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#FolsomBerlin - Saturday (part two)

We didn't stay too long for Sir's fitting at Leathers, and so we were soon back on the Fuggerstrasse and weaving our way through the press of the crowd. Sir led us up to the hotel first, so that He could change into His harness and chaps and the dog could transform into my semi-transparent rubber dog-suit and harness; a quick check to make sure that my dog-cam was working, then Sir opened our suite door and had me trot along the corridor to the lift and down to the street.

It was fantastic to see heads turning as we came out of the lift and into the hallway. I waited patiently for my Man to open the door, then scampered out onto the steps - grinning as the guys gathered nearby took an appreciative step back to watch. Sir let me get my barrings (and my breath) for a moment, then snapped His lead to my harness, tapped His leg, and led us down the steps and into the crowded street.

It was really busy, and the crush didn't make it too easy for a pup to scamper as freely as he normally does; Sir was careful to lead the way and to call "Mind your backs: dog coming through...!" whenever the press was really bad, but I still had to keep close to Him and carefully weave around between boots - looking around as much as I dared, whilst trying not to be trampled on (or to trip anyone up!)

Sadly, I got so close to my Man at one point that I managed to collide with the buckles on His Alpine Stars: punching a small hole in the knee of my suit that rapidly tore into a huge, knee-baring rip throughout the rest of the evening, and meaning my suit is now no more :((

But, despite that small mishap, we still managed to work our way to the dog-pound for some squeaky-toy fun (and photos) - and to make a special dog-panting visit to the boots on the Stompers stall (although the nice Mr Stompers was busy with a customer, so I never got to really play with those lovely 18" Wescos of His)

The world is a completely different place from all fours: everything is boots, legs and crotches...! Sir sets quite a stride, but He was mindful of His pup's need for frequent stops to orientate himself and catch my breath. Funny: every time that we stopped, we seemed to gather a crowd of onlookers, apparently hoping to see what we might get up to... Curiously, it was the women who seemed to be the most interested - whether for themselves or their boyfriends, I'm not sure... One lovely older German lady in particular had great fun fussing my head and enquiring were my tail went (where do you think, you silly woman!) - and then thanked us for visiting her 'lovely city' and making her weekend. She was only one of many though - and I lost track of how many times we were asked for posed photos "with the friendly little doggy!"

Despite all the attention, we still managed to see all the other great characters on the street - including getting to wuff at a very sexy couple of guys in full Dianese leathers and black helmets, drooling at the sight of a couple of slaves being walked in full rubber, gasmasks and rebreathers, and marvelling at a trio of Frenchmen pulling a trolley - with a very sore looking slave tied to it and being whipped as they trundled along...

We also caught sight of several friends and brother-pups through the crowd - and bumped into LeatherScot and his pup for a little bit of playful head butting and butt-sniffing.


It was a warm afternoon, and running around in rubber is very tiring. Sir was careful to keep me topped up with doggy-treats and water, but  I was losing litres of sweat (most of it dribbling out of my rear-zip - and making several people wrongfully tell the pup off for pissing in the street!).

By the end of two hours I was beginning to visibly  flag, and Sir decided we'd had enough fun as a rubber-pup (plus, I was feeling sorry for Him having to constantly explain the damage to the knee of my suit) - so He led us back up to our room, gave the pup a long drink and a cooling shower, then had me change into a simple leather harness and jock, and head back down to the street for more play as a harnessed ink-pup instead.

It was getting darker by this time - but strangely, the street was even busier than before. Naked, hooded, harnessed and inked, I think the pup got even more attention than I had in my rubber - particularly my tail (I guess because you could now clearly see just how it worked, and where it went... ;) )

Folsom Europe 2013 dog fight

Being naked was much cooler. Strange for a rubber-pervert to say, but I also felt a lot more 'natural' and pup-like...! Sir made sure that I wore stout boots and had lots of padding to protect my hands and knees (and elbows), but I found that I could move a lot more freely without the restriction and pull of my suit. It felt so good to be able to trot along gracefully - and I'm pleased to see just how natural and flat my running posture looks on the photos that I've seen. I even managed to out-pace my Man a few times - and looked back to see Him running to catch me up. I guess all the work-outs and yoga have done their job; maybe Sir should re-classify me as a whippet...

Both Sir and dog had lots of fun through the next several hours, trotting through the throng and playing up for our public. Every time we stopped, we gathered a crowd - and so Sir would send His pup off scampering after boots, playing hide-and-seek with its squeaky newspaper, or playing tag with the many photographers - amateur and professional.

We kept bumping into one lovely photographer in particular, as he followed us down the street - and he managed to capture some of the best photos of us from the day:

We also made a nice stop back at the Mr B. stall - and the pup rested his paws up on the counter to sniff at their goods - which had all the guys laughing. Anthony was there offering a professional boot-blacking service, so Sir let me trot around to watch him work; his customer at the time was a very sexy guy in Dehners who was a little startled to see a pup suddenly appear at his side - but Anthony very sweetly said "I think I know this pup, and he can watch if he's a good boy and doesn't get in the way" without breaking his attention from his work or His focus on the Man. It was both fascinating, and an honour to watch him at work.

It was lovely to see that there were lots of bio-dogs out in the crowd too; Sir was careful around most of them, just in case they got scarred or tried to bite me - but the best of them was this one little dog that we met several times: it was such a friendly little thing and really curious about this new kind of pup on its street. I let it sniff my gloves, and gave it a stroke - and we were soon sniffing at empty pizza boxes together and playing with my squeaky toy. We even ended up comparing his short docked tail with my lovely long waggly one -which had Sir laughing so much He had to walk away...!

Luckily, Classicair was there to capture some of the fun:

As I mentioned, I had brought a miniature video camera, and set it up on my harness as a 'dog-cam', hoping to capture Folsom from a 'Dogs-eye view' - unfortunately, the memory-card played up and only captured the first few minutes (mostly of me in the lift!), so I'm afraid that there's nothing really worth sharing. I did see several people out with video cameras and iPhones though - and Sir handed out dozens of our cards whenever He saw someone take what looked like a good shot - so I hope to be able to find at least a few more records of the evening over the next few days and weeks.

If you spot any photos or videos of me anywhere, please let me know 

We were out on the street for about 4 hours altogether, but finally the crowds started to thin, and both Man and hound were starting to get tired - so Sir took us up to our room for one last change (and a quick top-up with fluids), then we both headed back down for a gentle 2-legs stroll.

I'm glad that we did, because we managed to catch up with Anthony again, just as they were starting to close down the Mr. B. stall - and he was very complimentary about how genuine and pup-like I had been.

All that scampering had made me hungry though so we went looking for something to eat. The crepery we had seen ealier had just closed, but we finally found the last piece of pizza in one of the street-side cafes, and happily wolfed it down, sitting bare arsed out on the street.

Finally - with the fair closing and the last few revellers making their way into PK - Man and hound retired up to our room, sleepy and tired but both grinning from a fantastic day.


Of course, we weren't so sleepy that the pup wasn't also able to properly service and pleasure my Man once we got to our room - and Sir still managed to find the strength to gentle trample His pup's eager perverted little cock beneath His Alpine Stars whilst it writhed and barked happily beneath Him - then cleaned it's own cum from His cleats... ;)

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