Friday, September 27, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Tuesday

Monday morning - and our last day in Berlin!

We woke early: my Man pretending to sleep whilst the pup quietly clambered out of bed to tip-toe into the bathroom to clean-up and wash up (and failing miserably at being 'subtle' because I had to creep back out to fill my douche from the sink in the bedroom...)

Clean and fresh, I padded back to the bed on all fours and rested my head on the edge of the mattress - giving my Man such a doleful puppy-eyed look of longing that He couldn't pretend sleep any more: but swept the duvet aside with a hearty laugh, and patted the bed so that I could leap up to snuggle against Him with a happy growl.

I shuffled backwards: fitting my back into the hot curve of His body - His throaty growl rich and breathy against my ear as I wriggled my hole into position.

'Careful boy - wriggle that too hard and I'll be forced to fill it...'

- what could a dog do but wag his tail even more...?

'OK boy - you asked for it...'

Strong hands took hold of my collar, turned me onto my side and pulled my leg up to expose my hungry hole - cool lube filled me, then the smooth rubber-tipped head of my Man was pressing slowly into me as my hands twisted into the sheets. The feeling of Him - sliding so slowly but irresistible into my core - was so beautifully intense, so incredibly perfect; a moment of pain, of struggling - and then the bliss of being filled, completed - and the deepest pleasure of serving and giving my Man His pleasure.

Sir fucked His dog slowly first, letting His pup relax and open up to Him - spooned on our sides with the dog enfolded in the strength and warmth of Him. It is still my favourite position to be fucked: His arms around me and His lips upon my neck - curled within His embrace like the pearl within the protective shell of His strength and heat. He let me open up to Him - then used His weight to roll us both over and  onto our bellies - then ordered His dog up onto all fours, with my Man still balls-deep inside me.

Gods, but it feels so animalistic and pure to be fucked on all fours - my arms braced and my tail high, panting and growling with every thrust that stabs painfully deep into my very core - my Man growling as His balls strike against my own at the bottom of every aching stroke...

I struggled to take His weight - let Him fuck me as long and as deep as He desired - let myself become the animal inside: His pup, His dog, His hungry fuck-hound... But finally it all became too intense, and I had to collapse back onto the bed with my whole body abuzz and my hole burning...

Sir let us both get our breath, but I was now too hungry for Him to let a little sore arse stop us: I rolled onto my back, reared myself up on my back legs and begged Him to enter me again.

Sir smiled - then pulled my legs around His hips as He pushed down into my still-slick hole. I reached up and wrapped my arms around Him - pulling my head up so that I could reach His sensitive nipples with my mouth: nibbling and biting as He rocked Himself deep into my now willing hole - taking pleasure at His deep growls of hunger as He reached up behind me to grab the steel framed bed-head - using it to steady himself as He fucked me so beautifully...

Needless to say, we were very late for breakfast - and only just had time for a quick shower and frantic pack before check-out...

Our flight out wasn't until the late afternoon, so we left our bags at the hotel, and headed out for one last time stroll through the quarter.

We decided to head for Gear for one last bit of window shopping. Sir found a lovely pair of matching T-shirts for us both - and then the dog fell in love with a beautiful pair of high-gloss Wescos... They were just the wrong size, and Sir was very sensible in suggesting that the pup would be better to buy a custom pair that fit - but I was still *very* tempted; thank goodness we had already packed, and couldn't afford the extra baggage costs  (although I did have intense fun stomping about in them whilst the sexy assistant and I chatted about tattoos, and exchanged cards for my lovely Jo Harrison....)

Finally, it was back to the Fuggerstrasse for one last tea and cake - then it was back to the hotel to collect our bags - and a sad farewell to the city as we made our way home.

Thank you Berlin: it was the most amazing weekend!

And thank you Sir: you make me feel so special, so owned, and so loved.

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