Monday, June 10, 2013

An unexpected visit (#bikepup *1)

I've been feeling down again, so my Man suggested a wee visit, just to put a smile back on my face.

And it did: right from when He answered the door in just a leather waistcoat, boots and Muir - with a huge steel CB ring stretching His beautiful balls and weighing down His meat, so that it strained huge and purple and pulsing with blood... yeah, that put a grin on my face - just as it had my knees thudding to the floor so that I could worship that pulsing rod and cover Him with my devotion...

He let me take Him into my throat - then slowly pulled me up to my feet and told me to scamper upstairs with my puppy-bag, to clean-up ready for play and then slip on my full rubber, boots and hood.

I felt a deep shudder of pleasure as I pulled on the suit: the rubber enveloping me and dissolving away all the cares and worries of the previous weeks. I closed my eyes and pulled the rubber hood and muzzle over my head, sank down to all fours and let myself surrender to the rising animal inside of me. I let everything go - surrendered to the familiar primal hunger of my puppy self as it washed over me - and I slowly became simply 'bootbrush':  my Master's pup, His dog - His devoted service hound.

Gods, but the transformation felt so good...

Feeling much more 'myself' I peered out of the bathroom with a questioning 'Wuff?'- then scampered along the hall to stick my nose around the Playroom; but my Man wasn't waiting for me there!? I trotted to the head of the stairs to see if I could see Him in the kitchen bellow - head-cocked, I could just hear the muffled sounds of Him collecting things from His study, so I sat and waited patiently for Him to either call or return. He gave a big laugh to see me waiting there - and another when I gave Him a happy bark as he stomped back up the stairs - then  He patted His leg and had me follow Him into the playroom.

It is always such an intense pleasure to see my beautiful Man: leathered and booted, His cock hungry and waiting; I knelt before Him, obedient and waiting for His permission - then gently took Him into my mouth at His command. The tight metal cock ring had swelled His meat so large, but it also felt cold - and so I held Him in my throat and breathed around Him until His blood warmed...

His fingers wove into the back of my hair - slowly tightening and then pulling me back with an almost painful tug: using my hair as a form of restraint, He guided my movements back and forth as He drew His cock head  to brush against the inner edge of my lips, then forced himself back down into my throat. I let Him take control: quietly folded my hands behind my back in true submission - and gave my throat, my body, my everything as a tool for His pleasure.

He released my hair - pulled Himself from my mouth and held His cock out of my way: I took His unspoken command, and set my tongue to bathing His balls - nuzzling and kissing, licking and mouthing - brushing the inside of His thighs and under his balls with my beard. The tight steel ring was sharply chill against His hot flesh - His balls stretched taught and full by the weight. I carefully sucked each smooth ball into my mouth, circled them with my tongue, traced where the steel trapped and pulled the skin - until I could feel my Man trembling with Hunger - His hands clenching at His sides as He resisted the urge to grab my head once more and force His will upon me.

Finally, I took Him down inside me once more - tongue flickering and rippling beneath Him as I felt His head swell and pulse at the back of my throat. Carefully, teasingly, I arched my tongue back to trace the very edge of His glans over and over again - and was rewarded with His gasp of pleasure-at-the-edge-of-pain...

Slowly, with utmost care and gentle devotion, I finally brought my Man to the most beautifully shuddering climax - and then greedily gulped down His cum-scented piss...

An unexpected visit:

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