Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy National Dog day!

It's National Dog Day in the US - so how about a little 'WUFF!' for our State-side 4-legged cousins. And for those of us international pups: here's a wee translation guide so that we can all bark in each others languages ;)

(Prints available to buy from JamesSHOPMAN on Etsy!)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Torquay and Paignton

My Man and I have been planning to get down to the Paignton bike night for years. This year, we finally both had the right days free, and so decided to head down - booking ourselves into the Key West 'gay resort' in Torquay for the night. 

It was a nice ride down: cloudy, but mostly dry - and pleasantly cool. We even got to lech at a very cute bearded red-head waiter when we stopped for tea...

The hotel was pleasant, with a pool and sauna, and a nice open bar; our room even had a view of the garden and pool, and down the valley to the sea (just!). It was my first time at a gay-only hotel, and it was refreshing to be in a men-only environment, with guys wandering around naked from the sauna; it would have been nice to sample that sauna and pool ourselves, if we'd stayed a little longer...   I'm not sure that many of the men knew what to make of Sir and I though, as me clomped up stairs in our full leathers: there was quite a bit of rubber-necking, door-opening and 'Oh, sorry...!' exclamations as we made our way to our room.

Or maybe all those interested looks were down to my Man's pleasurable swearing shortly after, when His pup's naughty tongue worked its magic on His beautiful cock... ;)

After all that 'riding' we both needed to stretch our legs, so after a a satisfyingly long hug Sir had us change from leathers to jeans, then led me down to the cove at the bottom of the hill. We stopped for a quick cuppa before the little tea kiosk closed, and then scrambled over the rocks to get the most amazing view across the whole bay - with Sir pointing out Paignton, Goodrington Sands, Brixham and Berry Head. I can see why Sir's family spent a lot of His childhood holidaying in the area: it really is beautiful! 

We spent quite a while just sitting and talking down on the rocks, so once we got back to the hotel it was already time to climb back into our leather and head on to Paignton.  

Maybe it was the weather, or perhaps it was just mid-season, but the bike-night wasn't as busy as I'd hoped; there were certainly far fewer there than at our 'local' night at Weston. We had also hoped to catch up with Dave (PilgrimBiker), but He had texted earlier to say that He was going to be in Plymouth that evening; a shame, but we'll make sure to catch up again next time we're down (and there*will* be a next time!).


It might have been a quiet night, but we still had an enjoyable time strolling along, looking at the bikes - and eyeing up the bikers (I really have to sort myself out with an easy way to take surreptitious photos: there were a couple of very cute guys whose image I wouldn't have minded keeping for 'future reference' - but they were already a tad hostile from being quietly barked at by a rascally pup, and I don't think they would have stood my 'David Bailey' act... ;) ); then we clomped along the pier and seafront - dodging the sea-gulls and golf-balls from the mini-golf course (and wondering whether they had used toilet-blue in the fountains, to get them quite that radioactive shade of blue...?!)

It was mid-evening by now, and we were both getting hungry, so we left the bike and strolled along to the old harbour to see if we could find any veggie-friendly eateries; we did find one excellent looking Tapas bar overlooking the harbour itself, but they were already fully-booked (note to self: pre-book at 'TJ's' next time - their menu looked really good!...); nothing else seemed worthwhile, so we decided to head back to Torquay to find the Chinese Buffet that Sir had seen advertised in the hotel.

It took us ages - and both a return to the hotel to double-check the restaurant details and an in-transit search on the pup's iPhone - but we eventually found the 'Oriental Touch'. Of course, it wasn't helped by the fact that the advert had lacked an actual, real-world address...

Sir has a soft-spot for Oriental buffets: the food may not always be the quality you might get in an a la carte restaurant, but that's normally made up by the variety on offer - and the fun of watching your fellow dinner-guests repeated waddling up to the buffet for yet another high-plied plate of spare-ribs and chips... ;)  

It was a good meal - and we both managed to stuff ourselves most satisfactorily.

The sun was setting by the time we finished, and so we decided to finish the day with a nice night-ride along the coast to the beautiful little fishing town of Brixham - before making our sleepy way home to the hotel for a quiet snuggle and a sternly imposed 'no wiggling!'

The hotel put on a very impressive, and completely inclusive, breakfast the next morning - even if it did require an earlier start than the pup might have hoped for (and definitely no chance for puppy-nuzzles beforehand either); we had a short stroll around the gardens afterwards, just to help everything 'settle' - then it was time to check out and head out on the bike once more.

