Monday, September 02, 2013


I love my Man - but *fuck* he knows how to work His dog...


We had come back early from a few days in Torquay, and found ourselves with an afternoon 'free' before the dog had to head back home. It seemed a shame to waste our precious time with each other, so Sir suggested we might set the sling up in the garden 'tea-house', then 'see what comes...'

That little phrase belied a great deal of perverse planning and forethought, I'm sure.

Sir started by laying a heavy rubber sheet over the floor and threading a heavy chain from the rafters. He had me strip to my shorts and MotoX boots, then strapped and buckled my hands into suspension gauntlets. Strong hands positioned me beneath the chain - boots planted apart and my arms held wide; heavy padlocks locked the D-rings on the gauntlets to the chain: spreading my back and holding me in place - then a second chain was padlocked between the rafters and my chain collar: short enough to restrict the movement of my head and to pull the collar tight if I were to pull away.

I tried to watch Him over my shoulder, as He prepared other 'treats' that I could not see - His boots securely thudding against the padded floor as He moved - but the chain made it hard to move my head without almost choking myself, and so I had to finally submit and stare patiently out into the garden, awaiting my fate.

His body was hot against my naked flesh when He finally came to stand behind me - and I couldn't help but sigh and push myself back against Him - trying to gather all that heat and protection into me; His gloved hand found my mouth - probing His fingers into me as I huffed and drooled and licked the bitter-sweat tang of chrome and neatsfoot.

Then He stepped away - let me feel the cold vulnerability without the protection of His body - and then I felt the welcoming thud of latex as He began to work over my back with His flogger.

I love Sir's rubber flogger. It has such a perfect weight: light enough for each tail to wrap around your flesh a little, yet solid enough to feel its percussive thud rattle through your body; the latex gives it a light sting - but it's not enough to cut, so you can take a longer flogging than you might were it leather. 

I stretched my shoulders - spread my back - and opened myself to Him. Every thud was a gift from Him to me: His Power, His Dominance, His Masculinity, compressed and refined into an instantaneous moment of pain and pleasure - each stroke solid yet fleeting, feeling like a caress at first, but each gradually building on the last, layer upon layer until the pleasure bled into pain, and then ecstasy - and then pain once more... 

I let myself flow into the moment - trying to welcome the pain - letting it override me, transform me - to make me HIS. My body shaking, my head hanging - surrendered and surrendering - my Man's, His and only His, body and soul.

And then the flogging stopped - and He stepped forward to gather my trembling body against His. 

There isn't a feeling that comes close to how that feels. You have surrendered yourself - given your body to His pain; suffered and endured for Him, in love of Him - been pushed past the limits you thought that you had - had your senses heightened and turned inside out - and then, at the peak of that intensity, when your skin is afire and your head aflame - you are suddenly drawn from suffering into comfort: held so tenderly, kissed so gently, made to feel so totally, utterly ENFOLDED. Your heightened senses become filled by HIM: the smell of His sweat, the heat of His skin, the brush of His beard, the taste of His mouth; the heady, beautiful presence and protection of being HELD, Owned, LOVED.

Shuddering, I felt Him reach up to unlock the padlocks - taking the weight of my arms as He released my hands, freeing my neck and turning me to face Him. I sank my face into His chest - sobbing as I breathed in the heady warmth of Him and felt His arms wrap around me.

And then I sank to my knees, opened my mouth and let my tongue be all the welcome He could ever desire.

Ah, but He tasted so good. My tongue bathing Him - lapping around that beautiful smooth head, stroking down His veined length, then nuzzling and nipping underneath His beautiful balls. His hands alternately stroking my head and weaving into my hair to gently guide my roving tongue. I let myself become absorbed in the task - listening with pleasure to His groans and satisfied grunts...

Unbidden, my arms moved behind my back - bound by invisible cuffs into a posture of focused submission.

Finally, breathless, I took a moment from my work, rocked back onto my heals - glanced up to find my Man grinning down at me, His eyes shining with hunger and Pride. 

