Friday, August 15, 2014

Leathermen South, Brighton (1)

My Man and I were down in Brighton last weekend for the inaugural meet of the new Leathermen South group, and their new leather club night at Subline.

Sir used to take me down to the Southcoast a few times a year on the bike - dropping me off for a few hours in Worthing whilst He visited His father there. We've not been down for a while, not since His dad died, but I have some really happy memories of both the lovely rides down and of deeply chilled days relaxing at the Dome, waiting for my Man to come pick me up. Worthing is also were we had all the fun underneath the pier in full rubber, High-viz and waders... ;)

The weather has been unusually hot and humid here in the UK for the last few weeks, and so we finally decided NOT to go down by bike - we had sweltered when in Dublin and Snowdonia in full leather last month, and didn't really fancy a weekend of doing the same; instead, we opted to have the dog drive us both down in my lovely new (fully AC'd) car instead.

Driving also gave us more options for gear packing ;)


We dawdled down slowly on the Friday: Sir grew up on the South Coast, and so He took the navigator role and directed me along the smaller A-roads so that we passed through some of the beautiful little Sussex towns and villages (I must say, He is also a lot more fun to talk to than Siri :) ). We saw some beautiful places, filled with flint and red-brick churches and thatched cottages - but only made the one stop for tea and cake (chocolate and pecan!) in Petersfield - and managed to pick the one part of the day when it rained to do so! We only hit traffic once - were everything snags in Arundel - but we took a detour, with the final leg of our journey along the coast through Worthing and Littlehampton, before we finally found our way to our Hotel in Hove - just a few feet from the seafront.

We checked in and dropped our bags, then decided to take a stroll along the seafront to Brighton Pier. It's been quite a few years since I was last in Brighton (actually, a few decades...!), and we both impressed by how much has changed - not least the amazing cafe culture all along the beach and under the arches. It was also rather nice to see so many tanned and muscular young men working out, swimming and running...

We eventually made our way into the Lanes, and settled down for a rather nice supper at Zizzis, then had a cooling evening stroll back along the Western Road.

It had been a very sunny day, and it was unbearably hot in our room under the eaves - Sir had thought to bring a fan with us, but it couldn't really cope with the heat and humidity, and so we didn't sleep very well (Sir even padded down to Reception in the middle of the night, trying to see if they had any other fans - and came back with some cold drinks and a big bucket of ice instead...).

Sadly, the heat and lack of sleep didn't leave either of us in much of a mood for our usual 'pup-snuggles'.

Sir DID love His new little puppy, Moss, though (a little present that His 'no.1 crochet-pup' had been working on secretly for a few weeks, as a thank-you for 8 wonderful years wearing my Man's collar...)


We started the morning with breakfast in the hotel (accompanied by a rather good looking polish guy whose shirt seemed to be having containing his bulging physique...), then decided to spend the day strolling around the town.

The Lanes were fun (especially popping into the gay dog-grooming parlour we had giggled over the night before: the owner looking around and asking my Man 'Do you have your dog with you?', and both of us replying 'Yes!' and pointing to my collar; I thought the poor guy was going to swallow his tongue!), but I really enjoyed our leisurely browse through the Vintage and brick-a-brack in the streets between North Street and Trafalgar Street - and selecting arm-fulls of Hawaiian shirts for Sir to try at the amazing 'To Be Worn Again' Vintage clothing shop on Kensington Gardens...

Sir also took me into the Dome to look at the marble extravagance, and we made the obligatory stop to 'Oooh!' at the Royal Pavilion and the Theatre Royal too. We also had fun people-watching at a corner cafe whilst we had a cooling smoothie - and made friends with a woman who shared our kerb-side table, and was fascinated by our running commentary about the people going by and the details that we noticed about their clothes, body-language - and shoes ;)

It was all very relaxed and totally non-fetish - but incredibly good fun. 

We headed back for a 'disco-nap' late in the afternoon - and Sir weighed down with all His shopping. We intended to get a couple of the extra fans that we had seen in the Robert Dyas near the hotel - but they had sold out of their entire stock whilst we'd been out! Luckily, the assistant checked around and found that the hove store still had a few in stock - so Sir set a brisk-pace through the heat to get to them before they closed. We were lucky, and they still had quite a pile left - so we bought a couple, and set them up either side of our bed, and settled down in their cooling hurricane to try and catch up on a little sleep before the night of fun to come...

Neither of us was very hungry when we woke, so we found a nice little Spanish restaurant locally for an early supper of tapas and Sangria - listening to the endless chatter of the mainly female clientèle (no doubt tempted in by the dark smouldering good-looks of the Spanish cocktail waiter...); then it was back to the hotel to change and head out.

The dog had brought his Fxxckers (since they got such a good reaction at the Union in Bristol), but it really was just too hot to face full leather, so Sir suggested we both simply wear our boots, jocks and harness - then throw on some shorts and a shirt to keep us 'street-legal' as we headed down to Sublime. It certainly was a lot cooler!  

The evening had been arranged by a couple of our friends from BLUF and Pride to mark the inaugural night of their new Leather club-night. The venue was rather good: down in the basement arches, with a good changing area, a nice sized bar and social space, and a very good dance/play area; best of all - most of it was nicely air-conditioned...! 

Sir bought us some drinks, and we hung our at the bar to socialise for a while - the dog getting yet more interest and praise for my substantial ink - then Sir led me out into the play space to enjoy a little pup-attention.

Sir found the perfect spot: with the pup up on a little pole-dancing dias that put his muzzle at just the right height whilst on all fours - then had fun teasing him by tying his leash to the pole and making him strain outwards to get to my Man's meat. Sir relented eventually, and let His dog work greedily away, growling and barking happily, docked-tail wagging away. We eventually gathered a nice little appreciative crowd - especially when the DJ added to the ambience with spot-lights and dry-ice...

It was a great evening - and I hope a good way for the new night to start. I hope it continues to do well!

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