Tuesday, March 11, 2014

London, February 2014 - Sunday at Kew

Sunday was a completely relaxed affair: we woke late - lazed in bed over tea and a biscuit - then strolled down the road to Brentford to look for breakfast...

We had noticed a sign on our first day announcing 'Brentford Sunday Market', and figured it might be a good place to grab some street-food. They were only just setting up the stalls when we arrived, so we pottered on into 'Old Brentford', followed the sound of water - and found ourselves at Brentford Gauging Lock and the start of the Grand Union Canal - the longest canal in the UK, with immense industrial history - and a basin stuffed full of live-aboard narrow boats and barges (which my own Geoff would have loved ;) ). 

All of the stalls had set up by the time we got back to the square, so we made a few purchases from one stall (a curious polish vegetarian 'sausage-roll' made out of pickled cabbage, some lovely bread and a couple of very sweet doughnuts), grabbed a mug of delicious tea from another, and settled down to munch in the sun. Sated, we had a second wander around - eyeing up the cheese stall in particular - and had a very curious encounter with a rather drunk gent who introduced himself as a casting director for Am-Dram, and then commenting "A better pair to represent "gay bikers" I've never met!"; 

What a bloody cheek - just because we were in head to toe leather and boots ;)  

Sir was quick with a "That's good - because I am gay, and I do have a Pan-European tourer..." - but the stall holder was even quicker with a "Who dear: them dear? gay dear? How very dare you!"

It was looking to be a gorgeous Spring day - so the dog suggested we cross the bridge to visit Kew Gardens.

It's been a good few decades since either of us had been to Kew, and so we had a wonderfully chilled day strolling around in the spring sunshine - admiring the crocuses, smelling the sweet winter blossoms, popping in and out of the palm houses and soaking up the sun. we even got to see a fascinating exhibition of Nature photography.

We were rather chilled by the end of the day - and more than a little footsore - so we headed back to the hotel for a nap, a snuggle (and an ass-poundingly fantastic pup-fuck...).

We both felt a little guilty to have come all the way to London and not to have visited any clubs or fetish events - and did discuss whether to head over to Backstreet for the evening - but, frankly, we were both so happy, chilled and content that we decided to simply hop on the buss up to Ealing, and stuff ourselves at Wagamama instead :)

London, February 2014

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