Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dublin: Various voices (2)

Breakfast with the choir, then I settled down to a little iPad catch-up on the Helix - coupled with a long chat about 'pups and gay-bikers' with some lovely guys from one of the Dutch choirs, before taking a (rather hot) run around the park whilst Sir rehearsed with the Festival Chorus.

Sir was a little sing-out after 3 hours of singing, so we spent the afternoon out on the bike, enjoying the countryside in Kildaire - and a prolonged stay at the Straffan Victorian Tea Rooms and Antique centre for a little cacage du jour, and a (rather rusty) tinkle on the ivories... If only we had space on the bike (and a spare €600...)

Sir then left me to prepare for the concert - and so I ended the day with the guys from SOB and a fantastically camp Eurovision evening of choral splendour...!

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