Monday, December 21, 2015

Solstice greetings!

Celebratinv a very bright and happy Solstice to one and all - with this rather sexy photo from the fabulous Inked Kenny. Now that's one Santa visit I'm ready to make... ;)

Friday, December 04, 2015


I squirm underneath His boot - the heavy Vibram cleats bite into the side of my face whilst my senses are overwhelmed by the heady tang of oil and polish that shines from the smooth leather, just inches from my nose...

He towers over me: Bal-laced patrol boots shined to a mirror, and heavily padded leather breeches hugging His lithe and muscular legs. A tight leather shirt covers His furred torso, and heavy gauntlets encase His hands. I can't see His eyes for the dark shade of His Muir, but I feel the possessive bore of His gaze nonetheless. I lie beneath Him, surrender myself to the press of His boot - honoured to be the ground upon which He walks.

He is leathered - the epitome of Masculine Power; I am rubber encased, and sleep-sack bound - my body compressed into a wriggling tube of helpless surrender and hungry submission. A rubber worm beneath the boot of my God.

He leans forward, rest His Hand against His knee as He pushes downwards with His foot - lets me feel the weight of Him through the cleats, and lets me feel the reality of my predicament: that I am helpless beneath Him, bound and unable to resist, a subhuman thing that is His to use or abuse as He sees fit. For a moment I wonder if He might keep pressing until my head pops like a rotten fruit. I whimper in a complex mix of fear and desire, restraint and release. My trapped and aching cock throbs beneath the tight multiple layers of my imprisonment.

 He sees my hunger and submission - hears my animal noises of surrender and fear - and His bearded face breaks into a growling appreciative smile:

"You fuckin pervert...!"

He presses harder once, then moves His boot away from my cheek - hovers the cleats over my mouth: my tongue, unthinking, laps up to press into the deep clefts and ridges.

"Sir. YOUR pervert, Sir!"

He laughs - takes a step back to stand staring down at the long rubber tube that is my restrained body. I wriggle and hump, flopping my useless rubber-flesh across the floor towards Him - my soft body within the layers bathed in sweat and precum. Breathless and panting, chest heaving against the tight restriction, I finally reach His boots, press my face into the leather.

"Good boy! - my rubber worm!"

I pant and squirm all the harder at His words.

Yes: I'm a worm. A rubber grub pupating inside my maggot-sheath, half way between man and object. Completely lost in perversity and hunger, submission and devotion to HIM. And it feels so fucking liberating to be able to let go and just BE like this: to be rubber, to be an animal - to be HIS.

I lie at His feet - squirm under His boot - and grin up to my Master with all the love and hungry happiness that only a true pervert can express...

Monday, November 23, 2015

'Scene'. Photos by @ReecePickering_

Sir and I recently had a photoshoot with one of my student photographers, together with Andy and Karl from South West Rubbermen.

Reece Pickering is an upcoming documentary and portrait photographer, with whom I have worked before (producing a series of photos for a campaign around 'Aging in the LGBT community') - he has a fantastic eye for capturing a good image, and a winning way behind the lens that helps to get the best out of his models. It's always a pleasure to work with him, and so I of course jumped at the opportunity to help him with his current series: 'Scene: portraits of the gay Fetish and BDSM community'

The following is only a small selection of the 200+ images we shot during a fantastically fun morning in the studio - but I'm sure you'll agree they are fantastic! 

If you are interested in participating in Reece's work, you can contact him via his Twitter or Instagram accounts: @ReecePickering_ 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

UK #LeatherPride (6th - 8th November, Bristol UK) and the #PupPalace

Preparations are well in hand for the first UK Leather Pride event to be held in here Bristol, in just a few weeks time. Spencer and the guys at LeatherWest have been working like mad things for the last few months, organising events - and full details of the various Dinners, parties and workshops can be found on both the LeatherPride website and Facebook pages - which is also were you can buy tickets or download the event ap.

Pup Palace

As part of the weekend's festivities, Saturday will see an entire afternoon at The Palace dedicated to pups and puppy play, sponsored by Kye and the lovely pack at PuppyPride UK.

The first hour (1-2pm) is hosted by my Handler and I, and will be dedicated to 'newborn pups' - with an opportunity to ask questions, talk about equipment and safety, or just to learn a little more about this big friendly scene.

From 2pm-5pm, the Palace will then be transformed into a PupPalace with 25sqm of padded floor, dog beds, toys, and treats - ready to let you romp and play, and release your inner pup to your heart's content (and your Handler's pleasure).

