Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'Won't somebody think of the children!!' #Porn is going away from @Blogger

I guess we've all seen the sanitisation of Blogger coming for quite a while. And now it is official:

"As of 23rd March 2015, we will no longer allow the public sharing of adult content on Blogger, including images and video that are sexually explicit or contain graphic nudity."

Like many other 'Adult' bloggers, I've been emailed by Google today to say that they will be updating their Blogger Content Guidelines from 23rd of March, removing the ability to post Adult content on their Servers. They identify this blog as one that contains sexually explicit materials, and warn that if I do not remove this content by the 23rd March, they will remove it from public view (although, kindly, leave it as a private blog accessible only by myself and specifically invited guests. For now).

Which leaves me in a quandary.

I've been keeping this blog for nearly 8 years now - so that's quite a lot of content I've got to review and remove. Not that I post a great deal of images here (that's why I have a tumblr feed), but that is still a great deal of content to review in just over a month. I am not even too sure what I need to be removing, since Google are very sketchy as to what might constitute 'explicit nudity' (does that include images of me in full rubber, or puppy-play events?! - they're not nude or sexual, but they could be considered explicit...); they haven't even said whether the content is specific to my own posts, of if it also includes any posted in the comments, or provided via a side-bar feed.

For now, we've been warned that it is only 'sexually explicit or graphic nude images/videos'  that must be removed - however the guidelines mention 'sharing of adult content including images', so I'm not sure how long it will be before they are removing all Adult content, including words and descriptions - which is just about everything on this blog (and every other kinky blog here).

So - what to do? This blog has been a major focus for the process of discovering myself as a pup - and of discovering others in the community; it has been a board through which to develop my writing skills and stories, and a way to get those stories out into the world. It has become an identity and a brand - known and recognised in many of the places were I've met other pups and BDSM brothers. So what do I do now? Do I simply weed out all pictures and hope that Google allows descriptive Adult content to fly under the radar of the spreading Censorship of the 'net? Or do I abandon my readership here and jump ship to another blogging platform in the hope that they don't simply follow Google's lead over the next few months (assuming that they haven't already)?

What do you guys think?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

New book! A call for submissions to "An old #dog's advice to new #Pups"

I am currently compiling a new book on puppy play called "An old dog's advice to new pups".

Would you like to help me write it...?

What I have in mind is a guidance book, with sections on all the 'normal' stuff a new pup might want to know (such as 'what does it mean to be a pup', 'does it have to be sexual?', and 'what's with all the expensive gear?!'); however, I also want to offer thoughts and advice on some of the deeper aspects too: 'WHY would I want to be a pup?', 'how do I play safely?', and 'what is puppy headspace?'

The book will be focused towards the new and upcoming generation of pups , alphas, Handlers and potential Owners who are coming to the scene in droves, but hopefully it will still also prove of interest to those old veterans (like me!) who have been around for a while, but are always open to a refresher. It might also prove an interesting read to those who just want to know a little more about what the pup and puppy-play scene entails.

Most of the book will be based around the experience of myself and my Handler in the growing pup scene over the last few decades, together with the experiences of our friends in the gay and BDSM puppy community. But, I don't want this book to be just about one aspect of the community. Sure, I've been around since what feels like the beginning of the scene, but this is such a big and diverse community that I feel one voice could never hope to capture everything that is both important and joyous about what it means to be a pup and so I want to pepper the book with comments, anecdotes and advice from real pups and Handlers from every aspect of the scene

And that's where YOU come in.

I would like to gather as many thoughts, questions, anecdotes and advice from other pups, Handlers, Owners and players as I can - and have set up an anonymous submissions form using Survey Monkey to make it easier for people to supply their contributions. The form is very simple: just a few questions to establish your name and role (so I can tag them appropriately in the book), and then five broad questions about your experience of puppy play, and the advice that you would like to give to new people entering the scene. I expect it should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey can be found at:

All I need you to do is to complete the survey - and then tell your puppy friends and contacts about it so they can complete it too.

I will try to use as many of your submissions as I can in the book, and promise to credit everyone who's comment is included (using the puppy or scene name they provide on the form; if you also wish to have an image of yourself in the book, then there is space for you to provide a link to a suitable, copyright-free profile picture of yourself that you are happy for me to use). 

Sadly, I can't offer payment for any contributions, but I can offer you the chance to feel the warm glow of knowing that you've done your bit for our community - and the unique pleasure of seeing your words in print!

With thanks - and a great big WUFF!!

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