Friday, September 27, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Tuesday

Monday morning - and our last day in Berlin!

We woke early: my Man pretending to sleep whilst the pup quietly clambered out of bed to tip-toe into the bathroom to clean-up and wash up (and failing miserably at being 'subtle' because I had to creep back out to fill my douche from the sink in the bedroom...)

Clean and fresh, I padded back to the bed on all fours and rested my head on the edge of the mattress - giving my Man such a doleful puppy-eyed look of longing that He couldn't pretend sleep any more: but swept the duvet aside with a hearty laugh, and patted the bed so that I could leap up to snuggle against Him with a happy growl.

I shuffled backwards: fitting my back into the hot curve of His body - His throaty growl rich and breathy against my ear as I wriggled my hole into position.

'Careful boy - wriggle that too hard and I'll be forced to fill it...'

- what could a dog do but wag his tail even more...?

'OK boy - you asked for it...'

Strong hands took hold of my collar, turned me onto my side and pulled my leg up to expose my hungry hole - cool lube filled me, then the smooth rubber-tipped head of my Man was pressing slowly into me as my hands twisted into the sheets. The feeling of Him - sliding so slowly but irresistible into my core - was so beautifully intense, so incredibly perfect; a moment of pain, of struggling - and then the bliss of being filled, completed - and the deepest pleasure of serving and giving my Man His pleasure.

Sir fucked His dog slowly first, letting His pup relax and open up to Him - spooned on our sides with the dog enfolded in the strength and warmth of Him. It is still my favourite position to be fucked: His arms around me and His lips upon my neck - curled within His embrace like the pearl within the protective shell of His strength and heat. He let me open up to Him - then used His weight to roll us both over and  onto our bellies - then ordered His dog up onto all fours, with my Man still balls-deep inside me.

Gods, but it feels so animalistic and pure to be fucked on all fours - my arms braced and my tail high, panting and growling with every thrust that stabs painfully deep into my very core - my Man growling as His balls strike against my own at the bottom of every aching stroke...

I struggled to take His weight - let Him fuck me as long and as deep as He desired - let myself become the animal inside: His pup, His dog, His hungry fuck-hound... But finally it all became too intense, and I had to collapse back onto the bed with my whole body abuzz and my hole burning...

Sir let us both get our breath, but I was now too hungry for Him to let a little sore arse stop us: I rolled onto my back, reared myself up on my back legs and begged Him to enter me again.

Sir smiled - then pulled my legs around His hips as He pushed down into my still-slick hole. I reached up and wrapped my arms around Him - pulling my head up so that I could reach His sensitive nipples with my mouth: nibbling and biting as He rocked Himself deep into my now willing hole - taking pleasure at His deep growls of hunger as He reached up behind me to grab the steel framed bed-head - using it to steady himself as He fucked me so beautifully...

Needless to say, we were very late for breakfast - and only just had time for a quick shower and frantic pack before check-out...

Our flight out wasn't until the late afternoon, so we left our bags at the hotel, and headed out for one last time stroll through the quarter.

We decided to head for Gear for one last bit of window shopping. Sir found a lovely pair of matching T-shirts for us both - and then the dog fell in love with a beautiful pair of high-gloss Wescos... They were just the wrong size, and Sir was very sensible in suggesting that the pup would be better to buy a custom pair that fit - but I was still *very* tempted; thank goodness we had already packed, and couldn't afford the extra baggage costs  (although I did have intense fun stomping about in them whilst the sexy assistant and I chatted about tattoos, and exchanged cards for my lovely Jo Harrison....)

Finally, it was back to the Fuggerstrasse for one last tea and cake - then it was back to the hotel to collect our bags - and a sad farewell to the city as we made our way home.

Thank you Berlin: it was the most amazing weekend!

And thank you Sir: you make me feel so special, so owned, and so loved.

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#FolsomBerlin - Monday

Monday saw the end of most of the formal fetish events - but we had enjoyed our evening chat with the French bear so much the evening before, that we agreed to meet the next day for a little sightseeing together.

The bear was busy collecting boots from various 'customers' (did I mention that he is a bootblack?), and so was a little late in arriving - but when he did, he was also able to introduce us to a couple of acquaintances from France, who then asked if they could accompany us on our tour of the city.

Sir and I had planned to go to Alexanderplatz and the TV tower (on a friend's recommendation), but our new French friends warned us that you have to pre-book to get into the Tower, and then have to wait several hours for your 'turn'; the weather was also wet and cloudy - so any views at 300 feet would be minimal - and so we agreed to reconsider our day, and to head out on the Shonhauser Allee for a look at Blackstyle instead.

