Sunday, May 12, 2013

"What is a pup?"

I just got asked a good question on twitter:
"What exactly is the definition of a 'pup'? I thought it just meant a hot "catcher" who is into gear or light bondage..."

I had to be honest that there is no correct answer - and that the definition of 'pup' will differ depending on who you ask. Each Owner and Handler and Master will also have their own understanding of what a pup might be - and even what it means for themselves to be an “Owner” or “Handler” or “Master”. It's the diversity of pups that is one of the wonderful things about pup-play: it is a new scene, with very few rules, and each one of us has a different understanding of what it means to be a pup, and how we need to express our inner k9.

To many people 'Pup' just means a young-hearted sub: some cute young 'punk' with tousled hair and a rascally attitude of horny high-energy and playfulness.

That might a fairly 'vanilla' definition of 'pup' - but I think it is equally at the heart of what it means to be a 'pup' in it's deeper meaning within puppy-play.

A pup within pup-play may be many things, but at heart they harbour that dog-like soul and express deeply puppy-like tendencies of playful curiosity & surrender - tempered with a deep need to show love and devotion to those who will offer them protection and guidance.

Off course, different pups have other motivations and fetishes too: some pups like bondage and other forms of BDSM, some are true gear-heads and love to dress up in rubber, leather or lycra, some pups are gadget-freaks and love all the toys, hoods, and harnesses - and some pups just love to be 'natural' and don't need anything more than an excuse to scamper about getting their noses into all sorts of trouble. Some pups are collared and owned like pets, others are proudly feral - and some pups are Alphas and Owners too.

Pup-play itself can have many different expressions, but at it's heart it is simply a space were we play in dog-like roles with themes of obedience, playfulness and submission.

I think it's that 'playfullness' that helps to define pup-play - and that makes it so incredibly popular. It makes for a much softer form of BDSM - one that encourages exploration, curiosity and fun (afterall, who can take things too seriously when one of you is running around on all fours, barking and wagging a rubber tail that is buried balls-deep in their arse...?).

Equally, the dynamic between a pup and their Handler is one that allows for a deeply emotional bond to develop. BDSM play is always an emotional experience, but many Tops find it hard to express LOVE for their slaves, any more than you would express love for your property. A pup is different: a pup may be your pet, but they are also your friend and your companion. A pup LOVES you in the same way that a dog loves: freely, completely, and without question - and that emotional vulnerability makes it impossible not to love them back...

So, what is a pup?

To me, a pup is someone whose inner self lives close to the surface: someone who's untutored heart and unbounded libido leads them to give themselves without limits and to love without question. They are playful and curious and ready to explore every new scent and taste and experience that life throws at them (sometimes with little consideration for the consequences); they are often deeply sensual, orally-fixated, and easily distracted...

A pup is someone who accepts sex as play - and who throws themselves into that play without boundaries. They are filled with the joy of perversity and in awe of the freedom that k9 transformation awakens them to; they are often able to go so deep into role that it becomes a part of them - an expression of their true inner selves.

But a pup is also almost always driven by a deep sense of loyalty, and will devote themselves completely to those who show them love and protection. Once collared, they are faithful companions, obedient and fiercely protective. If allowed, they will make You the centre of their world.

In every way, a pup is someone who simply expresses the best traits of their canine namesake: playful, loyal, obedient and loving.

On four legs or two, a pup is an enthusiastic playmate, a devoted boy - and a loyal friend.

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