Attendees who are also members of the PuppyPride site will receive free dogtags - so it's worth setting up a profile in advance...!

It's looking to be one hell of a good weekend - don't miss out: book now!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Book sale!

It's coming up to two years since my first book, "Assimilation: tales of transformation and surrender" had it's first publication date - and I'd like to offer you a chance to buy a signed copy to celebrate.

Copies are £12 each, with £2.99 postage (Royal Mail) - and all funds will go towards the new how-to book I'm writing: "An old dog's advice to young pups". To buy your own copy, Click on the 'Buy now' link below.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Invincible? - unbeatable!

I've been a slave to rubber fetish ever since I pulled on a pair of moulded rubber tights and felt myself gripped by their seductive embrace - I reached down with sweat-slick hands to stroke across the glossy membrane that stretched, gossamer thin and yet irresistibly tight across my crotch: felt the pulsing heat of my trapped cock, and found myself swept away on a black tide of intense arousal beyond anything I had ever felt before.

That was nearly 30 years ago - and the hunger and desire for this most sensual of fetishes has only grown with experience. In the intervening years I am proud to have fully embraced my true rubber perversity - and to own (or is that, be owned by...?) a wardrobe filled with rubber gear.

With very few exceptions, all of it has come from Invincible Rubber.

Invincible has been supplying the highest quality rubbery gear for gay men for more than 20 years, and have just had a refresh of their website to celebrate - including some fantastic new sexy products, modelled by the likes of the ever sexy Kilker, and photographed in some truly sexy images by Neil Z Page


There's a fantastic selection of sexy, masculine gear too - from sports gear and Jeans to total-enclosure catsuits and full rubber versions of BLUF-Style uniforms - and a brilliant gallery of sexy images too.

And the quality of the gear speaks for itself - as does the fact that several of the biggest fetish stores around the world choose to use Invincible as their favoured rubber supplier. Their stuff lasts too: my favourite should-entry suit is 10 years old now, and would be still going strong if I hadn't managed to tear my knee out on my Man's boot-buckle during some very enthusiastic puppy-romping...  It's currently up with Paul, Ian and the guys getting repaired again - which also reflects the other reason why so much of my own gear comes from Invincible: their unbeatable customer service.

I'm an awkward s.o.b. when it comes to gear: short, wiry and obsessed with rubber needing to be *tight*. I've never been able to buy gear 'off the peg' without looking like I've borrowed my Dads Prom-suit, but Paul and Ian offer an exceptional made-to-measure service that has ensured my suits always fit like the second-skin rubber should always be. They also encouraged me to make the trip up to their workshop in Nottingham for a *proper* measuring service, so as to ensure they had the correct details - and gave both my Man and I a fantastic afternoon of sorting through their various custom designs and discussing our own thoughts and ideas.

Getting the fit right is really important with gear that reveals as much as rubber does: If you want your rubber to look fantastic you really should pay the little extra to have it made to fit you perfectly - and make that extra effort to visit the guys in Nottingham if you can so that they can measure you *properly*. I know there are other rubber makers on the 'net that offer what they call 'made-to-measure' but I've compared the two, and no offence but it really is like trying to compare between a Saville Row suit and a cheap knock off from Primark...

Likewise, it's important to remember that you get what you pay for. Sure, you might find gear that seems cheaper online, but will it really fit that well - or last longer than a few play-nights? If you have to keep replacing that 'cheap' suit, then it's not really that cheap after all is it...

Invincible has supplied me with a treasure trove of exceptional rubber gear - and gleefully fed my perversity - for two decades. Isn't time you gave them a try too...?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Do we need Gay Heroes - or just 'Heroes' ?

I am so glad to read the current news items about Rugby League star Keegan Hirst coming out as gay ( 

It is fantastic that we are finally starting to have positive role models in professional sport. 

And yet...

I feel genuinely sad that both Keegan himself and the tone of the piece are focused on the attitude that being gay = being a non-masculine man: 'I was 6'4", a builder and a rugby player - I was fully butch and masculine so how could I be gay?'

Being gay doesn't mean being 'fem', or less masculine. True, society tends to spot fem and camp-acting guys easier, and identify them as 'different', but they are not the sole 'colour' of our rainbow sexuality; despite what most people think (including a whole load in our community itself) every gay guy doesn't secretly want to wear makeup and drag, any more than every lesbian has to be 'butch' and dress in dungarees... 

