Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Zoom zoom: Dog on a motorbike

I went down for a mid-week visit with Sir this week - and to catch up with our friend and Downsized-Gypsy Andrew, who was camping out on Sir's drive for a few days with both his Airstream and his beautifully self-designed Triumph Thruxton (lovingly called 'The Thruxter').

We rode down into Bristol for a beautiful sunset supper at the Dockside - both my Men in their gorgeous leathers, and accompanied by Andrew's intrepid little dog, Dougal. Dougal was so happy, wearing his special Doggles and safely secured in his special back-pack on his Daddy's back - we just had to take some video...

Now that is what you call a real Bike-pup. His Daddy's not bad too ;)

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