It was also an excuse to use our Welcome Berlin cards - and to get some classic shots of the U Bahn

Blackstyle didn't open until late morning, but we found a great little East Berlin cafe for tea and cake whilst we waited - the German-only speaking waitress ably negotiated by our multi-lingual bear whilst Sir and I admired the 'Berlin Style' mix of 1960's furniture, valve radios and old typewriters.

I also noticed a rickety upright piano in a corner, and - doing something that I have never done before, but always wanted to - went over to tinkle out some scales. I was just trying to remember the short Telemann dance that I am currently learning (for my 2nd Grade in a few months - gulp!) when a pair of hands reached around me and rippled out a lovely piece of Bach; it turned out that our new French friend was an organist... Music really is an international language - and our shared keyboard fumbling quickly established a friendly connection that had been missing up until then...!

Full of tea and cake, we then headed back to Blackstyle.

The scent of rubber as the door opened was overwhelming - and deeply satisfying. We hadn't planned to purchase anything, but we did have great fun browsing through the endless racks of deeply perverse gear. We also managed to bumped into DogTrainer1974 again, and I had a pleasant chat with Him whilst and His pup Ska did some shopping - I even ended up giving his pup advice on suitable puppy bondage-mitts (much to my chagrin...!).

It was an enjoyable morning in good company - but the bear finally had to head back for his flight, so we headed for the U Bahn. The weather had improved, so we made our farewells at Alexanderplatz and headed up to the square for a stroll and a sightsee.

We were hungry, so stopped for a quick box of chips by the station - with the rattle of the trams and a whole row of sparrows watching over us - then, since we were so close, we decided to take a chance and have a quick look at the TV Tower itself.

Maybe it was just a quite Monday afternoon, but, despite what we'd been told, there wasn't the need to book and no substantial queue to face; we managed to buy a ticket immediately (benefiting from a nice little discount from our travel card), and made our way up to the weirdly retro '60's-astro' waiting room for our turn to head up to the viewing gallery. We only had to wait 10 minutes too - and then it was an ear-popping ride in the express lift to a panoramic view of the city from 300 feet in the air.

The views over the city were spectacular - made all the more impressive by a stormy sky and veils of rain across the horizon. It was fascinating to be able to see not only the entire city spread beneath us, but to be able read about its history and to be able locate so many landmarks of the C.20th. We spent a very happy couple of hours totally absorbed - and even treated ourselves to a cocktail at Bar 207 - feeling awfully sophisticated (well, for a dog, anyway)


Sight-seeing done, we headed back down to ground level with the rest of the afternoon still to fill - and decided to check out RubAddiction (the location of which we'd worked out whilst still above). We even got the excuse to hop a Tram...

It was a curious experience: they focus on custom rubber and don't own a shop as such - but they were holding an 'Walk in welcome' especially for Folsom at their workshop in an apartment on Neue Shonhauser Strasse. It was a walk up to their 3rd floor space, but Sven was incredibly friendly - and welcomed us in with a drink, and then left us to browse through the sample rails in peace.

I must say, they had some incredibly inventive gear on show, with a quality of cut and tailoring that belied the incredibly reasonable prices. I spotted a lovely small sized smoked-latex 'DOG' lettered T-shirt, which Sven let me try on, but sadly it was still too big for me. I think that Sir could have bought half the shop, but He finally fell in love with an incredible pair of saddle-seated wrestling pants; the pair on display weren't quite right, but Sven suggested that Sir have them made-to-measure - and so the pup had the genuine pleasure of watching His Man be professionally measured for His second piece of fetish Couture that weekend ;)

(I could have done the same with the T-shirt - but decided that I should save my puppy-pennies and have them measure me for one of their lovely catsuits next time we're in Berlin...)

Another tram through the dusk-darkened city took us back to the lovely SaladChen shop for a warming soupe and huge salad, chomping and chatting as the sun bathed the buildings around us in reds and golds and the city headed home around us.

Exhausted from our day, we finally decided to head 'home' for a wonderfully relaxed evening, watching a DVD in our room with a flask full of tea and a pile of chocolate - before turning in for snuggles and puppy butt-wiggles

Monday, September 23, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Sunday

We slept late on Sunday - not surprising, giving the late night and wild frollicking in the street from the night before. Luckily, our lovely hotel kept 'gay-hours' and provided breakfast until 4pm - so we still managed to snuggle and play a little before finally dragging ourselves out of bed for another glorious breakfast before a planned day of sightseeing...

