Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An unexpected visit (#bikepup *3)

It was as beautiful a night as it had been a stunning day: with the dusk settling over the garden in blues and soft purples, whilst bats flittered black against the darkening sky, and a single blackbird sang its farewell to the last of the light.

My sweat-damp rubber felt cool as I padded down through the trees at my Man's side -  but I knew that He would soon warm me with His own leather-clad body. He led me down past the softly-glowing summer house and on to the darkened end lawn - there to stand over me as I knelt and obediently gulped down His piss like a good dog. Then He stood on my leash whilst I happily squirmed beneath His boot - my face pressed into the leather as I carefully groomed and tongue-polished each toe-cap.

Satisfied that we had re-established 'the mood', Sir led me on all fours up to the Summerhouse. Although the garden was dark beneath the trees, Sir had carefully draped the roof beams with small LED lights that gave just enough of an intimate wash of warm light to see by - and to glint along the hanging chains, and reflect across my glossy skin as He strapped and bucked and locked me into the sling...

A heavy chain was padlocked around my waist and the sling beneath me, then boot-straps encircled my ankles and a heavy pair of triple-buckled suspension cuffs secured my wrists and hands; each point He then secured to the chains swinging from the roof - and I found myself beautifully restrained and helpless: my arms and legs stretched out and my body spread-eagled.

I pulled against the chains, tensed my body in a knowingly futile attempt to free myself - but He simply smiled, then slowly unzipped my rubber suit and released my already dripping cock from the cod-piece. He reached up with the wet rubber held in His cupped hand, and pressed it over my face - growling as I grunted and struggled to breathe as the precum-slick rubber clung to my nose and filled my senses with the scent of my own perverse arousal...

His fingers stroked over the rubber stretched taut across my chest - found the hard swell of my nipples and gently teased and pinched them through the black glossy skin; His eyes were dark and hungry: feeding on my struggle to accept the building pain and let it transform and open me for His pleasure.

The rubber squeaked, vibrating as He drew His hands further down - over the smoothness of my belly and the hollow of my hips, then around and under my thighs: reaching underneath to trace along the curved groove of my arse, making me shudder as He scratched a nail along the zipper there. He took His time, slowly drawing the zip down: exposing my hole to the cold night air - whilst I tried to fight against the restraining chains in my hunger.

Despite my eagerness, my hole was tight and resisting; Sir was gentle and careful - but I still could not help but whimper at the shock of pain as He slowly forced Himself into me. I clenched and released - forcing my body to relax, to let Him in - and suddenly the pain vanished: transforming to that beautiful feeling of being filled by my Man: my body surrendered to His power, my fuck-hole given over to His pleasure.

Chained, restrained, rubber-encased and helpless - all I could do was surrender - give myself to my Man and let Him take His pleasure from me - give my body pleasure with His.

It was beautiful and intense, painful and liberating - and I felt the luckiest dog alive.

Finally, satisfied, He ordered my clenching hole to release Him - then came to stand beside my head. His gloved fingers tasted amazing as He probed them into my mouth: letting me taste the sweat-saltiness of His cum and my own juices...

Then he covered my eyes with His hand, and my mouth with His - reached down to take hold of my cock: as He sucked the air from my lungs and then fed it back to me with his own exhalation. His mouth covering mine in a beautifully deep kiss, I gladly fell into the rythm of His breathing - tasting Him in every shortening breath as my head started to buzz and my heart beat faster from the rising hypoxia. My helpless cock swelling in His other hand, as He mercilessly stroked and kneaded in time to our shared breathing - slowly edging me towards a painfully intense climax that had me seeing bright stars in the darkened tunnel of my oxygen-starved vision...


Both of us spent - and finally feeling the cold - Sir unlocked me from the sling, then had me chase Him back up the garden - shedding rubber and gear as we went - and jump, laughing, into the Hot tub to warm up.

We must have spent a good hour before bed, watching the shooting stars and the satellites-flare - letting the steaming water slowly wash away the aches from our bodies - quietly recalling the day and our play so that it would stay fresh in our memories.

It was a very happy dog that finally clambered from the tub and trotted up the stairs behind Him - crawling under the duvet to sleep wrapped in His Man's arms all night - sadness and depression forgotten in one of the best sleeps I have had for months.

An unexpected visit:

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