything that it touched - and causing total chaos and hilarity!

The other fantastic puppy event of the weekend was an organised Puppy walk to the Tiergarten. Sir and I have never done a public walk before, and where quite amazed to find thirty pups and Handlers all gathered at the cafe ready for the walk - and munching down on the specially baked (and very delicious) bone-shaped Berliner Brud whilst they waited for the start. All its all of the pups arrived fully geared, hooded, muzzled and mitted, but I stayed in leathers and collar because my hood made my nose sore.

Sir really loved the new scarf I'd knitted for Him though - in the official LeatherPride colours...

The walk to the Tiergarten was hilarious fun. We walked in a big group, with most of the pups leashed (although walking on two-legs of course, given the distance); we all found plenty opportunities to cause chaos and fun though: barking at passing busses and taxis and bikes - with everyone stopping to gape and take photos. In the park, the pups were sent off in a hunting pack to sniff out a pile of presents that had had been left for them amongst the bushes. There were many big carrier bags filled with booty, but I was in my big boots and not so quick as my younger competitors, so this pup could only find one of the smaller bags; I trotted back with my find proudly held in my mouth - only to have Sir loudly announce that I'd missed the prizes and brought back someone else's poop-bag! He was fibbing of course, but it did have everyone fall about laughing. I was much better at bringing back something nicer the next time all the same...

At the park we were also joined by a nice woman and her female pup, and a guy dressed as a rabbit! Needless to say, I think he might have regretted his decision after he was chased and piled on for tickles by a whole pack of barking, giggling pups shouting "we're hunting the wabbit!"

I also got to meet a really sweet (*fit*!) pup called TiBo, who got really cold in his rubber on the walk back, and borrowed my jacket - and let me me try on his lovely Expectations muzzle in exchange. I've tried most of the different muzzles available, and I must say, this one was such a nice fit with plenty of personality but also really good mouth access that it is now on my list for purchasing as soon as I can save enough puppy-pennies to afford it...

A video of the full festivities can be found on YouTube - courtesy of Ron Berlin.

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