Thursday, March 20, 2014

@Leatherwest 's New Bristol Leather venue: The Union

Bristol already has one of the best leather and fetish scenes you could imagine - but we perverts are a greedy lot, and are always happy to welcome a  new venue into the mix.

'The Union' is the latest venture from the prolific guys at LeatherWest - the sexy bunch of guys who organise both the Bristol Leather Market, and the incredibly popular BLUF@Bristol party nights. Like them, The Union is hosted at The Den: a great little gay pub in the center of Bristol's gay district. It's an intimate and incredibly friendly place - with a nice big bar space with sofas at the front, a small outside area with benching (normally covered with a marque) and a darker, more 'private' space to the back. For the Union night, the guys had also added a great sound system, some moody laser lighting, and even more sofas - all of which made for a truly welcoming (and utterly non-threatening) space, perfect for those new to the scene who might be a little nervous at coming to a 'Fetish' social night for the first time.

The dress code was strict but simple: feel free to express your affiliation to any of the 'leather tribes': Biker, BLUF, pervert, Skin - but just do it in a significant amount of leather (i.e. jacket, jeans, chaps - something 'outer' and not just a jock and boots). And there really was a great range of gear on display: from a one-piece racing suit to boots harness and chaps - simple leather jeans to full BLUF uniform, muir and gloves. The only other stipulation was to leave any attitude or drama outside the door: this was to be a social night and an opportunity to mix, laugh, admire and make friends.

And that's exactly what we did.

Sir looked amazing in His Thigh-high Wescos, Premier chaps, and new leather vestless sleeves - and I got to wear my Mr.B Fukkas, piped shirt and metal-plated AlpineStar Moto-X boots. 

It felt really good to be up on two legs and able to join in conversations for once - and I was really happy to have several guys comment 'Oh god - you're bootbrush? I've only ever seen you on all fours, and didn't realise there was such a cute guy under all that rubber...!' ;)

Best of all, my leathers felt so good - and I'm glad to say that we both attracted some very welcome attention. As did the amazing photos that the guys shared of us on both twitter and their Facebook page: 

I'm not alone in having had an incredibly enjoyable night either: the chat on twitter and the reviews on the wesbite have all confirmed that everyone felt the same: it really was a brilliant evening, with everyone enjoying both the chance to be out in gear, and the opportunity to meet, chat, flirt and admire.

But don't just take our word: be there for the next Union evening to see for yourself!

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