Thursday, August 01, 2013


Sitting in my car at the Traffic lights: grinning as my Man's laugh explodes from His helmet when He looks across the lane to find me making puppy-eyes at Him, leathered and helmeted astride His beautiful bike; He has already made me breakfast and a packed-lunch, and now He's heading off to work on the bike, whilst I am reduced to four wheels and heading home on the motorway.

I know I shouldn't give Him those sorrowful looks - it only makes Him sad, and its not fair - but He just looked so beautifully sexy and long-legged, and I couldn't help but sigh at the memory of those long legs braced and shaking as He stood over me: my tongue rippling under and over His meat - bringing Him to a swearing, seething climax as I teased every last drop of cum from His trembling body...

Fuck, but it feels good to have Him inside me; to feel the smooth head of His cock hot against my tongue and pressed up into the roof of my mouth - to taste the sweet slickness of His pre-cum as it washes over the back of my tongue and lubricates the back of my throat. His balls hang, heavy and full - they brush against my bearded chin as He pushes Himself down into me, pressing my nose into the dense mat of dark fur covering His abs. I take a deep breath when the thick throb of His meat in my throat allows me to - the air is rich with the warm heady scent of His arousal, mingled with the sharp tang of leather that still clings to His flesh: that scent - my MAN, His MASCULINITY and POWER - makes my own doggy-cock twitch and dribble within the tight confines of my jeans, but I keep my hands behind my back were they belong - square my shoulders and lean forward to the point of unbalance: only His body keeps me from falling forward onto my face; His cock deeply rooted within my throat, I revel in the feeling of pure surrender and utter devotion that this kneeling position of submission conveys to Him - and embodies for me...

Deprived of my hands, I am forced to channel my entire service through my tongue and mouth alone - licking, mouthing, nuzzling, bathing, teasing... The sensations that burst and ripple across my tongue become my entire world - and His beautiful meat the pole upon which it spins.

We become one in an intricate and intimate dance of dominance and submission: I relax and open to the thrust of His command when His hunger forces Him to drive down inside me - yielding and passive as His hands grab my head and hold me still, letting my breathing hang abated as He fills my throat and stops my lungs until the world spins and my vision tunnels into blackness -- then I subtly take the initiative, when His hunger abates and He lets me breathe once more: rippling my tongue beneath the entire length of His shaft as I tease and probe along the most sensitive ridge of His glans - until He is gasping and trembling on the edge of His own surrender - and asserts His Dominance by grabbing my head once more...

It is an interplay that is both sensuous and aggressive, Dominant and yielding - and a slow dance that slowly edges us both towards that perfect moment when we know the steps are leading us to the ultimate climax.

His legs tremble against my chest - spit-slick with the drool and pre-cum that drips unheeded from my straining lips - I can hear the ragged pant of His breathing as His hands clench and unclench in my hair - His voice is throaty and thick as He growls a steady stream of beautifully perverse encouragement: ordering - begging - His dog to 'Do that - fuck! - yes - do that: good dog!'  -- For a delicious moment, I feel His cock head swell impossibly hard: pushing my tongue down and filling my mouth - and then I am desperately gulping as He pumps His beautiful juices down into my core...

The pulse and thrust of Him inside me is such an intimate and deeply erotic feeling that it leaves me shuddering on the edge of an untouched climax of my own.

He holds my head against His belly, lets me gently lap every drop of cum from His body - and then nuzzle and lick and kiss His meat in tender thanks. It takes us both a long time to come down - He tells me that I am the only one who can make Him cum like that: with just my tongue, but I am simply so proud to be able to give my Man pleasure in such a unique way.

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