And yet, as a community, we set these gender identities as polar opposites, and set ourselves up as combatants: 'men are from Mars, women from Venus', fem-guys against 'straight-acting', drag against butch. 

But these polarised notions of gender and sexuality are damaging to *everyone*. They encode and enforce the idea that 'Men are butch, strong, unemotional, good with their hands' and 'women are pretty, good mothers, no good at science...' - the very notions that create so much gender tension, body-dismorphia and unhappiness in every generation of kids who grow up thinking they are 'different' in some hideous way, just because they think and feel outside of some hideously charicatured 'gender norm'. 

As a society, and as a community, we need to grow up past these 'Janet and John', 'Barby and Ken' ideals. We need strong models who can stand up and be THEMSELVES, regardless of how close or divergent they are from the 'norm'. We need butch gays, fem queens, Tom-boy dykes, lipstick lesbians, 'straight-acting' bromances, gender-queer Bears, radical fairies, married gay-dads and guys-who-fuck-guys - and ALL of us to proudly wear the rainbow saying 'yes, I'm gay and queer - so fuckin what?'

Well done Keegan for accepting yourself - but please, don't change. Be yourself as you've always been - having sex with a guy is just one tiny aspect of who you are. Be you, be 'butch', and be gay too. Take a lesson from Gareth Thomas and Tom Daley: just be yourself - and in being, become a genuine role model For a better society that embraces us just for having the strength to be who we choose to be.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bristol #Pride and #SWRM

It's been a busy couple of weekends all of a sudden!

July naturally means pride season. I didn't manage to join Sir for London this year, but we did get to stomp along together at Bristol Pride  - joining the South West Rubber Men in our full shiny glory. It was hot marching in rubber, but the guys were so much fun to be around, and together we raised a lot of eyebrows (as well as teasing the LeatherWest guys mercilessly...)

It was hot sweaty work, but a lot of fun. Best of all though was being welcomed back at Sir's house by His lovely Geoff who insisted that we take a relaxing soak in the hot-tub, whilst he prepared us cheese-scones and several gallons of tea :)

The following weekend, we had the long awaited relaunch party for Gear Bristol - in it's new home at the Queen's Shilling. 

There's no photos that I can share, but I can tell you that it was a grand night out. The new venue was perfect: with a nice large bar area for chatting and socialising, surrounded by smaller, darker spaces for playing (including the dance-floor, which had been perversion-upgraded with slings - and the downstairs gents were there was - allegedly - a 're-purposed' paddling pool... ;) ). Everything was within sight of the main space, which made it feel incredibly sociable and friendly; I think James summed it up best, when he described it as having the same 'social but sexy' air of a Dutch bar.

It was a hot night, but Sir and I kept the rubber theme going (albeit shorts and harness this time...) - and were pleasantly surprised to find that most of the guys had thought the same. It's nice when great and perverted minds think alike. 

We also managed to find some space to play up in one of the go-go booths: with the pup braced on all-fours, his throat open to his Man's delicious thrusts. We gathered an interested crowd too, when Sir rewarded me by paddling my upraised and happily wagging arse - the sharp rubbery 'slap's and the dog's happy howls reverberating around the room...

It was a great night out - and only goes to remind me that I really should accompany my Man more often...!!!

Finally, last weekend we had the South West Rubber Men social.

Karl flatly denies organising anything official, but he still always manages to be the rubbery gravity-well that we all end up revolving around. Besides, when you're that good at getting guys off their arses and into gear, well, you might as take the praise!

We met at The Retreat for lunch first - then swaggered across the road en-masse to the IC Visual Lab to take a look at their 'Never apologise' photography exhibition, exploring gay and transgender identities. They were incredibly pleased to see us - especially since a whole section of the exhibition was about BDSM identities (and included a photo of good old Sly Hands...); we got a few nice group photos from them too.

From the Lab, it was then on to the Palace for the afternoon, for drinks and a bit of a browse through the rubber wares from our local Simply Pleasure and the fantastic T-Shirt designs from Hartzak Ltd.  

Sir and I were wilting a bit by this time, so we left the guys socialising and headed home in favour of a change of gear and a bit of a cool down. At least, that was the original plan. We ended up working over some of Sir's leathers together - and then me scampering upstairs after my Man to work my face into His breeches and my rubber-encased dog-nob into His boots.... :)

The day rounded off beautifully with a final party at the Bristol Bear Bar - even if the pup was a wee bit shattered by this point. I did get to lose myself completely though, sat in my favourite place in the world at my Man's feet, my head in His lap as he gently stroked my head.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Berlin - Osterfest

I can't believe that I never got around to writing up our week-long stay in Berlin for Osterfest.

