Friday, March 08, 2013

Irrepressible Love

OK, this is not my usual fetish-related posting (although my Man agrees that the bearded guy with the shy eyes in this video  is extremely cute), but this Song - and its video - has been haunting me for weeks. I have yet to see anything that speaks so simply and loudly for the equality - and beauty - of love...

(Irritatingly: despite having no more sexual content than two guys kissing, the video is age-restricted, so you might need to sign in to view it)

If I asked you now
Will you be my prince?
Will you lay down your armour
and be with me forever? 
When you open me
All the power in me moves
How you want to see
All the depths of me real 
When you open me
All the power in me moves
I feel real
How I love you...

I can't help but cry when I watch this. There is such a tenderness and depth in how they portray those achingly beautiful lyrics: the lingering touches and the grabbed hand, the tussling and laughter amid the chaos of a first bedsit, the long shared looks on the train - so much that expresses the frustrations and hunger of the first stages of love.

And most heart-breaking of all - that long held look that bleeds the pain of love and the hope that the other feels for you what you feel for them.

And then - at the end - that wonderful soaring affirmation and proclamation of love, shared by so many other couples in a rippling outward of Pride.

Beautiful - just beautiful.

(and now I shall retreat back to my basket, dewy-eyed and sniffling - and shall only return when I am feeling properly perverse and ready to share something sexy ;) )

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video. If you loved it you may enjoy the movie "Weekend". It haunted me for weeks after watching it. I still have a screenshot as my PC wallpaper.


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