At least, that was the plan - but it turned out that the Fuggestrasse fun was not yet done for the weekend, and many of the bars had kept their benches and tables out for a chilled day of drinking and socialising, and so we slipped into some leathers and headed down onto the street.

The dog had been hanging his head out of the window whilst we'd been getting ready, and got very excited about seeing a Master in a UK Police uniform and High-Vis (I have had the image curiously burned upon my erotic radar ever since a rather 'interesting' experience involving a kidnap scene, a rubber sleep-sack, and a police raid... ;) ), so I was really pleased when we got down to the street and I recognised the Master to be DogTrainer1974. I first chatted to Him on Recon and pupzone years back - in the days before I was found and collared by RubberGTR, and back when I was still heavily interested in rope and bondage; and so it was a real honour to be able to introduce myself to both Him and His pup Ska in person. Sadly, they hadn't spotted me in the street the night before, but both were complete gentleman, and Sir and my Man were able to share a companionable chat about all things puppy-related whilst I was complimenting Ska on his lovely new boots... ;)

Sir fancied a walk around, window-shopping on the Motzstrasse, so we made our respectful farewells and headed off in search of new leather...

Sir finally relented and let me into Mr B. - I was very good, and only bought a belt-pouch (to replace the incredibly useful one that Sir had lent me). I had hoped to try on their newly designed, heavily padded FXXer jeans, but they were newly released specially for the Folsom weekend, and their stock of smaller sizes had already gone.

I did persuade Sir to have a go at trying a pair, though, and after a little 'negotiation' with Onno about the correct size (with Sir winning out, of course...) He agreed that they were rather nice - and would look spectacular with His new leather uniform shirt...! Onno suggested that it might be interesting to have the padded thighs and cod-piece picked out in the same grey leather, so Sir has agreed to go back later in the month to match colours, when He has the shirt with Him.

Onno also told me that their next 'secret project' for next year will involve a redesign of their beautiful carpenter-jeans - so I think I'll have to wait a little while before my next big leather purchase... :D

Shopping done, Sir led us back to the Fuggestrasse - were we stopped at the charity stall for a thoroughly English cup of tea and a slice of cake. It wasn't long before we were hailed by the incredibly sexy HogDog, who joined us for a lovely long chat (in itself the deepest of pleasures, since He has the most amazingly deep mellifluous voice that the pup could listen to for hours...); we finally parted for the dog and Man to get a much needed nap - but did so hoping to be able to meet up again later in the evening.


Why is it that an afternoon nap is always so pleasant - and so deep...? Could it be that I am just getting old, and will soon be yearning for slippers and a cardigan...?!

We woke quite late - Man and dog drowslily surfacing in a dusk-tinted tangle of limbs and kicked-off duvet. I felt so warm and safe - and Sir smelt so incredibly sexy - and so I nuzzled into His pits to take in more of the puppy-cock-stirring scent: licking and lapping at the salt and the pheromones until my face and beard were wet and sticky. Sir let me get my fill of His scent, knowing that it drives me deep into puppy-space - then placed a firm hand on my collar, and gently guided me down to work that wet, seeking tongue over His balls: grooming, bathing, pressing and teasing - my nose nudging against His beautiful meat as my attentions slowly brought Him to full, hot arousal.

He let me lick Him then: long and slow - from root to tip; bathing His cock in devotion as I had bathed His balls. Only when He was shining and wet did He then let me take Him, gentle, into my mouth - rippling my tongue beneath the flat of His head and teasing the tip of my tongue into the crease of His frenulum and piss-slit.

Sir rose up onto His knees - turned me around so that I was lying fully beneath Him and could fully open my throat to Him. The full, pulsing heat of Him within me was so intense, so breathless, so erotic, that my puppy-cock was soon pulsing on the edge of an untouched orgasm - but Sir decided that our release would be sweeter for being delayed - and, with one last breath-stopping thrust, sent me trotting to run us both a shower ready to head back out for the evening.

Which is lucky, because that's also when the lovely Bear called on Sir's mobile, to ask if we still wanted to meet for supper - and that he'd meet us downstairs in a short while.

We tried, but sadly we didn't manage to catch up with Hogbear again - but we did have the most amazing Italian meal at Trattoria a Muntagnola (along with half the leather-clad men in Schoenberg, including *almost* sharing our table with the most beautifully bearded group of guys from England). The food was fantastic - but the company and the conversation (ranging from boots and fetish to Oceanography and Linguistics) was really the highlight of the evening.