The pup had hoped that we could go home via the wild roads over Dartmoor, but the weather looked rather rough, and so Sir suggested we have a stop-over in Exeter instead, to look at the docks and the Cathedral. But as ever, our best laid plans proved unreliable: the roads into Exeter where moving at a grid-locked crawl by the time we got there, so we decided to call it quits and head straight home instead.

Which might have cut short our lovely little jaunt down to Devon - but it did mean that we had an entire afternoon to ourselves for playing in the garden...

Thursday, August 08, 2013


Another day of tattooing with Jo Harrison at Modern Body Art - down in her air-conditioned basement 'studio within a studio'

It was a brilliantly enjoyable session, with lots of chat and laughter - and saw Geoff's skull beautifully (and painfully) coloured, and my own fox fully furred. 

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Sitting in my car at the Traffic lights: grinning as my Man's laugh explodes from His helmet when He looks across the lane to find me making puppy-eyes at Him, leathered and helmeted astride His beautiful bike; He has already made me breakfast and a packed-lunch, and now He's heading off to work on the bike, whilst I am reduced to four wheels and heading home on the motorway.

I know I shouldn't give Him those sorrowful looks - it only makes Him sad, and its not fair - but He just looked so beautifully sexy and long-legged, and I couldn't help but sigh at the memory of those long legs braced and shaking as He stood over me: my tongue rippling under and over His meat - bringing Him to a swearing, seething climax as I teased every last drop of cum from His trembling body...

Fuck, but it feels good to have Him inside me; to feel the smooth head of His cock hot against my tongue and pressed up into the roof of my mouth - to taste the sweet slickness of His pre-cum as it washes over the back of my tongue and lubricates the back of my throat. His balls hang, heavy and full - they brush against my bearded chin as He pushes Himself down into me, pressing my nose into the dense mat of dark fur covering His abs. I take a deep breath when the thick throb of His meat in my throat allows me to - the air is rich with the warm heady scent of His arousal, mingled with the sharp tang of leather that still clings to His flesh: that scent - my MAN, His MASCULINITY and POWER - makes my own doggy-cock twitch and dribble within the tight confines of my jeans, but I keep my hands behind my back were they belong - square my shoulders and lean forward to the point of unbalance: only His body keeps me from falling forward onto my face; His cock deeply rooted within my throat, I revel in the feeling of pure surrender and utter devotion that this kneeling position of submission conveys to Him - and embodies for me...

Deprived of my hands, I am forced to channel my entire service through my tongue and mouth alone - licking, mouthing, nuzzling, bathing, teasing... The sensations that burst and ripple across my tongue become my entire world - and His beautiful meat the pole upon which it spins.

We become one in an intricate and intimate dance of dominance and submission: I relax and open to the thrust of His command when His hunger forces Him to drive down inside me - yielding and passive as His hands grab my head and hold me still, letting my breathing hang abated as He fills my throat and stops my lungs until the world spins and my vision tunnels into blackness -- then I subtly take the initiative, when His hunger abates and He lets me breathe once more: rippling my tongue beneath the entire length of His shaft as I tease and probe along the most sensitive ridge of His glans - until He is gasping and trembling on the edge of His own surrender - and asserts His Dominance by grabbing my head once more...

It is an interplay that is both sensuous and aggressive, Dominant and yielding - and a slow dance that slowly edges us both towards that perfect moment when we know the steps are leading us to the ultimate climax.

His legs tremble against my chest - spit-slick with the drool and pre-cum that drips unheeded from my straining lips - I can hear the ragged pant of His breathing as His hands clench and unclench in my hair - His voice is throaty and thick as He growls a steady stream of beautifully perverse encouragement: ordering - begging - His dog to 'Do that - fuck! - yes - do that: good dog!'  -- For a delicious moment, I feel His cock head swell impossibly hard: pushing my tongue down and filling my mouth - and then I am desperately gulping as He pumps His beautiful juices down into my core...

The pulse and thrust of Him inside me is such an intimate and deeply erotic feeling that it leaves me shuddering on the edge of an untouched climax of my own.

He holds my head against His belly, lets me gently lap every drop of cum from His body - and then nuzzle and lick and kiss His meat in tender thanks. It takes us both a long time to come down - He tells me that I am the only one who can make Him cum like that: with just my tongue, but I am simply so proud to be able to give my Man pleasure in such a unique way.

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