Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bristol #Pride and #SWRM

It's been a busy couple of weekends all of a sudden!

July naturally means pride season. I didn't manage to join Sir for London this year, but we did get to stomp along together at Bristol Pride  - joining the South West Rubber Men in our full shiny glory. It was hot marching in rubber, but the guys were so much fun to be around, and together we raised a lot of eyebrows (as well as teasing the LeatherWest guys mercilessly...)

It was hot sweaty work, but a lot of fun. Best of all though was being welcomed back at Sir's house by His lovely Geoff who insisted that we take a relaxing soak in the hot-tub, whilst he prepared us cheese-scones and several gallons of tea :)

The following weekend, we had the long awaited relaunch party for Gear Bristol - in it's new home at the Queen's Shilling. 

There's no photos that I can share, but I can tell you that it was a grand night out. The new venue was perfect: with a nice large bar area for chatting and socialising, surrounded by smaller, darker spaces for playing (including the dance-floor, which had been perversion-upgraded with slings - and the downstairs gents were there was - allegedly - a 're-purposed' paddling pool... ;) ). Everything was within sight of the main space, which made it feel incredibly sociable and friendly; I think James summed it up best, when he described it as having the same 'social but sexy' air of a Dutch bar.

It was a hot night, but Sir and I kept the rubber theme going (albeit shorts and harness this time...) - and were pleasantly surprised to find that most of the guys had thought the same. It's nice when great and perverted minds think alike. 

We also managed to find some space to play up in one of the go-go booths: with the pup braced on all-fours, his throat open to his Man's delicious thrusts. We gathered an interested crowd too, when Sir rewarded me by paddling my upraised and happily wagging arse - the sharp rubbery 'slap's and the dog's happy howls reverberating around the room...

It was a great night out - and only goes to remind me that I really should accompany my Man more often...!!!

Finally, last weekend we had the South West Rubber Men social.

Karl flatly denies organising anything official, but he still always manages to be the rubbery gravity-well that we all end up revolving around. Besides, when you're that good at getting guys off their arses and into gear, well, you might as take the praise!

We met at The Retreat for lunch first - then swaggered across the road en-masse to the IC Visual Lab to take a look at their 'Never apologise' photography exhibition, exploring gay and transgender identities. They were incredibly pleased to see us - especially since a whole section of the exhibition was about BDSM identities (and included a photo of good old Sly Hands...); we got a few nice group photos from them too.

From the Lab, it was then on to the Palace for the afternoon, for drinks and a bit of a browse through the rubber wares from our local Simply Pleasure and the fantastic T-Shirt designs from Hartzak Ltd.  

Sir and I were wilting a bit by this time, so we left the guys socialising and headed home in favour of a change of gear and a bit of a cool down. At least, that was the original plan. We ended up working over some of Sir's leathers together - and then me scampering upstairs after my Man to work my face into His breeches and my rubber-encased dog-nob into His boots.... :)

The day rounded off beautifully with a final party at the Bristol Bear Bar - even if the pup was a wee bit shattered by this point. I did get to lose myself completely though, sat in my favourite place in the world at my Man's feet, my head in His lap as he gently stroked my head.


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