Sunday, January 25, 2015


Look at how beautifully he struggles to please his Man. See how he swallows, then works hard to keep his throat open - the hard blink to let the tears of effort flow, and then that long, pleading, upward look of devotion.

Worship your Man with equal effort. Train your throat to overcome its natural instincts to choke - learn to take ALL of Him, root deep. It's simple and it's possible - all it takes his practice and dedication. Work until you can take Him all the way down into your throat. Let Him feel the flutter of your vocal chords around the head of His GodCock - strive to give Him pleasure like no other cock-sucker has before. 

You will never feel such pride and honour as when you feel the tremble of ecstasy through His body at the unique feeling as your body ripples and pulses around Him - or hear the thickness in His voice when He gasps that ‘Good BOY!’ in hunger and shock.

Devote you body to His pleasure - and gain TRUE and lasting pleasure in doing so. 

THIS is what it means to love and serve - and this is the true joy of submission.

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