My Man reaches down, cups my chin in His hand and pulls me up to stand. He holds my head and stares into my eyes: 'OK, pup - time I got to play with that other hole'

I grin and bark - and my tail wags excitedly.


Sir had rigged the sling up so that His pup's cuffed hands and booted legs could be padlocked up and out of the way: arms to the sides and legs spreadeagled; He completed the restraint with a chain padlocked around my waist - and I found my body nicely secured: my hole perfectly exposed and vulnerable to anything that He desired.

I lay back, feeling perversely helpless and comfortable - the sling moving gently beneath me, every movement making the chains sway and pull against my restrained limbs. My Man towered over me as His practiced hands checked I was securely restrained - His dark eyes boring into mine from beneath His Muir. 

His strong hands enfolded my balls - warming them and pulling on them gently as He eased them into a strip of leather: a cone-shaped parachute that He padlocked to a weighted chain above me. He slowly released the attached weight, and the chain pulled taut - gently but firmly pulling my balls away from my body. Helpless, my cock stiffened at the slowly building discomfort...

And then His hands were roving over my bound and helpless body: stroking down the inside of my arms and thighs so that I trembled and shook - cupping my boots as He leaned down to kiss them with a perverse grin that we both shared - pulling at my beard, and tugging at my swelling nips until I was gasping in pain - and my cock was bobbing and dripping against my belly.

Every twitch, every tremble, set the weights swinging - and tugged at my aching balls all the more - until I couldn't stand it anymore and *begged* Him to fuck me.

My ring protested at first - but I breathed deeply and tried to relax as He slowly but forcefully pulled the heavy glass plug from me. And then His rubber-gloved fingers were pushing cooling lube deep into me: probing and stroking as I gasped and wriggled and grinned up at Him in hunger...

A moment to watch Him as He stretched the sheath, glossy, over His straining meat - and then I could feel the slick hard fullness of Him, pressing up against me. I clenched my muscles hard - then let them relax: felt Him pushing into me with my exhale. Clench and relax - clench and relax - His eyes dark and hungry as He felt himself slowly swallowed into my core. My muscles burning as I struggled to take that beautiful swelling Manhood, slick and smooth and hot and pulsing - until there was nothing more to take and He was root deep within me. 

He let me gather my senses - let us both feel the hot press of His belly against my arse and the pulse of Him deep inside me - and then, slowly, He began to fuck me.

He started slow: less a thrust and more a gentle rocking - letting us both feel the intense connection of our bodies united. The heat and fullness of Him within the tight embrace of my self. I tried to clench - rippling my muscles around Him as I do with my tongue - He smiled at my fleeting wince of pain, then lengthened His stroke - slowly giving Himself over to the pursuit of His own pleasure as His thrusts became more intense.

Deeper, harder, faster - stabbing deep into me - His balls striking against my hole and the chains rattling with the force of each thrust. He reached down, grabbing the chain locked around my waist - using it to pull me harder against Him, driving Himself down into my helpless panting body - mindless of the tension He put on the chain that pulled my balls painfully tight. My bouncing cock and gasped grunts told their own story: my perversity transforming the pain into a hunger for more - a NEED for Him to use me and take my pain for His pleasure. 

Legs spread, back arched - chest and biceps bunching as He pulled my body onto Him and forced His cock DEEP into His dog - my spread and restrained limbs stretched taut as He pushed Himself to the very edge of cumming within me...

But stopping there, at the edge of His fulfillment - releasing me. Those dark eyes held me once more, as, one hand pressing down firmly on my belly, He ordered me to relax and let Him withdraw. 

His gloved fingers found the empty space within me - as His other hand enfolding my dripping cock. Strong, firm hands reaching up inside me to stroke my prostrate as He showed the expert control he has over His dog, and slowly milked every drop of cum from my bound and helpless body.

Without a word, He unlocked and unchained my trembling body - stepped back in silence as I climbed shakily from the sling and sank obediently to my knees. I tilted my head - stared up at my Master with eyes misted with tears - and opened my mouth for Him.

The taste of His cum was the most beautiful reward I could ever wish for.

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