Saturday, March 30, 2013

BLF Easter in Berlin

Ok, so I'd hoped to give an 'as it happens' account of this weekend - but we've been a little bit busy having fun, and I'm sure you'd prefer I was focused on keeping my Man happy rather than tapping away at my iPad.

It's been a good couple of days so far, though.

The weekend began rather fortuitously on Thursday when we met Dave (LeatherPilgrim) at the airport before boarding our flight; he's a seasoned traveller to Berlin, so he was able to guide us through the complexities of buying U-Bahn tickets, traveling to Schoenberg (in the snow!) and finding our hotel: the ArtHotel Connection on the fuggerstrasse.

And a very nice hotel it's turned out to be too!

Friday started with some fantastic play in our room, followed by a (rather late) breakfast at the hotel. Sir then took His dog for a stride around the district - on the first of many shopping trips, if Amsterdam is anything to go by... Every store and street seemed to be scattered with sexy guys in full leather - and half of them not even part of the BLF event! Another great thing I can say about Berlin and the Germans: boy, can they grow good facial hair! I don't think I've ever seen so many sexy moustaches and beards in one place!

I also confess: I have fallen completely in lust for the German twin-zip 'schreiner hosen' style trousers and breeches... ;)

Friday evening was then a trip out to the Extreme rubber party at Scheune - heaving and steaming with so many sexy guys in gear that there was barely enough room for a pup to weave between them as he followed His Man to the bar. But, despite the crush, the pup's questing nose and friendly barks meant that we still managed to make friends - and cause a small scene...!

Saturday started as late as Friday (and for the same reason of excessively hungry doggy antics...). Then it was into our leathers and stout boots, and down to the Spree for the BLF organised 'Fetish boat' tour of the city. We were lucky to meet the feather-haired and very twinkly Max at the U-Bahn - he turned out to be the day's tour-guide, and so we didn't have to worry about getting lost on our way.

The boat itself was fun, but best of all was the chance to spend a very pleasant afternoon with Woody Woodruff (International Mister Leather 2012), his beautifully blue-eyed partner, and Paul (Mr Rubber UK) - chatting about pups and puppy psychology, and sympathising that Woody missed His own puppy, Itus: home-alone and also missing his Men.

We then managed to entertain an entire carriage of freshmen from Chicago on the way back to Schoenberg on the U-Bahn, doing our combined diplomatic duty in educating them about the Leather Titles and the ways of Leathermen - and either made David and Mark's day (and Facebook status') by having them 'pose with the leathermen' for their classmate's - or ruined their lives by creating photos that will haunt them forever...

A great day.

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