Sir very nicely kept a proper itinerary of everything that we did - but it seems rather odd to write the full diary entry that I would normally do, so late after the event...

Off course we had the most amazing time. Sir had booked our hotel stay over a year ago, and so we and had the true luxury of our own mini suite of rooms at the amazing Art Hotel Connection - with a nice big bedroom, a small kitchen - and our own nicely outfitted playroom...:

Despite this distraction, we still managed to get out to several parties (including both the Rubber and Biker nights at Scheune and, my favourite, the 'In Dog we trust' dog-party - where I also got to meet up with Greg Kinky - a Handler I have long admired).

We also got to catch up with a bunch of friends old and new - far too many to name one by one - and did a whole lot of shopping (we called into Mr.B so many times that they eventually threatened to ration us to only one visit a day ;) ), and ate a shit load of gorgeous cakes!

Needless to say, we spent a fair amount of time 'entertaining' ourselves in the room though. I mean, it would have been a sin not to...

My favourite had to be the suspension rig. It's been a long-time fantasy of both my Man and I to have me inverted and suspended at just the right height so I can use my tongue and throat to pleasure my Man whilst so utterly helpless. It was an intense experience - not least because Sir gave me a thorough flogging whilst suspended beforehand - each thud of the flogger making my body twitch and swing, and my helplessly trapped cock leak into my leather cod-piece. It was incredibly disorientating to be blindfold and gagged, my legs and back stretched out and the blood pooling in my head - but lord did it get my endorphins flowing.

It was an experience we repeated a few times during our stay...

The sling was of course equally pleasurable. Fully adjustable, with the leg-chains on heavy duty springs to give a little extra 'bounce'; it was so comfortable, and I felt so completely 'afloat' that I was able to simply surrender and open my hole - and whole body - completely for my Man - and let Him fuck me deeper, longer and harder than we have ever managed before.

Fuck but it felt good to simply open and let go - and let my Man turn me into a greedy pig of a fuck-boy, growling and begging Him to take me, FUCK me and make me whole...

I did let Sir get some time in the sling Himself though - so He could relax and let the dog go to work on His hole and His beautiful meat. I mean - faced with such a Godly focus, how could you not kneel and worship...

 It was a fantastic visit - and the most incredible stay.

I love you Sir - balls to bone, and everything in between

Monday, June 08, 2015

Liverpool - and the three Queens

Sir and I went up to Liverpool a few weeks ago - partly to be there for the visit of the Cunard 'Three Queens' (the three of Cunard's largest cruise ships: Queen Mary, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth), but also so that the pup could visit my Mum and Dad.

With a weekend of promised sunshine, we decided to make it our first proper bike-run of the year together - and so we packed light, pulled on our best and most comfortable Leathers, and headed off.

We decided to take the long-road: up to the Trentham Estate for a break, then on through the A roads and beautiful countryside of Cheshire (making a stop at both the gated community at Wychwood Park, and a lovely Marina on the Shropshire canal). It was a perfect day for riding: sunny but not too hot, with scudding clouds and empty winding roads - and my Man chatting and laughing away in my headset...

We got to Liverpool early in the evening. We were staying at a newly finished Premier Inn at Birkenhead - it was so new you could smell the new paint and carpets! We had a great room too - with a lovely big bed, at just the *right* height ;)

I made Sir a cup of tea, whilst I unpacked for Him - then we decided to make a little bumble around to see what we could see: heading first to the ferry terminal at Woodside, to gaze across the Mersey at the Liverpool docks and skyline...

From there it was a zoom along to New Brighton and a Tapas supper - watching a wet-suited free-swimmer bravely ploughing through the waters of the dock below us - then it was home for a hot chocolate and a proper pup-snuggle...


We had planned to spend Friday 'bike-free', so the morning saw us pull on denim and tackies as we headed back to the docks to catch the world famous "Ferry 'cross the Mersey" (and yes, they did play *that* song at every stop...!). Despite growing up just outside Liverpool, I've never ridden the ferry, so it was quite an emotional and proud-filled journey; it's also a fantastic way to see the city - with its new 'Liverpool One' New-York styled skyline - and the twin-hurled catamaran ferry to Ireland..

