Friday, August 28, 2015

Book sale!

It's coming up to two years since my first book, "Assimilation: tales of transformation and surrender" had it's first publication date - and I'd like to offer you a chance to buy a signed copy to celebrate.

Copies are £12 each, with £2.99 postage (Royal Mail) - and all funds will go towards the new how-to book I'm writing: "An old dog's advice to young pups". To buy your own copy, Click on the 'Buy now' link below.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Invincible? - unbeatable!

I've been a slave to rubber fetish ever since I pulled on a pair of moulded rubber tights and felt myself gripped by their seductive embrace - I reached down with sweat-slick hands to stroke across the glossy membrane that stretched, gossamer thin and yet irresistibly tight across my crotch: felt the pulsing heat of my trapped cock, and found myself swept away on a black tide of intense arousal beyond anything I had ever felt before.

That was nearly 30 years ago - and the hunger and desire for this most sensual of fetishes has only grown with experience. In the intervening years I am proud to have fully embraced my true rubber perversity - and to own (or is that, be owned by...?) a wardrobe filled with rubber gear.

With very few exceptions, all of it has come from Invincible Rubber.

Invincible has been supplying the highest quality rubbery gear for gay men for more than 20 years, and have just had a refresh of their website to celebrate - including some fantastic new sexy products, modelled by the likes of the ever sexy Kilker, and photographed in some truly sexy images by Neil Z Page


There's a fantastic selection of sexy, masculine gear too - from sports gear and Jeans to total-enclosure catsuits and full rubber versions of BLUF-Style uniforms - and a brilliant gallery of sexy images too.

And the quality of the gear speaks for itself - as does the fact that several of the biggest fetish stores around the world choose to use Invincible as their favoured rubber supplier. Their stuff lasts too: my favourite should-entry suit is 10 years old now, and would be still going strong if I hadn't managed to tear my knee out on my Man's boot-buckle during some very enthusiastic puppy-romping...  It's currently up with Paul, Ian and the guys getting repaired again - which also reflects the other reason why so much of my own gear comes from Invincible: their unbeatable customer service.

I'm an awkward s.o.b. when it comes to gear: short, wiry and obsessed with rubber needing to be *tight*. I've never been able to buy gear 'off the peg' without looking like I've borrowed my Dads Prom-suit, but Paul and Ian offer an exceptional made-to-measure service that has ensured my suits always fit like the second-skin rubber should always be. They also encouraged me to make the trip up to their workshop in Nottingham for a *proper* measuring service, so as to ensure they had the correct details - and gave both my Man and I a fantastic afternoon of sorting through their various custom designs and discussing our own thoughts and ideas.

Getting the fit right is really important with gear that reveals as much as rubber does: If you want your rubber to look fantastic you really should pay the little extra to have it made to fit you perfectly - and make that extra effort to visit the guys in Nottingham if you can so that they can measure you *properly*. I know there are other rubber makers on the 'net that offer what they call 'made-to-measure' but I've compared the two, and no offence but it really is like trying to compare between a Saville Row suit and a cheap knock off from Primark...

Likewise, it's important to remember that you get what you pay for. Sure, you might find gear that seems cheaper online, but will it really fit that well - or last longer than a few play-nights? If you have to keep replacing that 'cheap' suit, then it's not really that cheap after all is it...

Invincible has supplied me with a treasure trove of exceptional rubber gear - and gleefully fed my perversity - for two decades. Isn't time you gave them a try too...?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Do we need Gay Heroes - or just 'Heroes' ?

I am so glad to read the current news items about Rugby League star Keegan Hirst coming out as gay ( 

It is fantastic that we are finally starting to have positive role models in professional sport. 

And yet...

I feel genuinely sad that both Keegan himself and the tone of the piece are focused on the attitude that being gay = being a non-masculine man: 'I was 6'4", a builder and a rugby player - I was fully butch and masculine so how could I be gay?'

Being gay doesn't mean being 'fem', or less masculine. True, society tends to spot fem and camp-acting guys easier, and identify them as 'different', but they are not the sole 'colour' of our rainbow sexuality; despite what most people think (including a whole load in our community itself) every gay guy doesn't secretly want to wear makeup and drag, any more than every lesbian has to be 'butch' and dress in dungarees... 

And yet, as a community, we set these gender identities as polar opposites, and set ourselves up as combatants: 'men are from Mars, women from Venus', fem-guys against 'straight-acting', drag against butch. 

But these polarised notions of gender and sexuality are damaging to *everyone*. They encode and enforce the idea that 'Men are butch, strong, unemotional, good with their hands' and 'women are pretty, good mothers, no good at science...' - the very notions that create so much gender tension, body-dismorphia and unhappiness in every generation of kids who grow up thinking they are 'different' in some hideous way, just because they think and feel outside of some hideously charicatured 'gender norm'. 

As a society, and as a community, we need to grow up past these 'Janet and John', 'Barby and Ken' ideals. We need strong models who can stand up and be THEMSELVES, regardless of how close or divergent they are from the 'norm'. We need butch gays, fem queens, Tom-boy dykes, lipstick lesbians, 'straight-acting' bromances, gender-queer Bears, radical fairies, married gay-dads and guys-who-fuck-guys - and ALL of us to proudly wear the rainbow saying 'yes, I'm gay and queer - so fuckin what?'

Well done Keegan for accepting yourself - but please, don't change. Be yourself as you've always been - having sex with a guy is just one tiny aspect of who you are. Be you, be 'butch', and be gay too. Take a lesson from Gareth Thomas and Tom Daley: just be yourself - and in being, become a genuine role model For a better society that embraces us just for having the strength to be who we choose to be.

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