Thursday, January 01, 2015

True service - true surrender.

That beautiful look: the pleading, upward cast eyes, the mouth already starting to form the ‘O’ of rapture - that open, desperate look of devotion and hunger that says “Please, Sir, fuck me. Let me give myself to You in pleasure and self-sacrifice”

This is the look of a true sub: a true man who willingly surrenders himself to the pleasure of Other Men, so that he may stoke the hunger that feeds them both, and raise your sex to an experience of Divinity. 

Don’t underestimate such a man - don’t belittle him or think him ‘less’ than others, for within this man lies the power to transform You into a God. For that is the power of the devotion from a true sub: in his eyes you will see Yourself reflected a hundredfold, in his devotion to You will feel yourself cleansed of frailty, in His Honouring of You You will find Yourself made worthy of Service. 

Let him worship Your cock. Let him pour forth his devotion on the altar of Your Masculinity. Let his worship of You transform You into the embodiment of his God - Your GodCock the Holy Phalus around which his very world spins. Let him poor His devotion into You - feel it in the heat and pulse of his body, the electric flash of every hooded glance he casts upwards to Your holy countenance. Feel Yourself empowered in that love.

Give him the honour of making You happy - let him feed upon You in selfless pleasure: every lick, every ripple of His tongue and twitch of his powerful throat bringing You closer to the most powerful orgasm you have ever known.

Let him take You inside the Temple of his body - and finally - let him transform you BOTH in the holy sacrament of giving him Your seed.

Let this Man honour You, serve You - LOVE You - and in doing so, change You, body and soul.

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