Wednesday, March 19, 2014

London, February 2014 - home again

Monday - and our last day.

I woke early - and had to gently extricate myself from my Man's embrace before padding quietly through to the bathroom for a very much needed early-morning piss... I thought I'd been super quiet - but when I padded back and crept under the duvet, it was to find my collar firmly gripped and guided down to my Man's beautifully waiting cock.

I settled down on my side - head cushioned on His belly as I nuzzled and licked, and my Man growled His sleepy encouragement. All around His balls, the inside of His thighs, up along His shaft and over His head: my tongue eagerly working, bathing Him in warmth and wetness, hunger and devotion. Sir kept His hand upon my collar, but let me work my magic where I would - only occasionally guiding my attentions with a gentle push or tug; I was happy to simply lose myself in the intoxicating textures and smells of Him - and the deep bliss of giving Him pleasure.

Gradually, Sir edged us both to the end of the bed - His cock still teased and held in His dog's mouth - finally turning me so that I was lying on my back with my head over the side of the bed with my Man standing, cock rooted deep inside my throat - and free to fuck deep down into me, balls slapping against my chin as I greedily swallowed every thrusting inch.

I know that throat-fucking His dog always gets my Man ready to fuck - especially when His pup uses it's paws to stroke the back of His thighs, stroke His beautifully furred butt, and tease along His crack - and so it wasn't long before I found myself watching and whimpering hungrily as He rolled on a sheath and then crawled, all fours, onto the bed behind me...

Sir let me take Him carefully at first: gently on my side so that He could ease Himself into my protesting ring. I struggled at first - despite several days of wearing my favourite glass plug - but I relaxed as I felt Him slowly pushing me apart: letting my body take over in the familiar wave of heat and hunger that shuddered through me at being so beautifully filled with His hard, hungry heat. I backed myself down onto Him - pushing my butt into the welcoming curve of His body; His arm, strong and enfolding around my chest as He reached down with the other to cup my hip and pull me onto Him all the deeper. I could feel His fingers, cupping the bone, probing into the soft flesh of my belly - rocking my body back and forth - stoking our hunger until we were both panting and growling in shared pleasure. I rolled over, pushed back until we were both up on all fours - my Man's bigger, stronger frame easily surrounding my smaller body, His teeth nipping the back of my neck: the alpha Dog fucking His subordinate pack-brother. Not that I was passive in my submission: my animal hunger had long since taken over as I bucked my hips and tried to drive Him ever deeper, ever faster into my ravenous core - growling and barking so loud that Sir finally had to push my head down into the bed and muffle me with the pillows...

It was a beautiful, animal, intoxicating fuck - and we would probably have still been at it had Housekeeping not started the hoover in the next room and reminded us that we should be thinking about check-out

We decided to have breakfast in the Hotel bar - skipping the shower to pull on a quick T-shirt and jeans, before heading down to pick through the buffet alongside curious children and anxious parents ('Daddy - why's that man wearing a padlock...?', 'Mummy, what does 'My Horny fuck-pup' mean? it says it on that man's T-Shirt...!' ) - then it was back to the room for the final pack and heading on home.

We finally caught up with the bad weather on the way back - so were doubly glad that we hadn't taken the bike as planned. We did have trouble with one of Sir's wiper-blades though - and spent a rather dramatic journey with it flopping, half-detached, across the screen, colliding with it's partner and waiting for it to finally tumble free across the motorway... So dramatic that we had to take a break at Marlborough for a calming coffee and a stroll around the shops. At least, that was our excuse for one last afternoon tea beside the river... ;)

London, February 2014

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