Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An unexpected visit (#bikepup *2)

It was a beautiful day, and so Sir ordered me up off me knees and into my bike leathers - telling me to keep my rubber on underneath - then He had me hop onto the bike behind Him and headed out onto the road to 'run a few errands' whilst the sun shone...

We made a stop in Yate first: we got quite a few looks, with Man and hound both striding through the shopping centre in matching leather, Dutch police breeches and steel-plated Alpine Stars. I caught our reflection in the store-front windows, and couldn't help but grin: happy to see what a mini-reflection of my Man I am evolving into - although everyone could clearly tell who was who, what with my beautiful big silver collar padlocked safe around my neck...

From Yate, it was a wonderful ZOOOM down the M5 to Portishead for a little DIY shopping - the pup with its arms out and paws turned so I could catch the wind in my gloves and feel like I was flying - when I wasn't hugging my Man tight telling Him how much I love Him!

Portishead has a reputation for being ugly and industrial, but the town itself is really pretty (especially now they have developed the sea-lock), and Sir and His own man have even discussed retiring there one day. We had a little wander around the shops, then Sir took us up onto Battery Point and down to the Lido for a wonderful brunch. There's a really nice little cafe there called 'The Lido Kitchen' which overlooks the pool (filled with young men in tight speedos...) - but we decided to sit out on the terrace overlooking the sea instead: letting the heat of the sun soak into our leathered bodies as we tucked into Eggs Florentine, and made plans for future trips both this year and next summer.

Then it was a light stroll up the path to the headland to look at the incredible view of the Severn Bridges, and a short stop at the rather poignant Merchant Navy memorial.

Fed, sun-warmed and happy, it was then another laughing ZOOM-ZOOM home - the dog barking at all the other bikers, with his arms wrapped tight around his Man's waist and laughing into the intercom as He shouted back "Howl if you want to go faster!"


Sir had already told me that He was off to a colleagues leaving party in the evening - but He didn't want to leave the dog getting bored, so He made sure to leave me with some of His leathers to clean and recondition whilst He was away. I was in puppy-heaven: blissfully Zen in the careful cleaning and oiling of every inch of hide, and pouring as much loving devotion into the leather as I would to Him in person. Leather is never merely a 'fabric': it is organic and over time becomes suffused by the energy of the Man who wears it. The leather still smelt of Him, felt of Him - it was His gear, and therefore a part of Him: His leather, His skin - the beautiful organic armour of the Biker: my Master, my Man.

Each piece reconditioned and shining, I found I still had an hour before my Man was due home - and so I ferreted about in His wardrobes, hunting down any of His boots that looked a little dull and worked my boot-black magic on them until they glowed mirror-bright - and worked myself into such a sweat in my rubber that I left little damp paw-prints on the concrete garage floor... (and a cute little smudge of boot-polish on my nose, which made my Man laugh when He got home)

Sir had originally planned to take me back down to Weston for the weekly Bike night, but we decided that we'd had enough of a zoom earlier in the day - and could probably spend our time more 'productively' at home... And so I helped Him set the sling up in the outside 'summer house' whilst there was still enough light to see, then Sir fed His dog with a beautiful home-made lasagne whilst He chatted to His man on the phone (away working in London)...

An unexpected visit:

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