Friday, September 20, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Saturday (part one)

Our lovely room at the Art Hotel overlooking the Fuggerstrasse did have one drawback - which we discovered when we were somewhat rudely awoken at 7am by the sounds of the fair being erected outside...

I didn't really mind that much though, because it gave me a chance to nuzzle my man's beautiful cock in the half-darkness - licking His balls until He awoke, growling His sleepy pleasure, then grabbing my head and gently pushing down into my willing throat whilst my puppy-but wagged high in the air.


We finally got up for a spectacular breakfast - then Sir hopped into the shower whilst His pup spent the time with my head hanging out of the window watching the stalls setting up. I was especially happy to see that Stompers were directly across the road from our room - and I couldn't help letting out a few excited barks at seeing that Mr Stompers striding about in the most amazingly beautiful 18" Wescos...

We could also see the Scheun dog-run - which looked like it might be a fun place to visit later in the day...

Sir had us both gear up in leather and boots, then we headed out for a stroll along the Motzstrasse. It was still early, but lots of sexy leather guys were already starting to gather at the cafes and bars; Sir was careful to rest His hand on my collar to keep me from getting distracted though - which made me growl appreciatively and drew lots of grins, nods and appreciative smiles. Sir had to hold very tight when we passed Mr. B. - I love that place so much! But, as He said, we were there for several days and there would be plenty time for shopping later.

Sir is fascinated by markets, and so we decided to spend the hour before Folsom opened looking at the Saturday market at Winterfeldtplat; we had a very pleasant time wandering around all the fascinating stalls of colourful food and craft items (and tasting samples of beautiful chocolate!), but finally the church bells began to ring out for midday, and we made our way back to Fuggerstrasse for a *different* kind of fair...

The crowds had certainly got thicker. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence met us at the entry to the street and asked for donations, and then tried to put a stiker onto my Sam-Browne - which had Sir giving them a sharp telling off (and worrying about how many leathers they'd managed to damage before we told them...!)

It was my first time at the street fair, so Sir suggested that we have a look about first before going down into pup-mode. It was nice to be able to stroll around on 2 legs for a while, looking at the stalls and enjoying the gathering Men. Sling King's stall was interesting (especially the guy serving in a kilt), and Regulation seemed to have a a fairly full stock available too; Rob on the otherhand seemed to have abandoned a stall in favour of a glass cube stocked with leaflets (although staffed by a very sexy guy in neoprene...), whilst the lovely Mr. B. had some great small items and a bootblack service (more on which later).

Mr. B. were also providing a portrait service by Taco Smit Photography - Sir and His dog had a few nice photos taken together, and then the photographer noticed the pup's tattoos... Sir ended up having to stand to one side whilst they had me strip to show off my ink - laughing that everyone always seems to want to talk to His dog more than they do its Man! (I'll share them here on the blog when I get the © photos, but in the meantime take a look at his Folsom gallery to see if you are there; we're #130093-130101)

One stall even had a full-height steel cage and a kneeling (very unhappy looking) bound and gagged slave. The stall owner grabbed me as we passed, pushed me into the cage and locked me in - then pretended not to understand English when Sir asked him to open the cage door; Sir got genuinely angry with Him, until - with lots of whimpering from the pup and gesticulating and raised voices from Sir - he finally let me out again.  

Luckily, we met up with LeatherScot and His pups shortly afterwards, so we stopped for a chat and left feeling very much calmer...

We had a great couple of hours, just strolling the street enjoying the view and catching up with lots of friends old and new - including the lovely guys from the Bournemouth MSC. It would have been nice to be out in pup-mode in the sunshine, but finally, the time came for us to make our excuses and head back to Leathers for Sir's next shirt fitting.

I didn't mind though - because I knew that we would be back a little later for more fun...

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