Thursday, June 13, 2013

An unexpected visit (#bikepup *4)

I always sleep so well with my Man; maybe it's because I feel so safe and secure, enfolded in His arms - or maybe its because I have normally managed to exhaust us both with puppy-shenanigans...

I awoke with my head nuzzled underneath His arm, my body pressed against His. He let me kiss and lick at His chest - finding and teasing at His nipples with both teeth and fingers - grinning as He tensed and stretched in pleasure at His puppy's careful attentions...

Eventually He pushed me off and sent me scampering downstairs to make Him His morning cuppa. When I came back with the tray, it was to find Him covered over in the bed, with the duvet right over His head... I climbed quietly onto the bed, whining questioningly, and pulled back the duvet with my teeth - to give a yelp of surprise when I found my Man's face had been replaced by the blank mirrored lenses of a hooded S10!

Sir didn't move - just lay there staring at me. The lenses merely reflected my own startled image back at me - the rubber blank and threatening as the air hissed and popped through the breathing ports. It was scary, but my doggy cock got hard all the same... It got even harder when He finally pulled off the hood and dragged it over my own head instead - especially when He held His hand over the intake port and made the face-plate suck itself tight to my face as I struggled to draw in enough air...

Sir released me then - still a little dizzy, I gladly pushed my nose into His pits to let His scent fill my almost empty lungs - growling and whining with pleasure and hunger.

Sir pushed me down His body until I was breathing in the scent of His hard cock - and then let me lick and kiss and nuzzle away to my hearts content. Holding my head, He crawled backwards to the edge of the bed - slowly pulled me to all fours so that He could stand and let me work at His meat like a proper pup. My head held tight, He forced Himself deeper and deeper - making me squirm and gasp as He pushed past my vocal cords and invaded my throat.

Sir climbed back onto the bed then - gave me the command to 'Show!' whilst He moved to kneel behind me: stroking my bare haunches and gently teasing at my exposed fuck-hole. All four legs braced, back arched and head held high, all I could do was grunt and pant as He bent to kiss my hole - then whine and shudder as He gently pushed His tongue inside me: slowly licking and tongue-fucking my hole as I squirmed beneath Him. Sir took His time: showing me by His own actions how a good dog should service a rosebud - then He rolled over, guided my muzzle to His arse and let me lose myself in His own beautiful rose...

The scent of Him, the taste - so primal and raw - fit like a key into my puppy-brain. I could not think, could not resist - and became only aware of the pleasure in serving Him as He ground Himself back onto my muzzle and speared His hole on my tongue. It had me so randy that I found myself nipping and biting - my dog-cock so hard and dripping and hungry to hump that I clawed my way up and onto His back - my teeth searching for His shoulders and neck in an unthinking hunger to breed. He is so much bigger than I that my own legs and arms could not even reach the bed - and so I ended up riding His back, my thighs gripping His muscular arse as He bucked and humped beneath me - both of us finally collapsing to the bed in laughter at the roller coaster ride that He was giving His wicked pup!


The world outside was building towards another rare sunny day - and so Sir suggested that we have a quick breakfast, then pull on our leathers and head out for another day on two-wheels.

We headed west this time: over the Bridge and into Wales.

It was a wonderful ride: along the side of the Severn for part of the way, then over the hills and into Monmouth - where we stopped for a delicious lunch of Cornish pasty and Apple-pie, my Man feeding me by hand as we sat on the bank overlooking the Wye (and some industrious ants tried to create a nest under His boot...)

We took our time riding back: winding up through the Wye valley towards Tintern Abbey - the road twisting and turning as it followed the wide curves of the salmon-river bellow, dotted with anglers in chest-high waders. It's a popular route with pleasure bikers too - so we saw plenty of guys out in full gear: with the pup barking happily for each one, just as my Man has taught me.

We only needed to make one stop - in a wild-garlic strewn forest clearing, so that the pup could kneel obediently and gulp down his Man's beautiful piss - both of us still hooded and anonymous, whilst a couple of surprised (and probably envious) businessmen watched from across the brook...

But, soon enough, the day was drawing to a close and we were crossing the bridge back into England, then pulling into Sir's drive (well, after He had made a short stop at His local bakers first - so that He could send me home with lardycake and custard-slices for my sister's visit over the weekend).

I was a completely different pup to the one who had arrived, a little sadly, only the day before: sure, I still felt a small part of me cringe when Sir had me stand before Him so that He could unlock my collar - but I still headed home with a huge *GRIN* on my face: knowing that my Man loves me, and I love HIM - and feeling such proud pleasure at having had yet another opportunity to serve Him: my Man, my Handler  my best Friend...

An unexpected visit:

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