Thursday, October 29, 2015

UK #LeatherPride (6th - 8th November, Bristol UK) and the #PupPalace

Preparations are well in hand for the first UK Leather Pride event to be held in here Bristol, in just a few weeks time. Spencer and the guys at LeatherWest have been working like mad things for the last few months, organising events - and full details of the various Dinners, parties and workshops can be found on both the LeatherPride website and Facebook pages - which is also were you can buy tickets or download the event ap.

Pup Palace

As part of the weekend's festivities, Saturday will see an entire afternoon at The Palace dedicated to pups and puppy play, sponsored by Kye and the lovely pack at PuppyPride UK.

The first hour (1-2pm) is hosted by my Handler and I, and will be dedicated to 'newborn pups' - with an opportunity to ask questions, talk about equipment and safety, or just to learn a little more about this big friendly scene.

From 2pm-5pm, the Palace will then be transformed into a PupPalace with 25sqm of padded floor, dog beds, toys, and treats - ready to let you romp and play, and release your inner pup to your heart's content (and your Handler's pleasure).

Attendees who are also members of the PuppyPride site will receive free dogtags - so it's worth setting up a profile in advance...!

It's looking to be one hell of a good weekend - don't miss out: book now!

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