Thursday, September 19, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Friday

Sir took His pup to Berlin for Osterfest, earlier this year; we had so much fun, that Sir promised He would bring me back for Folsom Europe...

I was so excited packing my leathers and pup-gear; Sir had promised that we would spend some pup-time on the street, and I couldn't wait (I have played in public a few times, but never in the street and in the daytime...). I couldn't decide what to take, but after several re-packs I was finally leathered and ready and heading down to meet my Man.

The flight out was mostly uneventful - although we did have fun when the woman on Security recognised us from our visit at Easter (I think it was me kneeling down to do up Sir's boots whilst He locked my collar on after passing through the metal detector that triggered her memory... ;) ). She was really excited at seeing us again, and wished us a safe flight with 'have a Fun weekend!'

It was an early flight and both Man and dog had been working hard - so I confess that we both had a doze over the Channel, with the dog's head resting on his Man's shoulder (and despite a hilarious welsh family behind us, chatting away constantly and mispronouncing everything on the 'Sky-Bistro' menu; "Do you want coke or brandy - and does our Da want a Bacon Baget...?")

We landed in Berlin, and managed to negotiate the S Bahn to the hotel (Sir is getting quite canny with the FahrKarten machines now). We have stayed at the Art Hotel Connection before, so we knew that we would have a good stay; our room for this visit was amazing: a huge room outfitted in the uniquely eclectic 'Berlin style' with a chandelier, a lovely 'robust' steel bed (with a very convenient headboard for restraining a dog to...), a huge leather sofa and beautiful big windows with a spectacular view over the Fuggerstrasse (perfect for watching the street market the next day).

Sir had ordered a new made-to-measure leather uniform shirt from Leathers on a previous (dog-less) trip earlier in the year, so we dropped our bags and headed out to Prenzlauer Berg on the U Bahn for His first fitting (thank goodness for the WelcomeBerlin 5 day travelcard).

Leathers is a fascinating little shop, focused towards couture leather; they showed us the beautifully soft grey lamb's leather that they had sourced for Sir's shirt, and then took Him into the back to try the toile they had made, whilst the lady assistant and I fussed the dozens of resident dogs, chatted about tattoos and compared ink (so busy doing which, we failed to notice when Sir had finished being fitted and made Him have to wait... ;) ).

Fitting complete, Sir made an appointment for the next fitting in leather for the next day, then we headed out to find something to eat. Sir had found a great veggie food place just nearby on His last visit, so we headed to Saladchen for a huge mix-and-match bowl of salad and an iced tea, and then sat out on their  pavement cafe to eat and watch the U-Bahn, the trams and the world go by.

Sated, and with the evening still only part-gone, we headed back to Schoenberg and the hotel. As we expected, the view from our street-side window was rather good, so we picked up a hot tea from the cafe across the road, then hung out of the window to watch the BLUF guys gather for the pre-fair party at the Prinzknecht Bar beneath us.

It was fun, and a great start to the weekend - but the pup started to nod off, so Sir bundled into bed for a snuggle to the quiet hum of voices into the night.

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