I dragged Sir around the Albert Docks, looking at the Tall Ships getting ready to join the welcoming flotilla for The Queens later in the weekend - then we hopped an open-topped bus for a tour of the city. I learnt more about my old home-city in that hour than I did in 10 years of living there.

We planned to go around a second time so we could hop off to visit some of the sights - but, unfortunately, the bus sprang a fuel leak, so we all had to climb off and go by foot...! We didn't mind though, as it gave us a chance to stretch our legs as we made a visit to the famous Cavern Street, had a leisurely stroll though Liverpool One, took a genteel afternoon tea at John Lewis - and picked up some interesting cheeses at the International Food Market on the docks. Finally, it was back to the ferry terminal to hop the ferry back to our hotel, and then out for a fantastic Chinese at a Restaurant the pup found on Trip Advisor,  just around the corner from our hotel.


Saturday morning we headed back to New Brighton, so Sir could take me out to Fort Perch Rock. Sir has some incredible memories (and stories!) of when the Fort was tidal - and occasionally used by the MSC club for overnight parties, free in the knowledge that any Police raids would require the coastguard to help them gain access. We had immense fun climbing around, enjoying both the view, and Sir's memories; we even had a fascinating chat with the current owner when he overheard us chatting and came over to ask Sir about some MSC insignia he'd found in one of the old storerooms...

Saturday afternoon was then  dedicated to seeing my Mum and Dad. 

Both are proper 'Northern' - despite us Kids spending much of our formative years 'down South'; my Dad comes from a deeply religious family in  Liverpool (with uncles, cousins and brothers all taking Holy Orders), my Mum from a farming and Trade family in Ormskirk; Dad skipped the church and joined the Jacobs biscuit firm (of Cream Crackers fame) as a distribution Exec - which meant us moving around a lot as kids whilst he set up automated warehouses for them all over the country. When they came to retire, they decided to return up to Lancashire to be 'amongst their own folk' - and settled in Formby, just a mile or so from the incredible Formby sands, rare dune habitat, and the red squirrel reserve. 

It's a beautiful spot - but a good 4/5 hours up the hideous M6 from us, which is why I don't get to see them as often as I should. And why I had spent the last four months crocheting my Mum a shawl, 'so you can wrap yourself in my love, even when I am far away...')

Sir met both my parents last year - both on our last jaunt up to Manchester, and at Geoff and mine's handfasting last Samhein. He is such a gentleman that they both fell in love with Him, just as I have (even if my Dad still hasn't quite worked out the *full* nature of our 'friendship' - or quite why I wear a locked chain collar whenever I'm with Him ('Better not to ask, dear...' is all my Mum will say when he asks... ;) ). Dad insisted on taking off for a drive to Southport in his newest car - with Sir trying to show adequate levels of enthusiasm for MPG, suspension, and every other little piece of auto-excitement my Dad enthused about (my Dad does love his cars - and even made Sir look through the photo album and spreadsheet of every one of the 23 cars he's owned in his life... Sir was very good at feigning interest in that too...! :) )

Southport was an eye opener: Lord Street is beautiful, with Victorian colonnaded shops and covered arcades, and several nice hotels; Sir and I recon we will stay there next time we play to run up to the North - there even looks to be a weekly bike night on the Sea front.

We ended the day with my Dad treating us to a surprisingly pleasant meal at their local 'carvery' pub - and parted promising to come back again soon.


Sunday was originally planned to be the day we saw The Queens - however, they must have changed their sailing dates after we booked our trip, because most of the full festivities were now organised for the Monday and Tuesday - long after we'd left. 

We did get to see the Cunard flagship Queen Mary in dock though - which was an incredible sight!


The trip home was a little cloudier than the one up - but even more scenic.

We stopped off at Port Sunlight, to see the amazing 'garden village' and civic buildings - built by the Lever family to house the workers at their factory in philanthropic comfort and civic pride - then stopped at the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port on the Manchester Ship Canal (to take a quick piss break, and let the pup ogle a few canal boats...) We kept the canal theme running by taking the long road underneath the stunning Pontcysyllte viaduct on the Llangollen canal - and then took a lazy tea by the river in Shrewsbury (were my lovely tattooist Jo and her gorgeous partner Matt now live, and have their new Un1ty private tattoo studio) - before a lazy zoom back through Shropshire and home to Gloucestershire.

It was a wonderful weekend. Thank You Sir!

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