Friday, September 20, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Saturday (part two)

We didn't stay too long for Sir's fitting at Leathers, and so we were soon back on the Fuggerstrasse and weaving our way through the press of the crowd. Sir led us up to the hotel first, so that He could change into His harness and chaps and the dog could transform into my semi-transparent rubber dog-suit and harness; a quick check to make sure that my dog-cam was working, then Sir opened our suite door and had me trot along the corridor to the lift and down to the street.

It was fantastic to see heads turning as we came out of the lift and into the hallway. I waited patiently for my Man to open the door, then scampered out onto the steps - grinning as the guys gathered nearby took an appreciative step back to watch. Sir let me get my barrings (and my breath) for a moment, then snapped His lead to my harness, tapped His leg, and led us down the steps and into the crowded street.

It was really busy, and the crush didn't make it too easy for a pup to scamper as freely as he normally does; Sir was careful to lead the way and to call "Mind your backs: dog coming through...!" whenever the press was really bad, but I still had to keep close to Him and carefully weave around between boots - looking around as much as I dared, whilst trying not to be trampled on (or to trip anyone up!)

Sadly, I got so close to my Man at one point that I managed to collide with the buckles on His Alpine Stars: punching a small hole in the knee of my suit that rapidly tore into a huge, knee-baring rip throughout the rest of the evening, and meaning my suit is now no more :((

But, despite that small mishap, we still managed to work our way to the dog-pound for some squeaky-toy fun (and photos) - and to make a special dog-panting visit to the boots on the Stompers stall (although the nice Mr Stompers was busy with a customer, so I never got to really play with those lovely 18" Wescos of His)

The world is a completely different place from all fours: everything is boots, legs and crotches...! Sir sets quite a stride, but He was mindful of His pup's need for frequent stops to orientate himself and catch my breath. Funny: every time that we stopped, we seemed to gather a crowd of onlookers, apparently hoping to see what we might get up to... Curiously, it was the women who seemed to be the most interested - whether for themselves or their boyfriends, I'm not sure... One lovely older German lady in particular had great fun fussing my head and enquiring were my tail went (where do you think, you silly woman!) - and then thanked us for visiting her 'lovely city' and making her weekend. She was only one of many though - and I lost track of how many times we were asked for posed photos "with the friendly little doggy!"

Despite all the attention, we still managed to see all the other great characters on the street - including getting to wuff at a very sexy couple of guys in full Dianese leathers and black helmets, drooling at the sight of a couple of slaves being walked in full rubber, gasmasks and rebreathers, and marvelling at a trio of Frenchmen pulling a trolley - with a very sore looking slave tied to it and being whipped as they trundled along...

We also caught sight of several friends and brother-pups through the crowd - and bumped into LeatherScot and his pup for a little bit of playful head butting and butt-sniffing.


It was a warm afternoon, and running around in rubber is very tiring. Sir was careful to keep me topped up with doggy-treats and water, but  I was losing litres of sweat (most of it dribbling out of my rear-zip - and making several people wrongfully tell the pup off for pissing in the street!).

By the end of two hours I was beginning to visibly  flag, and Sir decided we'd had enough fun as a rubber-pup (plus, I was feeling sorry for Him having to constantly explain the damage to the knee of my suit) - so He led us back up to our room, gave the pup a long drink and a cooling shower, then had me change into a simple leather harness and jock, and head back down to the street for more play as a harnessed ink-pup instead.

It was getting darker by this time - but strangely, the street was even busier than before. Naked, hooded, harnessed and inked, I think the pup got even more attention than I had in my rubber - particularly my tail (I guess because you could now clearly see just how it worked, and where it went... ;) )

Folsom Europe 2013 dog fight

Being naked was much cooler. Strange for a rubber-pervert to say, but I also felt a lot more 'natural' and pup-like...! Sir made sure that I wore stout boots and had lots of padding to protect my hands and knees (and elbows), but I found that I could move a lot more freely without the restriction and pull of my suit. It felt so good to be able to trot along gracefully - and I'm pleased to see just how natural and flat my running posture looks on the photos that I've seen. I even managed to out-pace my Man a few times - and looked back to see Him running to catch me up. I guess all the work-outs and yoga have done their job; maybe Sir should re-classify me as a whippet...

