Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A puppy love letter to my Handler

My apologies if this seems maukish: my Handler has been away for a few weeks but is due back home today, and I am sat here with my nose pressed to the window, giving little whimpers and barks at the sound of every car that could be His. His absence has only deepened my awareness of just how important He is to me on every level.

Gods but I love my Man - all that I have achieved as a dog is due to Him: His training, encouragement and support. I am who I am because of Him, and I am honoured to wear His collar and call Him ‘Sir’. I am His: proudly, devotedly, completely - balls to bone, heart and soul - and I am lucky in that I know that love, devotion and regard is shared in His own love for His pup. 

What pup can ever wish to say more.

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