Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gear, Bristol (and a puppy sleep-over)

It's been a long time since I last managed to accompany Sir to the wonderful monthly Gear party in Bristol - but since we were coming up to the 8th anniversary of our first meet, I thought I really should make a special effort!

Gear has recently moved venues from the OMT to The Sauna on West Street. It's a bigger venue, with differently themed spaces across several floors: and one perhaps a little more suited to the sort of cruisey play that normally takes place at James' well-organised events. We had been warned that it was a very warm play space, however, even without it being forecast as one of the hottest days of the year  (it is a sauna during the day after all!) - so Sir and I decided to 'dress-down' a little from our usual full rubber: with Sir in His tall boots, shorts and harness, and the dog in hood, harness and boots; it felt a shame not be in rubber, but being a 'naturally skinned' dog gave everyone a nice chance to see all of the pup's artwork, so we got lots of compliments all the same (although my poor Man had to keep telling admirers: "It's nothing to do with me! that's all his own doing...!" ;) )

Sir had me travel down with Him in the hatchback boot of the car - transforming from boy to pup on our way. We had hoped to be able to find a car-parking spot outside so that I could trot in on all fours, but someone got to there first, so I had to pull on my coverall and walk in as 'normal'. Not that that was a problem, cos it meant I could greet James and the guys properly for once.

Dues paid and spare gear stowed in a locker, Sir then led His pup on a short tour of the facilities - where we quickly made quite a few new friends (especially the lovely Louis, who came out to chat to us when we took a 'cool down' break on the back patio: saying that he had just read my book and was a little in awe of meeting 'a real author!'). The pup also managed to find a nice quiet corner in which to back his Man into, so that it could assault Him with its tongue, and throat-rape Him of every drop of Man-Cum in His body.... :D

We were then chilling by the reception (whilst James took a few photos) when Karl, Neil and the sexy Bristol and South West Rubbermen came in - all proving their true perversity by wearing full, beautiful gear, despite the heat and humidity (and looking FUCKING gorgeous in it too). Sweet, but Karl didn't recognise me when I bounded up, barking excitedly with my tail wagging - "I didn't recognise you without the rubber skin!". They all made a nice fuss of me though, with lots of strokes and petting - and yet more compliments on my newest ink. Then I got to chase after Neil's beautifully lycra'd legs as Sir and I tagged along whilst they were given a proper tour of the facilities.

It was a great night - and reminded me of just how much fun the Gear nights can be. More so than any other event or venue I've had the pleasure to play in. James is a brilliant guy for organising it all so well!


One of the reasons that I don't make it to Gear as often as I like is because it runs on a Sunday night - and I then still have an hour+ journey home ready for work early in the morning. Sometimes, however, if I've been very good, Sir lets me stay overnight afterwards - which is always great, because it means a little more play at His place (watching the very sexy "Slick-dogs") before a night snuggled up safe under the duvet with Him...

...and then the utter JOY of slowly waking up, still wrapped tight in His arms - sleepy and safe, yet totally horny, pushing myself back against the rough scratch of His beautiful pelt - mercilessly grinding my hungry hole against Him until He can't stand the begging any more, rolls me over and fucks the living daylights out of me whilst I pant and howl and pump my balls empty into His fist. I mean - what better way could there be to start a day than with a tingling post-fucked hole and a freshly milked puppy cock (or a sticky chest of your own cum, smeared over you by your own Man's hand, and then left to dry so that you smell of your own perversity for the rest of the day)?!?

Milked and breakfasted, Sir then took us out for a lazy day on the bike. We had half planned to pop down into Bristol to take Sir's leather jeans to his tailor for a repair - but as we came along the Avon Gorge they were closing the swing-lock bridge road to allow a flotilla of boats to leave the Floating Docks (after the weekend Harbour festival), so we did a U-turn and headed back along the road a-ways so we could watch them sail past on their way to Avonmouth.

It was a totally unexpected little surprise - and great fun to have everyone smiling and waving at us as they sailed past! 

We then hopped back on the bike and headed up to the Downs to see if we could catch them sail past from up there; they'd already gone - but we did get some amazing views all the same (and not all of them of the stunning countryside...), before heading back to the Harbour side for a lovely late Lunch at the Lockside lounge - watching the swing bridge at work as the last of the boats left on their way to far-off shores.

It was another scorching day, and we were both slick with sweat by the time we got back to Sir's place - so it was pealing off with the (sweat-damp) leather and into the Hot-tub to soak away the day before the pup had to head home. 

At least, that was the plan. But then Sir discovered the very perverse "Sex pig conversion serum" DVD I'd brought with me from Rubberzone, so we settled down to flick through a few scenes - which then led to yet another throat-and-tongue cum-extraction for my poor Man. And the dog then being led out into the garden on it's leash so that He could stand over it in His chest waders and hose it down with His piss: on all fours, piss pouring over its back and face and into its hair - cock helplessly hard and dripping as it tried to lap up what it could whilst His scent seeped into its skin...

Which, when you think about it, was a perfect way to send a dog home...

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Just got to share this photo of my Man from yesterday's Bristol Pride. Who could not be heart-swelling, knee-tremblingly honoured to Love, Serve and Obey this Man...?

I love You, Sir: balls to bone, heart and soul.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bristol Pride

Just back from a great day at Bristol Pride, marching beside my Man and alongside my fetish brothers from @Leatherwest, @BLUF and South West Rubber. It was the first year that Leather, Fetish and BDSM had an official place in the parade, and I'm glad to say that we had a brilliant reception from all of those along the route and at the LeatherWest tent within the festival space afterwards.

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