Both Sir and dog had lots of fun through the next several hours, trotting through the throng and playing up for our public. Every time we stopped, we gathered a crowd - and so Sir would send His pup off scampering after boots, playing hide-and-seek with its squeaky newspaper, or playing tag with the many photographers - amateur and professional.

We kept bumping into one lovely photographer in particular, as he followed us down the street - and he managed to capture some of the best photos of us from the day:

We also made a nice stop back at the Mr B. stall - and the pup rested his paws up on the counter to sniff at their goods - which had all the guys laughing. Anthony was there offering a professional boot-blacking service, so Sir let me trot around to watch him work; his customer at the time was a very sexy guy in Dehners who was a little startled to see a pup suddenly appear at his side - but Anthony very sweetly said "I think I know this pup, and he can watch if he's a good boy and doesn't get in the way" without breaking his attention from his work or His focus on the Man. It was both fascinating, and an honour to watch him at work.

It was lovely to see that there were lots of bio-dogs out in the crowd too; Sir was careful around most of them, just in case they got scarred or tried to bite me - but the best of them was this one little dog that we met several times: it was such a friendly little thing and really curious about this new kind of pup on its street. I let it sniff my gloves, and gave it a stroke - and we were soon sniffing at empty pizza boxes together and playing with my squeaky toy. We even ended up comparing his short docked tail with my lovely long waggly one -which had Sir laughing so much He had to walk away...!

Luckily, Classicair was there to capture some of the fun:

As I mentioned, I had brought a miniature video camera, and set it up on my harness as a 'dog-cam', hoping to capture Folsom from a 'Dogs-eye view' - unfortunately, the memory-card played up and only captured the first few minutes (mostly of me in the lift!), so I'm afraid that there's nothing really worth sharing. I did see several people out with video cameras and iPhones though - and Sir handed out dozens of our cards whenever He saw someone take what looked like a good shot - so I hope to be able to find at least a few more records of the evening over the next few days and weeks.

If you spot any photos or videos of me anywhere, please let me know 

We were out on the street for about 4 hours altogether, but finally the crowds started to thin, and both Man and hound were starting to get tired - so Sir took us up to our room for one last change (and a quick top-up with fluids), then we both headed back down for a gentle 2-legs stroll.

I'm glad that we did, because we managed to catch up with Anthony again, just as they were starting to close down the Mr. B. stall - and he was very complimentary about how genuine and pup-like I had been.

All that scampering had made me hungry though so we went looking for something to eat. The crepery we had seen ealier had just closed, but we finally found the last piece of pizza in one of the street-side cafes, and happily wolfed it down, sitting bare arsed out on the street.

Finally - with the fair closing and the last few revellers making their way into PK - Man and hound retired up to our room, sleepy and tired but both grinning from a fantastic day.


Of course, we weren't so sleepy that the pup wasn't also able to properly service and pleasure my Man once we got to our room - and Sir still managed to find the strength to gentle trample His pup's eager perverted little cock beneath His Alpine Stars whilst it writhed and barked happily beneath Him - then cleaned it's own cum from His cleats... ;)

#FolsomBerlin - Saturday (part one)

Our lovely room at the Art Hotel overlooking the Fuggerstrasse did have one drawback - which we discovered when we were somewhat rudely awoken at 7am by the sounds of the fair being erected outside...

I didn't really mind that much though, because it gave me a chance to nuzzle my man's beautiful cock in the half-darkness - licking His balls until He awoke, growling His sleepy pleasure, then grabbing my head and gently pushing down into my willing throat whilst my puppy-but wagged high in the air.


We finally got up for a spectacular breakfast - then Sir hopped into the shower whilst His pup spent the time with my head hanging out of the window watching the stalls setting up. I was especially happy to see that Stompers were directly across the road from our room - and I couldn't help letting out a few excited barks at seeing that Mr Stompers striding about in the most amazingly beautiful 18" Wescos...

We could also see the Scheun dog-run - which looked like it might be a fun place to visit later in the day...

Sir had us both gear up in leather and boots, then we headed out for a stroll along the Motzstrasse. It was still early, but lots of sexy leather guys were already starting to gather at the cafes and bars; Sir was careful to rest His hand on my collar to keep me from getting distracted though - which made me growl appreciatively and drew lots of grins, nods and appreciative smiles. Sir had to hold very tight when we passed Mr. B. - I love that place so much! But, as He said, we were there for several days and there would be plenty time for shopping later.

