Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Still here...!

It's been a while since a post here, so just to let you know that I *am* still alive. Just...

It's been an eventful few months: after 25 years together my partner and I finally got married (officially too - thank you UK Parliament!) - being pagans, we had a very simple registry signing for the 'official' bit, then had our Handfasting at Halloween, with both our families and close friends in attendance. Neither event could have gone so smoothly without the generous help of my Handler too: both as our official witness at the Registry Office, and then with all the help (gazebos, cutlery and crockery) He and His partner lent for the post-Handfasting family 'Do'; hell - both of them even did a bit of waiting on the night itself!

No wonder both me *and* my 'new' husband love Him so much.

It's been a big month for Sir too: He took early retirement! (I know dogs aren't supposed to cus, but lucky bastard! :) ).  He's currently taking some time with His Man to get used to their new life 'together' - but We're both hoping that not needing to constantly harmonise two sets of work rotas will make it easier to see a little more of each other for puppy-time. I've been so busy this year, and we've seen each other so little - and I miss being His pup so much...

And I guess that's the final piece of news.

I had another 'little meltdown' last month.

I know it was purely down to the stress and unhappiness of work, just like last time. But knowing what caused it didn't make it any less distressing when it happened, not stop it from hurting even now.

I'm (mostly) OK now: the Dr upped my meds and signed me off work for some enforced R&R for a few weeks (or until after xmas if I can stretch it), and I'm using the time to retry to find my mo-jo; getting creative seems to help a lot: I've been having a lot of fun reacquainting myself with my paints (well, I *am* an art-librarian...!), learning a  few new pieces on the piano - and getting in lots of long, stress-releasing morning runs...
I hope to be back to strength again soon. And once again - I couldn't have survived it without the love and support of my Men.

I love you guys - heart and soul, balls to bone.

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  1. Congratulations to you and your husband! Hugs to you both.


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