Friday, September 27, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Monday

Monday saw the end of most of the formal fetish events - but we had enjoyed our evening chat with the French bear so much the evening before, that we agreed to meet the next day for a little sightseeing together.

The bear was busy collecting boots from various 'customers' (did I mention that he is a bootblack?), and so was a little late in arriving - but when he did, he was also able to introduce us to a couple of acquaintances from France, who then asked if they could accompany us on our tour of the city.

Sir and I had planned to go to Alexanderplatz and the TV tower (on a friend's recommendation), but our new French friends warned us that you have to pre-book to get into the Tower, and then have to wait several hours for your 'turn'; the weather was also wet and cloudy - so any views at 300 feet would be minimal - and so we agreed to reconsider our day, and to head out on the Shonhauser Allee for a look at Blackstyle instead.

It was also an excuse to use our Welcome Berlin cards - and to get some classic shots of the U Bahn

Blackstyle didn't open until late morning, but we found a great little East Berlin cafe for tea and cake whilst we waited - the German-only speaking waitress ably negotiated by our multi-lingual bear whilst Sir and I admired the 'Berlin Style' mix of 1960's furniture, valve radios and old typewriters.

I also noticed a rickety upright piano in a corner, and - doing something that I have never done before, but always wanted to - went over to tinkle out some scales. I was just trying to remember the short Telemann dance that I am currently learning (for my 2nd Grade in a few months - gulp!) when a pair of hands reached around me and rippled out a lovely piece of Bach; it turned out that our new French friend was an organist... Music really is an international language - and our shared keyboard fumbling quickly established a friendly connection that had been missing up until then...!

Full of tea and cake, we then headed back to Blackstyle.

The scent of rubber as the door opened was overwhelming - and deeply satisfying. We hadn't planned to purchase anything, but we did have great fun browsing through the endless racks of deeply perverse gear. We also managed to bumped into DogTrainer1974 again, and I had a pleasant chat with Him whilst and His pup Ska did some shopping - I even ended up giving his pup advice on suitable puppy bondage-mitts (much to my chagrin...!).

It was an enjoyable morning in good company - but the bear finally had to head back for his flight, so we headed for the U Bahn. The weather had improved, so we made our farewells at Alexanderplatz and headed up to the square for a stroll and a sightsee.

We were hungry, so stopped for a quick box of chips by the station - with the rattle of the trams and a whole row of sparrows watching over us - then, since we were so close, we decided to take a chance and have a quick look at the TV Tower itself.

Maybe it was just a quite Monday afternoon, but, despite what we'd been told, there wasn't the need to book and no substantial queue to face; we managed to buy a ticket immediately (benefiting from a nice little discount from our travel card), and made our way up to the weirdly retro '60's-astro' waiting room for our turn to head up to the viewing gallery. We only had to wait 10 minutes too - and then it was an ear-popping ride in the express lift to a panoramic view of the city from 300 feet in the air.

The views over the city were spectacular - made all the more impressive by a stormy sky and veils of rain across the horizon. It was fascinating to be able to see not only the entire city spread beneath us, but to be able read about its history and to be able locate so many landmarks of the C.20th. We spent a very happy couple of hours totally absorbed - and even treated ourselves to a cocktail at Bar 207 - feeling awfully sophisticated (well, for a dog, anyway)


Sight-seeing done, we headed back down to ground level with the rest of the afternoon still to fill - and decided to check out RubAddiction (the location of which we'd worked out whilst still above). We even got the excuse to hop a Tram...

It was a curious experience: they focus on custom rubber and don't own a shop as such - but they were holding an 'Walk in welcome' especially for Folsom at their workshop in an apartment on Neue Shonhauser Strasse. It was a walk up to their 3rd floor space, but Sven was incredibly friendly - and welcomed us in with a drink, and then left us to browse through the sample rails in peace.

I must say, they had some incredibly inventive gear on show, with a quality of cut and tailoring that belied the incredibly reasonable prices. I spotted a lovely small sized smoked-latex 'DOG' lettered T-shirt, which Sven let me try on, but sadly it was still too big for me. I think that Sir could have bought half the shop, but He finally fell in love with an incredible pair of saddle-seated wrestling pants; the pair on display weren't quite right, but Sven suggested that Sir have them made-to-measure - and so the pup had the genuine pleasure of watching His Man be professionally measured for His second piece of fetish Couture that weekend ;)

(I could have done the same with the T-shirt - but decided that I should save my puppy-pennies and have them measure me for one of their lovely catsuits next time we're in Berlin...)

Another tram through the dusk-darkened city took us back to the lovely SaladChen shop for a warming soupe and huge salad, chomping and chatting as the sun bathed the buildings around us in reds and golds and the city headed home around us.

Exhausted from our day, we finally decided to head 'home' for a wonderfully relaxed evening, watching a DVD in our room with a flask full of tea and a pile of chocolate - before turning in for snuggles and puppy butt-wiggles

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