Sir is fascinated by markets, and so we decided to spend the hour before Folsom opened looking at the Saturday market at Winterfeldtplat; we had a very pleasant time wandering around all the fascinating stalls of colourful food and craft items (and tasting samples of beautiful chocolate!), but finally the church bells began to ring out for midday, and we made our way back to Fuggerstrasse for a *different* kind of fair...

The crowds had certainly got thicker. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence met us at the entry to the street and asked for donations, and then tried to put a stiker onto my Sam-Browne - which had Sir giving them a sharp telling off (and worrying about how many leathers they'd managed to damage before we told them...!)

It was my first time at the street fair, so Sir suggested that we have a look about first before going down into pup-mode. It was nice to be able to stroll around on 2 legs for a while, looking at the stalls and enjoying the gathering Men. Sling King's stall was interesting (especially the guy serving in a kilt), and Regulation seemed to have a a fairly full stock available too; Rob on the otherhand seemed to have abandoned a stall in favour of a glass cube stocked with leaflets (although staffed by a very sexy guy in neoprene...), whilst the lovely Mr. B. had some great small items and a bootblack service (more on which later).

Mr. B. were also providing a portrait service by Taco Smit Photography - Sir and His dog had a few nice photos taken together, and then the photographer noticed the pup's tattoos... Sir ended up having to stand to one side whilst they had me strip to show off my ink - laughing that everyone always seems to want to talk to His dog more than they do its Man! (I'll share them here on the blog when I get the © photos, but in the meantime take a look at his Folsom gallery to see if you are there; we're #130093-130101)

One stall even had a full-height steel cage and a kneeling (very unhappy looking) bound and gagged slave. The stall owner grabbed me as we passed, pushed me into the cage and locked me in - then pretended not to understand English when Sir asked him to open the cage door; Sir got genuinely angry with Him, until - with lots of whimpering from the pup and gesticulating and raised voices from Sir - he finally let me out again.  

Luckily, we met up with LeatherScot and His pups shortly afterwards, so we stopped for a chat and left feeling very much calmer...

We had a great couple of hours, just strolling the street enjoying the view and catching up with lots of friends old and new - including the lovely guys from the Bournemouth MSC. It would have been nice to be out in pup-mode in the sunshine, but finally, the time came for us to make our excuses and head back to Leathers for Sir's next shirt fitting.

I didn't mind though - because I knew that we would be back a little later for more fun...

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

#FolsomBerlin - Friday

Sir took His pup to Berlin for Osterfest, earlier this year; we had so much fun, that Sir promised He would bring me back for Folsom Europe...

I was so excited packing my leathers and pup-gear; Sir had promised that we would spend some pup-time on the street, and I couldn't wait (I have played in public a few times, but never in the street and in the daytime...). I couldn't decide what to take, but after several re-packs I was finally leathered and ready and heading down to meet my Man.

The flight out was mostly uneventful - although we did have fun when the woman on Security recognised us from our visit at Easter (I think it was me kneeling down to do up Sir's boots whilst He locked my collar on after passing through the metal detector that triggered her memory... ;) ). She was really excited at seeing us again, and wished us a safe flight with 'have a Fun weekend!'

It was an early flight and both Man and dog had been working hard - so I confess that we both had a doze over the Channel, with the dog's head resting on his Man's shoulder (and despite a hilarious welsh family behind us, chatting away constantly and mispronouncing everything on the 'Sky-Bistro' menu; "Do you want coke or brandy - and does our Da want a Bacon Baget...?")

We landed in Berlin, and managed to negotiate the S Bahn to the hotel (Sir is getting quite canny with the FahrKarten machines now). We have stayed at the Art Hotel Connection before, so we knew that we would have a good stay; our room for this visit was amazing: a huge room outfitted in the uniquely eclectic 'Berlin style' with a chandelier, a lovely 'robust' steel bed (with a very convenient headboard for restraining a dog to...), a huge leather sofa and beautiful big windows with a spectacular view over the Fuggerstrasse (perfect for watching the street market the next day).

Sir had ordered a new made-to-measure leather uniform shirt from Leathers on a previous (dog-less) trip earlier in the year, so we dropped our bags and headed out to Prenzlauer Berg on the U Bahn for His first fitting (thank goodness for the WelcomeBerlin 5 day travelcard).

Leathers is a fascinating little shop, focused towards couture leather; they showed us the beautifully soft grey lamb's leather that they had sourced for Sir's shirt, and then took Him into the back to try the toile they had made, whilst the lady assistant and I fussed the dozens of resident dogs, chatted about tattoos and compared ink (so busy doing which, we failed to notice when Sir had finished being fitted and made Him have to wait... ;) ).

