Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BLF Easter in Berlin (5)

Tuesday morning dawned to our last day in Berlin.

I hate last days. Sir won't let me pout or sulk, or ruin our time together by being sorry when it has to end - but it's still a hard thing, waking and knowing that this will be the last time I feel the warmth and strength and *protection* of His arms around me for some time...

I knew that we would be against the clock to pack and check-out, but, still, I managed a little wiggle and growl that had us both a little distracted and breathless by the time the alarm told us 'time to get up!'

I pulled on my craftsman jeans and popped across the street for some tea and bread, and then we packed whilst we ate (note to self: those butter-filled pretzel-like 'Munich' bread rings are amazing!). It always amazes me how far stuff manages to wander around the hotel room over a few days - and how it seems to have multiplied when you try to get it all back into the suitcase again at the end of the holiday...

We had a while before our afternoon flights, but the hotel kindly agreed to look after our cases for us - which also gave us time to chat to Hauke, the owner - and to discover their rather well equipped 'special suite' and 'room no.2' (second note to self: check prices and availability...)


With a few hours to kill, we wandered back to the military store (for the dog to get a smaller, tighter pair of craftsman trousers), and made one last stop at Maxwell Coffee.

Then it was time to collect our cases (bumping into the sweet Andy again, for a quick farewell), a whizz around the U-Bahn and S-Bahn, and then the quickest route through the airport from check-in to seat that I have ever experienced (we didn't have to stop or wait once, and I barely even had time to buy Geoff his JD - or have a pee!)


I must admit that I didn't fall in love with Berlin in the same way that I did with Amsterdam (it certainly isn't as pretty a city as Amsterdam - at least, not in the cold grey of winter) - but it was a fascinating city, and I would very happily visit again - perhaps for Folsom...? (hint, hint Sir... ;) ).

Despite the snow and cold, it was a brilliant time away. But then, I was with my Man, so what could it have been other than perfect...?

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