Monday, September 23, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Sunday

We slept late on Sunday - not surprising, giving the late night and wild frollicking in the street from the night before. Luckily, our lovely hotel kept 'gay-hours' and provided breakfast until 4pm - so we still managed to snuggle and play a little before finally dragging ourselves out of bed for another glorious breakfast before a planned day of sightseeing...

At least, that was the plan - but it turned out that the Fuggestrasse fun was not yet done for the weekend, and many of the bars had kept their benches and tables out for a chilled day of drinking and socialising, and so we slipped into some leathers and headed down onto the street.

The dog had been hanging his head out of the window whilst we'd been getting ready, and got very excited about seeing a Master in a UK Police uniform and High-Vis (I have had the image curiously burned upon my erotic radar ever since a rather 'interesting' experience involving a kidnap scene, a rubber sleep-sack, and a police raid... ;) ), so I was really pleased when we got down to the street and I recognised the Master to be DogTrainer1974. I first chatted to Him on Recon and pupzone years back - in the days before I was found and collared by RubberGTR, and back when I was still heavily interested in rope and bondage; and so it was a real honour to be able to introduce myself to both Him and His pup Ska in person. Sadly, they hadn't spotted me in the street the night before, but both were complete gentleman, and Sir and my Man were able to share a companionable chat about all things puppy-related whilst I was complimenting Ska on his lovely new boots... ;)

Sir fancied a walk around, window-shopping on the Motzstrasse, so we made our respectful farewells and headed off in search of new leather...

Sir finally relented and let me into Mr B. - I was very good, and only bought a belt-pouch (to replace the incredibly useful one that Sir had lent me). I had hoped to try on their newly designed, heavily padded FXXer jeans, but they were newly released specially for the Folsom weekend, and their stock of smaller sizes had already gone.

I did persuade Sir to have a go at trying a pair, though, and after a little 'negotiation' with Onno about the correct size (with Sir winning out, of course...) He agreed that they were rather nice - and would look spectacular with His new leather uniform shirt...! Onno suggested that it might be interesting to have the padded thighs and cod-piece picked out in the same grey leather, so Sir has agreed to go back later in the month to match colours, when He has the shirt with Him.

Onno also told me that their next 'secret project' for next year will involve a redesign of their beautiful carpenter-jeans - so I think I'll have to wait a little while before my next big leather purchase... :D

Shopping done, Sir led us back to the Fuggestrasse - were we stopped at the charity stall for a thoroughly English cup of tea and a slice of cake. It wasn't long before we were hailed by the incredibly sexy HogDog, who joined us for a lovely long chat (in itself the deepest of pleasures, since He has the most amazingly deep mellifluous voice that the pup could listen to for hours...); we finally parted for the dog and Man to get a much needed nap - but did so hoping to be able to meet up again later in the evening.


Why is it that an afternoon nap is always so pleasant - and so deep...? Could it be that I am just getting old, and will soon be yearning for slippers and a cardigan...?!

We woke quite late - Man and dog drowslily surfacing in a dusk-tinted tangle of limbs and kicked-off duvet. I felt so warm and safe - and Sir smelt so incredibly sexy - and so I nuzzled into His pits to take in more of the puppy-cock-stirring scent: licking and lapping at the salt and the pheromones until my face and beard were wet and sticky. Sir let me get my fill of His scent, knowing that it drives me deep into puppy-space - then placed a firm hand on my collar, and gently guided me down to work that wet, seeking tongue over His balls: grooming, bathing, pressing and teasing - my nose nudging against His beautiful meat as my attentions slowly brought Him to full, hot arousal.

He let me lick Him then: long and slow - from root to tip; bathing His cock in devotion as I had bathed His balls. Only when He was shining and wet did He then let me take Him, gentle, into my mouth - rippling my tongue beneath the flat of His head and teasing the tip of my tongue into the crease of His frenulum and piss-slit.

Sir rose up onto His knees - turned me around so that I was lying fully beneath Him and could fully open my throat to Him. The full, pulsing heat of Him within me was so intense, so breathless, so erotic, that my puppy-cock was soon pulsing on the edge of an untouched orgasm - but Sir decided that our release would be sweeter for being delayed - and, with one last breath-stopping thrust, sent me trotting to run us both a shower ready to head back out for the evening.

Which is lucky, because that's also when the lovely Bear called on Sir's mobile, to ask if we still wanted to meet for supper - and that he'd meet us downstairs in a short while.

We tried, but sadly we didn't manage to catch up with Hogbear again - but we did have the most amazing Italian meal at Trattoria a Muntagnola (along with half the leather-clad men in Schoenberg, including *almost* sharing our table with the most beautifully bearded group of guys from England). The food was fantastic - but the company and the conversation (ranging from boots and fetish to Oceanography and Linguistics) was really the highlight of the evening.

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