Fitting complete, Sir made an appointment for the next fitting in leather for the next day, then we headed out to find something to eat. Sir had found a great veggie food place just nearby on His last visit, so we headed to Saladchen for a huge mix-and-match bowl of salad and an iced tea, and then sat out on their  pavement cafe to eat and watch the U-Bahn, the trams and the world go by.

Sated, and with the evening still only part-gone, we headed back to Schoenberg and the hotel. As we expected, the view from our street-side window was rather good, so we picked up a hot tea from the cafe across the road, then hung out of the window to watch the BLUF guys gather for the pre-fair party at the Prinzknecht Bar beneath us.

It was fun, and a great start to the weekend - but the pup started to nod off, so Sir bundled into bed for a snuggle to the quiet hum of voices into the night.

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Monday, September 02, 2013


I love my Man - but *fuck* he knows how to work His dog...


We had come back early from a few days in Torquay, and found ourselves with an afternoon 'free' before the dog had to head back home. It seemed a shame to waste our precious time with each other, so Sir suggested we might set the sling up in the garden 'tea-house', then 'see what comes...'

That little phrase belied a great deal of perverse planning and forethought, I'm sure.

Sir started by laying a heavy rubber sheet over the floor and threading a heavy chain from the rafters. He had me strip to my shorts and MotoX boots, then strapped and buckled my hands into suspension gauntlets. Strong hands positioned me beneath the chain - boots planted apart and my arms held wide; heavy padlocks locked the D-rings on the gauntlets to the chain: spreading my back and holding me in place - then a second chain was padlocked between the rafters and my chain collar: short enough to restrict the movement of my head and to pull the collar tight if I were to pull away.

I tried to watch Him over my shoulder, as He prepared other 'treats' that I could not see - His boots securely thudding against the padded floor as He moved - but the chain made it hard to move my head without almost choking myself, and so I had to finally submit and stare patiently out into the garden, awaiting my fate.

His body was hot against my naked flesh when He finally came to stand behind me - and I couldn't help but sigh and push myself back against Him - trying to gather all that heat and protection into me; His gloved hand found my mouth - probing His fingers into me as I huffed and drooled and licked the bitter-sweat tang of chrome and neatsfoot.

Then He stepped away - let me feel the cold vulnerability without the protection of His body - and then I felt the welcoming thud of latex as He began to work over my back with His flogger.

I love Sir's rubber flogger. It has such a perfect weight: light enough for each tail to wrap around your flesh a little, yet solid enough to feel its percussive thud rattle through your body; the latex gives it a light sting - but it's not enough to cut, so you can take a longer flogging than you might were it leather. 

I stretched my shoulders - spread my back - and opened myself to Him. Every thud was a gift from Him to me: His Power, His Dominance, His Masculinity, compressed and refined into an instantaneous moment of pain and pleasure - each stroke solid yet fleeting, feeling like a caress at first, but each gradually building on the last, layer upon layer until the pleasure bled into pain, and then ecstasy - and then pain once more... 

I let myself flow into the moment - trying to welcome the pain - letting it override me, transform me - to make me HIS. My body shaking, my head hanging - surrendered and surrendering - my Man's, His and only His, body and soul.

And then the flogging stopped - and He stepped forward to gather my trembling body against His. 

There isn't a feeling that comes close to how that feels. You have surrendered yourself - given your body to His pain; suffered and endured for Him, in love of Him - been pushed past the limits you thought that you had - had your senses heightened and turned inside out - and then, at the peak of that intensity, when your skin is afire and your head aflame - you are suddenly drawn from suffering into comfort: held so tenderly, kissed so gently, made to feel so totally, utterly ENFOLDED. Your heightened senses become filled by HIM: the smell of His sweat, the heat of His skin, the brush of His beard, the taste of His mouth; the heady, beautiful presence and protection of being HELD, Owned, LOVED.

Shuddering, I felt Him reach up to unlock the padlocks - taking the weight of my arms as He released my hands, freeing my neck and turning me to face Him. I sank my face into His chest - sobbing as I breathed in the heady warmth of Him and felt His arms wrap around me.

And then I sank to my knees, opened my mouth and let my tongue be all the welcome He could ever desire.

Ah, but He tasted so good. My tongue bathing Him - lapping around that beautiful smooth head, stroking down His veined length, then nuzzling and nipping underneath His beautiful balls. His hands alternately stroking my head and weaving into my hair to gently guide my roving tongue. I let myself become absorbed in the task - listening with pleasure to His groans and satisfied grunts...

