Saturday, March 22, 2014

Perverse, submissive - and PROUD

GregKinky and His boy

Just look how fuckin HAPPY that boy is.

Look at that grin - the sparkle in his eyes. And then look at the Pride in his Top's eyes.

Tell me that's not one of the sexiest, most beautifully PERVERSE images of rubber and fetish and BDSM you could imagine.

This is no ‘object’ without emotion - no helpless kid forced to endure a shameful and humiliating experience - no part-time toy that will run the moment he is released…

This is a true PERVERT: a guy who has not only accepted and embraced his transgressive desire, but has DEDICATED himself to his perversity - and the pursuit and exploration of all that he can experience, all he can BE.

A guy like this will never make you doubt your own perversity - never threaten your Dominance over him. He won't need to be cajoled, bribed or forced to do what you desire. No - His hunger, his desire to explore and be pushed will become your motivation, your encouragement to try ever greater, ever more perverse experiences for you BOTH.

This guy is PROUD of what he is - PROUD of what he can and will do for You: his Top, his Master.

But be warned: play with a Proud perverted sub like this can be dangerous. This is not for the part-time Top who just wants an excuse to flex His muscles and play at being a Man - nor is this treasure for the abuser who wants an excuse to pass on the pain He feels inside without thought to the damage it does to others - or Himself. And he's not for the fantasist who wants to believe that a man can be reduced to an object, a thing, without permanent, litigious, damage to himself - and to You.

Fuck no: play with a sub like this is going to be both a challenge and a life changing experience. And it's going to help you to become a better Top - a better MAN.

His eagerness to learn is going to constantly push you to explore Your own desires - to delve into your own perversity and nurture its ongoing growth and development.

The Pride that burns off this sub when he serves you well is going to make you realise the true value of what he gives - the genuine honour there is in being served. It's going to force you to see him as something to be honoured and treasured in turn: and not just as a sub either, but as a boy, a man and a friend.

And his devotion to You is going to show you that true BDSM is never about simply emptying your cock - fuck no: BDSM is about transformation, empowerment, exchange - and magic. The dangerous kind of magic - the stuff that really works. The kind of magic that works on your body, heart and soul; the kind that takes you, changes you, opens your eyes and makes you SEE yourself and your place in the universe...

Fuck no - This is no mere slave, no mindless object to be used and forgotten. This is a challenge, an inspiration - a muse...

Deny the abusers - Refuse the myth of objectification.


  1. I havee written something respond to Your current entry, and thanks for writing this. :)

    It's really important to get Asia - BDSM community to understand this aspect...


  2. Nicely expressed too - thank you! I am very glad that my words here inspired you to write from your own perspective: the more voices that repeat the message, perhaps the more people will hear and understand.

  3. Hi David, or Sir David?

    I didn't know is written by You, oh well, it is really hard to explain what You have written above. BDSM is just so magical and highly intertwined with a lot of aspects that I could not be able to explain accurately.

    Do keep writing, Please.

    boy denon


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