Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Plugged pup

Your dog was a true pervert pup this morning, going through his morning exercise regime with his fuck-hole filled with cold steel. That cold weight, teasing open my hole and bumping my prostrate with each push-up, dip and step - swollen nipples and thickening cock, both pressed hard and bulging against the tightness of my lycra body-suit, damp with sweat and leaking precum in a sticky stain... It felt so damned good to work out, breathless and horny - thinking of how my Man would be growling His encouragement as I pushed my aching body towards perfection - knowing that were He here, He would be sitting back, enjoying the sight of His pup's sweating muscles moving beneath their lycra sheath, his but-cheeks tensing as they fought to hold the plug tight - and the tell-tale circular press of the plug-base filling that sensitive, sweat-slick, groove... 
I'm not sure which was the biggest buzz: the adrenaline rush of cardio, the endorphine high of arousal, or the oxytocin wash of submission. 
The plug felt so good in fact that I couldn't bear to pull it free after my workout was done - and found myself pulling on my work clothes over the top: forcing that plugged hole and my still-hard puppy-cock into a tight pair of briefs, and hoping that the twitching pre-cum leaking will lessen through the day, or else the stain-of-shame will be soaking through into my jeans. 
As I go through my day, it feels good to know and feel that I am secretly full - and that I am doing so to train my hole, ready to give my Man as much pleasure as He wishes to take from me, when we head to Berlin in only 7 days time.
I am, always and all ways
YOUR pup,

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