Unbidden, my arms moved behind my back - bound by invisible cuffs into a posture of focused submission.

Finally, breathless, I took a moment from my work, rocked back onto my heals - glanced up to find my Man grinning down at me, His eyes shining with hunger and Pride. 

My Man reaches down, cups my chin in His hand and pulls me up to stand. He holds my head and stares into my eyes: 'OK, pup - time I got to play with that other hole'

I grin and bark - and my tail wags excitedly.


Sir had rigged the sling up so that His pup's cuffed hands and booted legs could be padlocked up and out of the way: arms to the sides and legs spreadeagled; He completed the restraint with a chain padlocked around my waist - and I found my body nicely secured: my hole perfectly exposed and vulnerable to anything that He desired.

I lay back, feeling perversely helpless and comfortable - the sling moving gently beneath me, every movement making the chains sway and pull against my restrained limbs. My Man towered over me as His practiced hands checked I was securely restrained - His dark eyes boring into mine from beneath His Muir. 

His strong hands enfolded my balls - warming them and pulling on them gently as He eased them into a strip of leather: a cone-shaped parachute that He padlocked to a weighted chain above me. He slowly released the attached weight, and the chain pulled taut - gently but firmly pulling my balls away from my body. Helpless, my cock stiffened at the slowly building discomfort...

And then His hands were roving over my bound and helpless body: stroking down the inside of my arms and thighs so that I trembled and shook - cupping my boots as He leaned down to kiss them with a perverse grin that we both shared - pulling at my beard, and tugging at my swelling nips until I was gasping in pain - and my cock was bobbing and dripping against my belly.

Every twitch, every tremble, set the weights swinging - and tugged at my aching balls all the more - until I couldn't stand it anymore and *begged* Him to fuck me.

My ring protested at first - but I breathed deeply and tried to relax as He slowly but forcefully pulled the heavy glass plug from me. And then His rubber-gloved fingers were pushing cooling lube deep into me: probing and stroking as I gasped and wriggled and grinned up at Him in hunger...

A moment to watch Him as He stretched the sheath, glossy, over His straining meat - and then I could feel the slick hard fullness of Him, pressing up against me. I clenched my muscles hard - then let them relax: felt Him pushing into me with my exhale. Clench and relax - clench and relax - His eyes dark and hungry as He felt himself slowly swallowed into my core. My muscles burning as I struggled to take that beautiful swelling Manhood, slick and smooth and hot and pulsing - until there was nothing more to take and He was root deep within me. 

He let me gather my senses - let us both feel the hot press of His belly against my arse and the pulse of Him deep inside me - and then, slowly, He began to fuck me.

He started slow: less a thrust and more a gentle rocking - letting us both feel the intense connection of our bodies united. The heat and fullness of Him within the tight embrace of my self. I tried to clench - rippling my muscles around Him as I do with my tongue - He smiled at my fleeting wince of pain, then lengthened His stroke - slowly giving Himself over to the pursuit of His own pleasure as His thrusts became more intense.

Deeper, harder, faster - stabbing deep into me - His balls striking against my hole and the chains rattling with the force of each thrust. He reached down, grabbing the chain locked around my waist - using it to pull me harder against Him, driving Himself down into my helpless panting body - mindless of the tension He put on the chain that pulled my balls painfully tight. My bouncing cock and gasped grunts told their own story: my perversity transforming the pain into a hunger for more - a NEED for Him to use me and take my pain for His pleasure. 

Legs spread, back arched - chest and biceps bunching as He pulled my body onto Him and forced His cock DEEP into His dog - my spread and restrained limbs stretched taut as He pushed Himself to the very edge of cumming within me...

But stopping there, at the edge of His fulfillment - releasing me. Those dark eyes held me once more, as, one hand pressing down firmly on my belly, He ordered me to relax and let Him withdraw. 

His gloved fingers found the empty space within me - as His other hand enfolding my dripping cock. Strong, firm hands reaching up inside me to stroke my prostrate as He showed the expert control he has over His dog, and slowly milked every drop of cum from my bound and helpless body.

Without a word, He unlocked and unchained my trembling body - stepped back in silence as I climbed shakily from the sling and sank obediently to my knees. I tilted my head - stared up at my Master with eyes misted with tears - and opened my mouth for Him.

The taste of His cum was the most beautiful reward I could ever wish for.

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