Thursday, December 19, 2013


My Man came to see me today. 

We didn't play - He knows I've been feeling down and lacking in my puppy mojo, so He just wanted to give me a no-stress, pleasant day of good company and friendly chat (although we did pop into my local Adult Store for a shufty, then went for an afternoon tea ;) ).

Sir did wear His new Chippewa High-Shine boots though. Ye gods but He looked gorgeos striding up my drive in those glossy mothers. Best of all: they had a few marks marring their beauty, and when the pup mentioned the fact, Sir grinned and said "well, you'd best do something about that then, boy!"

With a happy yelp I asked Him to settle down on my leather sofa - long booted legs stretched out in front of Him - whilst I first got Him a drink, then knelt and got to work with my bootblack kit. It didn't take me long to lose myself in boot-pup heaven: absorbed in the intensity of concentration and the wash of devotion - the sharp rich smell of the polish - the way it slicked wetly across the surface when first applied, then slowly sank in, dulling the leather as it thirstily drank in the nourishment - noticing the fine stich detail as I worked the seams and welts, the straps and buckles - feeling his feet and strong calves move beneath the leather as I worked - grinning up at him when He reached an affectionate hand down to tousle my hair.... and then the physical exertion of slowly buffing that dull surface into the highest shine possible: watching the boots come back to life - and finally, finding my own self reflected in their surface: knowing that reflection meant that a small part of myself was now forever sealed within the polish and the leather.

In those beautifully devoted and sweetly perverted moments (and the delicious arousal I rediscovered) I realized that my mojo hasn't been lost - it's just been sleeping...

Thank you Sir - for giving me the chance to remember just who I really am. Yours.

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