Monday, December 30, 2013

A night at Gear, Bristol

Sir took His dog to the 6th birthday celebration party at Gear Bristol last night.

It was a sell out night, with over 150 guys there to celebrate along with James, the founder of the club. There was no customary theme, so the whole range of fetishes was on display: guys in sports gear, kilts, beautiful full BLUF - and of course, lots of rubber... 

Sir wore His new suit from Rubadiction, which generated a huge amount of interest (no wonder: He looked fuckin gorgeous in it!) - whilst the dog scampered around in my rubber, hood and harness. It was really heartening to hear so many guys welcoming a Sir and then exclaiming "oh brilliant: you brought the puppy!"; I'm pleased to say I was a little shameless in begging for head rubs and fuss - my little tail wagging so frantically that I had to keep clenching to keep it from shaking itself out!

Sir caught up with a few friends, then found a nice quiet corner were He could remove the pups muzzle and give him a much needed drink; we gathered quite an interested crowd, enjoying the sights and sound of an obedient dog greedily gulping down his Mans beautiful piss. A couple of sexy beach-bum bears took a particular interest, so Sir sent me snuffling after them, begging for head rubs; they wanted the pup to suck them off, so Sir had to explain that I'm a one-Man dog - but they did join in with lots of firm haunch rubbing and dog-humping whilst I set my tongue to pleasing my Man's cock...

Sir took for anothe wander then - down through the dark-room (my flashing LED collar drawing lots of compliments and comments of 'what a great way to stop Your dog getting accidentally trodden on!') - and out to the conservatory area. There were even more friends gathered there, so Sir let me say a barking 'hello' to the gorgeous Hayden and the uber-sexy Rubass - before giving everyone a little demonstration of how well trained His dog is: having me 'Present!', then bark out His hand-strikes as He spanked my firm rubbered-but and made my tail thrash. We also made everyone laugh with the pup's 'Pigs in Spaaace!' Trick ;)

Finally, Sir let me lie at His feet and nuzzle at His boots for a while - then let me work my tongue-magic on Him until He gifted me with the sweat nectar of His cum down my throat.

Sated and happy, we trotted back to the main bar to wait for the cake-cutting and champaign. Whilst we waited, we got chatting to a lovely couple of guys who where new to puppy-play, but fascinated by how it felt to be a pup - and so Sir took off my hood and let me come up fr pup-space to chat and explain that it's a kind of sub-space, focused around devotion and service and obedience - but with companionship, friendship and live at its heart. They turned out to have a background in the Radical Faeries, so we also then had a fascinating chat about gender, fluidity and performance... :)

Finally, the cake was cut, the champers flowed - and everyone sang 'Happy birthday' to us all. James also took a few pictures of Sir and I - which I will share here when they come to me - and then it was sadly time to be saying our goodbyes and heading back home to Sir's.

He let me sleep over - and is taking me away to Birmingham for an overnight pup-fuck tonight - so I'm sure there'll be more to blog about soon...

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