Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Have your say: #PupPlay #Survey - last call

I'm very happy to report that I've had 60 responses to the survey I put up on Survey monkey a month or so ago, asking for your help in writing a new book on puppy-play: 'An old dog's advice to new pups'.

Thank you to everyone who took five minutes to share their thoughts and experiences with me - as I promised, these ideas will be incorporated into the new book that I am writing for the Nazca Plains Corp., updating the information in their original publication 'Woof!' (to date the only mainstream book on puppy play).

I'll keep the survey up for another few weeks - so if you've not responded yet, take the chance and do it NOW!  All responses are anonymous, but you will have had your chance to help guide the path of newbie pups and future players for years to come...!

An old dog's advice to new pups:
A call for submissions to a new book on puppy-play

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