Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'In the web' - a sling-fucked pup

My Man has a great description for that certain look his pup gets when he is primed and ready: He calls it “In the Web” - from the first time I was able to take Him fucking me truly DEEPLY, after several hours of play in the sling at The Web, Amsterdam. (an account of that visit is in the archives, if you fancy a one-handed read ;) ).

"We’d been playing together for a while, but always your hole was too tender, too shy to take me as deep as I wanted - as deep as a dog should be able to take. I knew that some time in a sling would help you relax - especially if I gave you some time under my flogger first - and so I flogged you whilst the guys watched, then rubbered you up, and strapped you down, then teased and tempted your tender little hole for hours. 
I saw the moment when all your resistance and blocks simply broke and melted away - it was a look that kindled in the dark depths of your eyes and then rippled outwards across your face: widening your eyes and stretching your mouth into a wet panting ‘O’. It was a look of true abandonment and lust... 
I knew then that my dog was finally and completely ready to give me his hole, his core, his BODY, his Soul.”

This weekend, my Man took me back to that experience - and helped me re-find that place inside me where lust and abandonment meet.


We'd  been out on the bike for the day; it was the pup's first long ride of the year, and it felt fantastic to be out again in my full leathers, hugging my Man tightly as we zoomed over the Bridge and into Wales. 

We didn't really have a destination planned: just a day together, enjoying the early spring sunshine (and the pup's growls and whimpers when every bump and pothole drove it's plugged-hole down into the pillion seat - making it's sheathed cock dribble and drool helplessly into the rubber catsuit beneath my leathers). We made a little tour around Cardiff bay, visited the marina at Penarth - and ended up grabbing a tea at the cliff-top cafe overlooking Flat Holm - then zoomed back home for a little 'playtime'


We got back and stripped out of our leathers - exposing the slick, black glossy underskin of our rubber one-piece suits. Fuck but Sir looked good in His new rubber suit from Invincible; felt and tasted good too... 

Sir had set up the sling before we headed out - trialling a new position indoors that made use of the exposed beams in the dinning-room. It's a good sized room, with overhead light from the skylights in the roof  - and the sling fitted perfectly: good and secure, at a nice height, and with plenty of 'swing'. The pup wasted no time in 'testing' it either - and hopped straight in with a grin.

We tried a reverse position first: the dog lying backwards with his head hanging down, throat and tongue both extended for my Man to enjoy. It was a strange but relaxing feeling: the sling-straps pressing into my shoulders as they supported my cantilevered weight, the blood slowly pooling in my head - the sense of weightlessness and freedom... At first I simply lay passive, whilst my Man enjoyed the tender attentions of my tongue - but I soon found that I could swing myself back and forth by moving my arms like a swimmer - which allowed my Man to simply stand still, and let His pup pendulum back and forth: fucking its throat onto Him over and over...

My neck finally gave in from supporting my head at such an odd angle - but Sir took over instead: holding and supporting my head with His gloved hands - guiding Himself into me until my sinuses filled and He had to help me sit back up choking and laughing. I'm a greedy pup though, and only needed a short breather before lying back with a hungry growl and a grin - working away at my Man's meat until I had Him trembling and growling with hunger.

Sir had me reverse position then, and lie 'properly' with my booted legs up in the stirrups - my hungry hole twitching and clenching around my glass-plug in anticipation...

Sir teased the plug from inside me - and then slowly pushed Himself into me in its place - staring into my eyes as I relaxed to let His relentless intrusion force my ring open. I was tight at first - even after a day of being plugged - but His forceful but patient insistence and the gentle swing of the sling soon had me sighing and then groaning in pleasure: my hole slick and hungry around the beautiful hot fullness of Him deep inside me.

Sir teased me for a while then: letting me get used to the press of Him deep inside me, then slowly pulling out until I could feel the backwards pull of His head against my outer ring - back and forth, in and out, achingly slowly - watching me with those deep dark eyes that fire the hunger and the need deep inside me - His body lithe and beautiful within its tight rubber skin: hypnotic in the reflected lights, erotic in the hot yield of it beneath my stroking hands as I reached down to hold onto His thighs and tried to pull myself down onto Him...

He leaned over me then: our bodies hot as the sweat-slick rubber layers moved between us, sending vibrating shivers through both of our limbs - enfolded, rubber-transformed, speared on His cock, He pulled my face up to Him in a deep, tongue-probing kiss - thrusting himself into both my holes with equal insistence and hunger, and firing His pup's own hunger ever higher.

It's then that Sir pulled back for a moment, stared deep into my eyes and reminded me of how fully I gave myself to Him when 'in the web'  - and how beautiful I looked with that dark look of lust, hunger and abandonment deep within my eyes...

Remembering that moment - the intensity and completeness of it - Fuck, what could I do but surrender and give myself to Him: let Him fuck me deeply, fully, completely - the chains rattling and the sling groaning with the violence and passion of His onslaught on my straining body, as I growled and groaned and barked in a hungry insistence the equal of His own - my ring clenching tight around the pulsing heat of Him, milking Him in waves of arousal and release as He finally pushed me over the edge and the cum ribboned out of me to splatter in beautiful pools of milky white against the shining black of my heaving chest.  

And fuck but it felt so good.

It felt even better when Sir stopped thrusting - a look of concentration spreading over His face as I felt the hot swell of the sheath within me: and knew that my Man was filling His pup's newly-fucked hole with His piss...

I love You Sir - every beautiful fucking inch, every breath, every stroke. Damn but there's no Man who could ever be a Master to me as You are - nor a dog who could be luckier to be owned by such a Man.

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