Thursday, November 07, 2013


You kneel before your Rubber Master; His glossy skin reflects what little light there is in this curiously industrial space He calls His own - those pin-pricks of light glisten and shine - seem to slowly draw you in, draw you down, draw you deeper… You cannot help but gaze, hungrily, at the smooth membrane that stretches tightly across His crotch: defining the meat that it encases, yet denying you the honour of serving it - and Him.

As you stare - hypnotised by the lights - the rubber suddenly seems to flex. At first you think it is His cock, twitching within its rubber prison - but then a pulse ripples outwards across the surface like spreading rings upon a black oily lake… Something moves beneath: sinuous and dark, humping upwards, yet never seeming to pierce the surface.

You feel yourself drawn forwards - leaning towards that rippling blackness as if to see it more clearly; whatever moves beneath seems to sense the heat of your body - its writhing becomes more agitated as it mounds and reaches out towards you. You lean closer, inexorably drawn...

You feel a moment of subtle resistance as your face finally touches that beautiful bulging smoothness - and then, in a violent surge, the rubber lunges outwards: flowing up and forward in a glossy alien wave that spreads over your face in a sticky tidal wave of black hunger.

You try to pull back, but the rubber has a tight hold of you now: you feel it flow outwards from its home around your Master's crotch - it ripples over your face and slides backwards over your skull, sealing you into its vice-like grip. Tendrils prove into your nostrils and into your ears, filling your senses with the rich sound and smell of creaking rubber; smooth pads press down upon your eyes, blinding you - and a thick ring pools around your neck, tightening into a seamless and inescapable collar.

Within the sudden blackness, you feel a sticky prodding at your sealed mouth: a thick tendril of rubber that slowly prises open your lips, squeezes between your teeth, and trickles over your tongue. You taste the beautiful bitter-sweetness of rubber as it slowly fills you mouth. You try to swallow, but the rubber presses down upon your tongue, preventing you. Gagged, filled, controlled - all you can do is sense and experience what the rubber desires.

You feel the gag expand - filling your mouth and pressing backwards into your throat; you are helpless to do anything but relax and let it invade you: sliding down into your gullet and into your stomach. 

Your entire head is now encased within the rubber that flows outwards from your Masters crotch. It bonds you to Him - makes you a part of Him. From outside, your head has become a mere extension of His body: a swelling of rubber that encases and surrounds His beautiful rubberised cock. You know that the rubber has created physically what you knew emotionally: that you live for Him - depend on Him - that you eat, breath, die for your Master, for the honour to serve Him and His cock. This sudden rubber transformation makes real what you have known for a long time: Your head, your body, your mind are His.

And with that act of submission, you feel the rubber part over your lips - and the sweet press of Your Masters cock as He finally pushes into your transformed and captive head…

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